Times Running Out

Chapter 30 - "Oh God...Oh my God!"

{The Next Day}

Isaac, Taylor, Scott, Clint, Bob, Dave, Star, Tony, and Zac all lay huddled up against the corner back at the first cabin. Zac had had stomach trouble when he saw the blood stained snow from Jon's attack and he'd had to stay outside of the van for a few minutes until his stomach settled. Now they were waiting in fear for Star's beating or hoping against all hope that it would be forgotten.
"Move over Star." Zac moaned, pressing his hands against her legs, which happened to be mushed into his face.
Tony pulled the heavily sleeping girl's legs out of the youngest boy's face and settled back to sleep but instead he lay thinking, wondering against his will at how he could love this girl as strongly as he did in such a short time. He nuzzled the back of his love's neck, whose body was cupped in a spoon fashion beneath his own, and breathed in deeply savoring his fiancé's scent. He was about to wake her when the door was opened stealthily and Tony caught his breath, praying nothing would happen.
"You grab the new kid. Will gets the girl and I gotta watch the guys. Move it." Mac whispered harshly, the sound of a gun cocking echoing through the room.
Tony started to wrap his arms around Star in a lame attempt to protect her but Will caught his movement and signaled to Jamie to grab the young girl. Tony jumped to his feet and tried to take a swing at the approaching men but the gun in Mac's hand discouraged him but not as much as when it was pointed at his beloved's still sleeping body. He quickly weighed two thoughts and actions in his mind he could a) tackle Jamie, Will, AND, Mac and get away or he could let them take her away to be beaten badly. He swore to himself against the odds when he chose his first option and he jumped Mac, smashing his body into the bigger man's and that sent them crashing to the floor. Mac's loaded gun landed by Zac's hand, who was now awake, as he contemplated whether he should snatch the gun but he quickly declined the thought because he knew he didn't want to be beaten again. Isaac was curled around Zac's body still as a protective shield but now he took action and slowly started to pick the surprisingly heavy gun from the floor. A well aimed kick from Jamie's foot sent the gun flying to a nearby corner and brought a sharp yell of pain from Isaac.
All of this took a matter of seconds to go down but it took longer to get a struggling Tony to calm himself. Will tried pointing the gun Jamie handed him at Star's head again, who was also awake, but this only caused the distraught teen to fight harder in a vain attempt to reach his fiancé. Finally, Mac's temper flew off the handle and he screamed for quiet from the whimpering teenagers and for Tony to 'shut the hell up or Star dies' before everybody was settled enough to order around.
Mac held his head in one hand while he directed the men around. Tony's body slamming into his knocked his head pretty hard on the floor and he wasn't feeling so hot.
"Jamie...I want you to get Star instead. Will...get the kid. You seven…STAY!" He commanded.
The seven teens nodded and watched with fear filled eyes as Star and Tony were drug from the room, both kicking and screaming the entire way down the cramped hallway.
"How's your hand?" Taylor's quiet voice punctured the silence.
Isaac grimaced, though nobody could see it, and replied, "It's been better. I don't think he broke anything, just smashed the crap out of it."
Zac shuddered and Ike and Tay felt it. He started moaning and between a long drawn out cry he asked his brothers a question:
"If they start screaming, cover my ears for me, please? Don't leave me." He started crying and groaning again, rubbing his face into Taylor's neck.
Isaac told him, "We'll be here. Don't worry man. He said he's not gonna kill her remember?" He soothed.
Zac only shook his head, "You don't understand what it's like."


"I want Star there and Tony right...there." He pointed in various spots around the living room. A camera was set up on a tripod on the edge of the room so it could capture the goings on of the activities that were about to take place.
Mac, Will, and Jamie had spent long hours the previous day deciding what to do with Star and they were about to put Jamie's first idea into play.
"Jamie, if ya don't mind...hit record please and I'll let you get on with what you wanna do." Mac smiled in an evil manner.
"Can do." The young man replied. He took a few strides across the tiny room and pressed 'record' and went back to his charge, Star.
He studied her for a moment before grabbing a pair of scissors and circling around to her back. Star's eyes widened in horror of what she knew would happen next.
"Star sweetie…we all know how much your hair means to you. You haven't cut it since we got you isn't that right? Well...you got a little trim when you were living with the Hanson Clan didn't you? I think you're in need of another." Jamie sneered.
Star's hair had been pulled back into a chunky braided bun after her shower at Bill's cabin to keep it out of her way and with her arms tied down, she could do nothing as Jamie pulled the hair pins and scrunchies out. Her hair fell in long blonde waves down her back and a little passed the bottom of the chair as Jamie began brushing it out as if he cared about her like she was his sister. Finally, the blond curtain the surrounded her body was brushed out and laying beautifully across her back, causing Tony to catch his breath, and Jamie reappeared with the scissors.
"Say bye-bye to Goldilocks." Jamie taunted. He grabbed up a large portion of hair and brought the cutting implement near his hand. The sound of slicing could be heard as two foot long strands of hair fell to the floor just as fast as the tears fell from Star's eyes. Jamie moved to a new section and chopped off roughly the same length. He continued to do this until he made it all the way around her head. For some reason he felt it necessary to trim her hair up a bit, possibly to make it look more presentable? He didn't know. When he came to a halt at last Star's blond tresses hung limply to her shoulders and Jamie smiled wide.
"It's you…I think I like it." He sneered at her.
"Good job on the hair cut there Jamie. I think you missed your calling when you became a kidnapping assistant." Mac mockingly praised him
Jamie pretended to rub the toe of his shoe into the floor and act bashful before he smiled again and grabbed a handful of hair. He sped down the little hallway and came to a stop right outside the door of the teenager's room. He knocked once and swung the door open all the way and hitting the light switch that was located in the hallway. A minute or so passed by before the teenagers could adjust to the sudden brightness and when they did, they were confused by the handful of hair.
"Here's a little gift from your sister...she was in dire need of a haircut wasn't she?" He dropped the hair to the floor and slammed the door shut as all seven young men jumped to their feet.
He sauntered down the hallway to see Mac talking to Star, tears streaming down her face and Tony's mouth duct taped shut. That didn't stop the boy from tipping himself over in his chair over and over again in his violent struggles to get free. Will motioned to Jamie to come over.
"I think we're gonna leave this one to Mac...he's got something out for the kid." He told Jamie.
"You noticed too huh? Then lets not ruin his fun." Jamie muttered, turning back to Mac and the girl.
"So...Shooting Star. What shall I do with you? We beat the crap outta that Zac kid, we maced the other one after we sliced him up...what's left to do to you?" He sat on the floor next to her, pretending to ponder his next move, "I know! We can beat you THEN mace you! Wow…sometimes I amaze myself." He sounded fatuous.
Mac smiled a truly satanic smile and started stretching his arms above his head, asking Jamie and Will to grab "the stuff" and bring it in the room. A few more apprehension filled minutes passed before a tiny crate on wheels was rolled out and left at the edge of the doorway.
Mac smiled grimly and shed his jacket, directing Will to move Tony's chair so he could better see what was about to go down.
"Smile for the camera Star, sweetie!" Mac cried, his fist flying for Star's face.


"I don't hear anything."
"It's been awhile since they took her."
"Maybe they just cut her hair off or something.."
"Shove over Dave, I wanna see if I can hear anything."
A shrill scream pierced the air, the sound belonging to the only female in the house. A second later muffled yelling from Tony.
"Oh God…oh God not again.."
"We gotta get out there!"
"Oh God.... oh God.."
"Can you hear anything else?"
"Oh God…oh my God."
"Not around Zac's moaning.."
"Oh God...no God...not again.."
Another loud yell was heard, female, again and the boys stopped talking for a moment to better hear what was going on.
"They said they weren't gonna kill her right?" Dave asked.
"Oh God...Oh my God...don't kill her God." Zac whimpered
"ZAC SHUT UP!" Dave yelled.
"Oh God…don't kill her please God!" Zac continued.
"She's still making noise out there Zac man, they're not gonna kill her ok?"
"Oh my God...don't kill her God! Oh God...I'm wanna...Oh God, I wanna go home!" Zac said pitifully.

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