Times Running Out

Chapter 31 - Bruised and battered

Mac smiled evily at Tony as he brought out the mace and the knife setting each item on the table carefully.
Will said, ”Are the items all set…cause I want to get this show on the road and I want to get it on now."
Mac replied, ”Don’t get your pants in a twist I’m getting there. Make sure we beat her to a pulp like Zac but not enough to make her unconsious or sick like Zac. We still want her to feel the cuts we make and the mace we spray. We don’t want her knocked out."
Star turned to Tony and whispered, ”I love you…and I understand that now. So if I don’t make it out of this… tell Taylor and the rest that… that I love them and always will."
Tony stared at Star with tears dripping down his face wishing he didn’t have to watch this but knew he had to for a punishment…a punishment he caused and knew quite well he should be the one getting beaten not her.
Tony nodded and said something unintelligible and looked at her in the eyes as she looked back with sorrow and yet hope in her eyes.
Mac, Jamie, and Will surrounded her chair as she looked up pleadingly to Jamie and swoar she saw regret in his eyes, but that didn’t last long as he looked her in the eyes and threw the first punch.
Jamie punched her chest hard as she got the wind knocked out of her. She rasped for air as Jamie, Mac, and Will punched anywhere they could.

30 minutes later:

Star laid there exhausted with two black eyes, a bloody nose, and lip. With her arms and legs black and blue and her cheeks blue and swelling up fast.
Tony no longer could see Star’s pretty face as she buried it on her chest with her hair flicked over her face. Tony’s eyes welt up no matter how ugly he still loved her and will always love her. His eyes filled with tears as muffled sounds came from him. Star looked and saw Tony’s face become white as she looked back down.
Mac grabbed her face and brought it up straight. He took a small tool knife and placed it on Star’s cheek and made a shallow cut as she let out a scream that made Mac’s ears ach so he took the knife away, but quickly made two deep cuts in her other check and over on her right eye. Will grabbed the mace and sprayed her entire face. As she screamed in agony and pain from the stinging it caused.
"AAAHHHH!" Star screamed her ear piercing scream as Mac took the knife and made three deeper cuts and sprayed the mace 10 fold into then.
Her screams got louder causing Tony to struggle hard against the ropes and tape and tears to fall down his face pleading with them silently to stop what they were doing.


Hanson and the Moffatts stood banging on the door begging them to stop whatever it was they were doing with their sister and friend. Zac sat shaking with Isaac comforting him since he knew what Zac must have gone through to be beaten and was afraid to think of what they did to Scott but knew not to ask.
Zac asked, ”When will she stop screaming? I’m…I’m scared for her."
Taylor turned to him and said, ”Me to Zac…me too."
Suddenly the screaming stopped with a sickening SMACK.
Taylor bowed his head and sat down on the floor with tears dripping down his cheeks as he wiped them away.
Zac asked with a shaky voice, ”What did they do to her?"
Taylor replied in a soft yet angry voice, ”They hit her with the fucking gun."
Just then they heard a second SMACK.
Taylor jumped to his feet and yelled, ”You better have not hurt her or I’ll rip your fucking heads OFF!"
Just then the door flew open with Jamie standing there carrying an unconsious Tony. He simply threw Tony on the floor and threw some alcohol and water in as well as bandages for Star when she came in and simply said, ”She’ll be in…in about a minute. Clean her up when she gets in understand?" With out an answer he shut the door.
A few minutes later Jamie carried Star in and shut the door when her brothers saw her body and reflection they went pale and wondered if she was still alive.
Just then Tony woke up slowly and asked, ”Where’s Star?"
He opened his eyes and the only words that escaped his lips were, ”OH MY GOD STAR!"

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