Times Running Out

Chapter 33 - "I'm afraid she'll die."

2 days later

Jamie unlocked the door walked into the room, quietly placing a pitcher of water on the floor and finding all the boys very weak, the weakest of them seemed to be star. He shrugged and walked out the door.
Taylor weakly crawled across the floor to Star who looked up feebly and said, "T-Taylor. I'm so hungry. How long has it been since they've given us water or food?"
Taylor brought up a shaky hand to Star's face and pet it gently, knowing she had gone without food and water longer then anyone of them.
Taylor softly replied, "I-I think about two days... but I think you may have gone without it longer."
Star closed her eyes tiredly and whispered ,"I-I need something to drink and eat."
Tony raised his hand weakly and stroked Star's soft hair looking at Taylor with desperate eyes.
Tony rasped, "If she doesn't get something to drink soon... I'm afraid she'll die... oh god I hope not."
Taylor looked at Tony and said in a raspy voice, "I hope not either. I love her too... she's my sister."
Scott sat up and looked over at Taylor and Tony talking, he slowly rose to his feet and struggled over to Taylor and Tony sitting down by his 'brother' and looking at Star.
"Is she ok?" Scott asked as Tony only looked at her with tear filled eyes, wishing he could help her.
Taylor softly shook his head 'no' and closed his eyes feeling exhausted.


Jamie got up with the tranquilizer gun and slowly crept towards the teenagers' room unlocking it and peering in.
Taylor and Scott say beside Star while Tony held her close, Isaac had moved away from his youngest brother and was now laying beside Dave as Zac lay next to Bob.
Jamie only shook his head as he aimed his tranquilizer gun at Taylor and shot, when he did he heard a sharp scream from Taylor. Jamie turned seeing Taylor pull a dart out of his lower back as he instantly fell backwards onto the ground.
Scott turned slowly and muttered, "Damn you Jamie... he's weak. Can't you see that?"
Jamie aimed his dart gun at Scott and shot, he managed to get him in the arm. Scott didn't make any noise as he took the dart out of his arm and fell forward landing on Tony and Star.
Tony looked up weakly only to be met with a stab of a needle in the leg and a sharp pain.
Star opened her eyes as she looked over at Jamie and whispered, "I-I need some water... please."
Jamie looked at Star's face and raised the dart gun setting it off. Jamie had gotten her in the side. She only moaned and sank into the blackness of her mind becoming unconscious.
Jamie took six more darts out of his pocket and shot Isaac, Zac, Bob, Clint, and Dave.
They all passed out as Jamie smiled and yelled, "Hey, you guys can load them out in the van since we have a plane to catch tonight."
Mac and Will came in and saw the teenagers spread across the room.
Jamie smiled and replied, "I'm just too good at shooting... although Star does look pretty bad.she looks like she could die soon."
Mac said,, "Good I hope at least the little brat will be out of our hair."
Will looked at Star and replied, "Yeah but we still need her."
Mac said, "Yeah we do... but she can survive the trip to Tulsa? I think... let's get em tied up and loaded."
With that Jamie, Mac, and Will carried the teens one by one to the van and tied them up and chose to leave the blindfolds and gags off since they would have trouble breathing from lack of food.
Mac made sure to tie their hands and feet together though to prevent attacks among any of them. Jamie smiled waiting patiently to take off to get their ten million, although they would soon find something else out.


Thirteen hours later:

Taylor woke up and moaned finding his hands yet again tied behind his back as he rasped, "Oh great... not this again."
Jamie stood in front of him and said, "Taylor?"
Taylor weakly replied, "What do you want?"
Jamie shook his head and said, "Open up it's water."
Taylor did and felt ice cold water fill his mouth as he lifted his head up and practically drank the whole water bottle in one big gulp.
Jamie said, "That thirsty huh?"
Taylor scowled and stated, "Well considering we haven't had water in two days.I'd have to say yes. Where's Star?"
Jamie said, "Well... I guess the drug was to strong or something because... well she sorta didn't make it. I think she died a few hours ago... not sure."
Taylor yelled, "YOU FUCKING BASTARD! YOU KILLED HER! YOU BASTARD! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU! Oh god... no please not my sister." Taylor finished in a whispered sob.
He suddenly heard a low whisper, "I'm here Tay. I'm not dead."
Taylor flipped around to meet face to face with Star who weakly lay there with no signs of worry in her eyes. The only signs she showed were of a dying person.
Jamie smiled and replied, "Remember Taylor... never believe a person who's kidnapped you."
Taylor closed his eyes in relief and said, "Star where's Tony?"
Tony replied in a tired tone kind of like in a dream before waking up, "Five more minutes dad please."
Star chuckled softly at her fiancÚ's moaning and closed her eyes as tiredness over took her body as she once again fell out of her conscious mind. Taylor only shook his head as he laid back down feeling tired and hungry.
Jamie said, "Mac we'll be there in about twenty minutes right?"
Mac replied, "Yeah I think about twenty. I'm not so sure though... um... somewhere around there."
Jamie nodded and said, "Ok boss... just making sure. Want me to tranquilize the brats?"
Mac replied, "Yeah that would be good, whoever's awake that is."
Jamie nodded as he pulled out the tranquilizer gun and returned to the back. He yet again shot Star and Taylor, while the rest of them stayed under heavily and soundly or so one would think.

45 minutes later:

Taylor awoke to find himself tied to a chair and duck tape over his mouth.
"MMM!" He moaned, getting fed up with having tape around his lips again and being tied like always. Suddenly he heard his kidnapper in the background.
Mac said, "Hello Mr. Hanson, haven't heard from you in awhile. I called to say we have your boys and we demand ten million for their return with in twenty four hours or the boys will surely die."
Mr. Hanson asked, "Please... may I speak to at least one of my boys?"
Mac thought a second and asked, "This call being traced?"
Mister Hanson looked over at the cops and they shook their heads to say no, but in reality they were right on the kidnappers' heels.
"No." Mr. Hanson stated slowly.
Mac shook his head and walked over to where the boys were.
He ripped the tape off Taylor's lips and said, "Go head Taylor... talk."
Taylor gasped, "Dad!"
Mr. Hanson asked quickly, "Taylor are you okay?"
Taylor replied, "Yes, but they haven't given us anything. Not even a drink for two days... and Star... has a fiancÚ."
Mr. Hanson's eyes grew wide as he yelled, "WHAT? STAR HAS A FIANCE?"
Taylor nodded and replied, "Yes... dad I can't talk anymore. Please help us."
Mac pulled the phone up away from Taylor's ear and added, "Yes do help them. They need you since nobody else can reach them. You're the only ones who can." With that Mac put the phone down and glared at Taylor removing another piece of tape from the role and sticking it on his lips.
Will smiled and replied, "You Taylor Hanson and your brothers will not survive. We shall see to that."
Taylor gave a weak glance up at Will before bowing his head and letting the weakness overtake take him as he fell into another sleep.

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