Times Running Out

Chapter 29 - Desperate to escape

Two hours later:

Taylor woke up with a smile still on his face, he somehow couldn’t believe Tony kept play boy magazines in his room and out of his fathers vision.
"Guess he needed to look at something for pleasure. Oh man I can’t believe he has though." Taylor thought to himself.
"Hi Tay…so how’d it go with Star?" Zac asked and looked at him with concern plastered on his face that told Taylor that he wanted details.
Taylor sat up and replied, ”Well she’s tied down to Tony’s bed…and Tony’s tied up to the couch. Star’s really sick Zac. Bill doesn’t know if she’ll make it or not…but he seemed to be happy about the thought of her dying though."
Bob sat up and said, ”Good. If she chose that fag over us then she deserves to die. It doesn’t bother me one bit if she lives or dies anymore. Like she said... she cares nothing about us and Tony is the only one she will ever love now."
Taylor replied, ”Bob come off it okay? We are all mad at her but we can’t hate her and wish death on her like this cause in her state it won’t matter anyhow. She probably already has died."
"What do you mean Taylor?" Bob asked with annoyance showing in his voice.
Taylor said, ”She’s in a deep sleep. I don’t know if she’s ever gonna recover or come out of it."
Everybody looked at Taylor not knowing what to say, Taylor turned flush and stared at the ground then he decided to lighten the atmophere up.
Taylor smiled a little bit and said, ”I was watching Star and discovered a dresser drawer there. Anyhow I opened the dresser drawer and when I opened it there were a ton of Play Boy magazines in there! HAHAHA!"
Isaac replied with half seriousness and half joking, ”Jordan Taylor Hanson did you look at any of those magazines?"
Taylor said, ”No Ike I didn’t even open to the first page. I don’t think I want to see what’s on the other page. Plus if I wanted to I could get my own copy. I am in fact 17 turning 18, but I don’t. I stay away from those things. It just struck me funny on why a 16 year old would want to look at naked girls."
"Probably something to do…" Clint stated rolling his eyes.
Isaac replied, ”Well he’s a male just like all of us down here and certain males like to look at…well females."
Bob said, ”We know that and Tony Hann is one of those boys. And just think... in a few months him and Star are probably going to scr…"
"Shut up!" Taylor yelled at Bob who immediately closed his mouth with a small smile then added.
”You know as well as I do Taylor that it’s gonna happen…weather it would have been with another guy or with Tony. There’s no way to avoid it."
Taylor put his head in his hands but didn’t reply to anything about what Bob had said. In fact Taylor wouldn’t admit it at all but Star was a very pretty girl and he did love her, even through all the anger he had a soft spot to forgive but wouldn’t let it show he forgave her.


Star opened her eyes and thought, ”I did it. Taylor didn’t notice…damn I’m a great actress but I can’t get out of these damn ropes!"
Bill came into the room as she immediately closed her eyes.
Bill smiled and said, ”No need to pretend Star... I know you're awake. Oh yeah Tony woke up to apparently. He has his spunk back cause he tried to attack me. Good thing he was tied up or he woulda killed me."
Star opened her eyes and asked, ”Bill… sir may I see Tony…please?"
Bill replied, ”You sure you want to? Cause he’s in one bad mood and he wants to kill Taylor and that Scott character."
Star said, ”Yes Bill I would like to see him…now." Star stated “now” more like a demand then a phrase but Bill seemed to give in.
Bill smiled and replied, ”Alright you may see him." A small smile spread across Star’s lips and she knew what she was gonna do to help the Hansons, Moffatts, and Tony, her one and true love and of course herself. She knew that everyone was desperate to escape and could see it in her brother’s eyes.
Bill untied her as she got up and followed him to the living room where Tony was sitting up with his hands tied behind his back and a box sitting on his feet to keep them down.
Star smiled and walked to Tony kissing him on the lips and pulling away.
Bill shook his head and said, ”I’ll leave you two alone seeing as though you have some…um…business to attend to, but I’ll be in the kitchen so don’t try anything funny."
Star nodded as Tony gave him a death glare when he left the room.
She put her lips to his ear and whispered, ”I’m going to untie your hands but keep them behind your back. I’m gonna then tilt the box off your feet and then you’ll pass out or pretend to pass out might I add and then when Bill gets close enough your gonna attack him. Then I’ll open the door to the cellar and get the others to help. K?"
Tony smiled and kissed her on the cheek. Then said, ”I got it babe, I love ya."
Star whispered, ”I love you to hun."
Star untied the horrible rope on Tony’s hands and nodded indicating he needed to close his eyes and pass out.
Star took a breath and screamed, ”BILL! TONY PASSED OUT! I THINK HE’S DEAD!"
Bill ran into the room and saw Tony with his head slumped over Star’s shoulder and got near the two of them. Tony waited till he felt his father feel for a pulse then he quickly brought his hands out and put them over Bill’s throat.
"You…little…shit!" Was Bill’s reply. Star ran to the locked cellar and opened the door. Tony pushed his dad to the cellar door but instead of him falling down he grabbed Tony’s shirt and they both rolled down. Star ran down along where the fight was taken place.
Bill and Tony were down the steps with Tony on top of his dad pinning his hands down while the other seven teenagers stared at the scene in front of them. Star ran down the steps and helped Tony then turned to seven teenagers with their mouths wide and eyes the size of dinner plates.
Tony and star yelled in perfect union, ”Get some rope!"
Taylor coming out of his daze first. Looking around he saw some rope in the middle of the room. He never noticed it before but picked it up and handed it to Star who quickly got to work on tying Bill’s hands and feet together while Tony let go.
Star turned to Taylor and the other and asked, ”Got any cloth?"
Taylor looked around and saw some sheets in the back of the room and ran over to it ripping two long strips of a sheet and then ran back over to where Star and Tony was handing him the sheets but quickly smiled and asked, ”Hey Tony the son of a bitch gave me a concusion may I do the honors?"
Tony gave a small smile and replied, ”Yes you may." Tony handed him the two strips and looked back at his dad.
Bill said, ”You’re a son nobody wanted. You have no life and I woulda been glad if Taylor and that Scott character wooulda killed ya. You no goo…"
Before another word could be spoken Taylor twisted the cloth and jammed the thing in his mouth. This made Bill madder as he twisted hard against the ropes but Star had tied them too tight. Taylor tied the gag in his mouth to make sure he wouldn’t be able to get it off. He then proceeded to blindfold him.
Star looked at Taylor and seen the anger in his eyes. The anger made her realize that she had a family that loved her and cared about her more than anything. With realizing this she started to cry.
Taylor looked up in time to see Star cry. Tony placed a hand on her shoulder but she knocked it off. Taylor went over to her seeing this and gently put her in a hug.
She grabbed on desperately and uttered a muffled, ”I love you guys. Nothing can ever take your place."
Zac was in pain but with the help of Scott and Bob he got up and hugged her also. Next thing everyone knew they were circled around Star hugging her and each other.
Tony smiled and said, ”I guess a family who sticks together stays together." The teens turned and nodded giving Tony their silent answer.
Tony then said, "If you’ll all excuse me I have to go and call the police and turn my dad in and those jackasses."
Taylor replied, ”I’ll go with ya…" But when he turned to leave Star’s hug increased and tightened around his chest.
Zac laughed at this and went around the side putting his arms around Star as she released Taylor and hugged Zac very gently though.
Taylor smiled and followed Tony up the steps to the kitchen where the phone was ready to call the police.
Taylor smiled and picked up the phone and dialed 911. There was a ring and a male voice came through the line.
”Hello Mac speaking what do you want Bill?"
Tony and Taylor’s faces went white as they immediately hung the phone up.
Taylor said, ”That phone goes to Mac’s line…oh boy. Is there any other phone worth using that won’t have are captor on?"
Tony replied, ”Yeah my phone." He led Taylor to his room where he immediately picked the phone up and dialed 911. This time it rang and a males voice came though.
"Hello 911. What is your emergency?"
Taylor said, ”Hi…um I’m Taylor Hanson. You know from the group Hanson?"
The operator nearly dropped the phone but replied, ”Yes…um what is your emergency Taylor?"
Taylor said, ”My brothers, sister, The Moffatts and I have been kidnapped. We're in a forest somewhere and don’t know what to do. We got the guy that was watching us tied up downstairs with seven people watching him.
The operator asked, ”Where are you located?"
Tony whispered, "We live in river springs forest in a cabin."
Taylor repeated that and the operator replied, ”We’ll send a search party out immediately."
Taylor said,”Thank you very much for helping us sir."
The man replied, ”Don’t thank me yet. We still have to locate you guys but rest assure we will. I have another call so I have to go but look for a helicopter and try to get their attention. Okay?"
Taylor said, ”Yes sir and thanks again."
"You're welcome." The operator replied.
Taylor hung up and smiled and looked at Tony who looked down at his hands and to the floor trying his best to keep his sadness in.
"What’s wrong?" Taylor asked concerned. Tony shook his head and walked away to go down stairs but Taylor blocked him.
Tony replied after four minutes, ”What will happen to me after my father's arrested? I mean I love him and everything but he never once said he loved me. Did I turn out this way for a reason…I mean I feel and act nothing like my father…why do you resent me so much Taylor?"
Taylor sighed and replied, ”I guess you’ll come with us until you and Star move out. And you are right you act nothing like your father and Tony to be honest don’t know why I resented you. Probably I was scared and worried for Star. Also how your father was treating us and we were afraid that you’d treat Star the same way your father treated you. I was just afraid for her."
Tony said, ”It’s understandable…but I love Star and would do nothing to hurt her or kill her. Taylor this may sound crazy but when Star and I do get married…will you give her away?"
Taylor was shocked as he looked at Tony. Taylor never expected for Tony to like him but put on a smile and replied, ”Yes I’ll give her away to you. Come on let’s go downstairs."
Taylor and Tony walked down stairs as the teens looked up hopefully. Taylor smiled and nodded.
Tony went over to Star and whispered, ”I love you with all my heart and promise with everything I’m worth I will never let anything happen to you."
Star let go from Zac who nearly fell over to Tony who she hugged desperately wishing they could just leave here now and never look back.
Taylor then looked at the seven teens and said, ”I agree to give our sister Star away to Tony at their wedding because as you can see he loves her very much and would never hurt her. You guys we were wrong to tell her to choose and for that I guess you could say we were both wrong. Will you guys befriend Tony and will you guys forgive Star?"
Scott walked over quickly who scared Tony out of his wits and hugged Star close.
Scott approached Tony and stuck his hand out. Tony looked into Scott’s eyes and then looked at his hand and shook it. Everyone shook hands with him as he shook theirs. Taylor approached Tony and reached his hand out with his arm and brought his chest and arm to Tony’s in a friendly greet. Tony smiled and did the same. Star smiled at Taylor as she approached him and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. Taylor smiled and hugged her tightly which she did also. Star then went back to Tony and found herself in his arms as she wrapped her arms around him as they came into a passionate kiss.
Bob smiled and said, ”Hey you two go get a room."
Tony stopped and replied, ”Not a problem. Hey Star want to go to my room so we can be alone…if ya know what I mean?"
Bob laughed and said, ”Um... I was only joking."
Star smiled and said, ”Hey Tony don’t get your hormones in a twist…we got all eternity."
Tony nodded and smiled.
They went upstairs and looked out the window suddenly a van pulled up as three men jumped out of it. Taylor and the others didn’t see it though as they looked at the sky for the helicopter. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Taylor without thinking went and opened it only to see Mac, Will, and Jamie at the door looking of shock covering his face. Taylor tried to shut the door again but it didn’t work. Mac forced his way in and held a gun to Taylor’s head. The other’s only looked on with fear and hopelessness.
"Where is Bill?" Mac asked full of anger.
"Right here." Came the answer. He looked and discovered Bill standing there with a smile on his face. Taylor and Tony’s faces became pale as white sheets.
"How d-did you escape?" Tony asked.
Bill smiled and replied, ”Well son I was a specialist at rope escapes and knew every trick in the book."
Bill then added, ”Jamie, Mac, Will…I want you to tie my son, Star and her brothers all of them up, blindfold, and gag them. When you get back to your cabin tie Tony to a chair and do what you did to Scott and Zac on Star and make him watch and suffer. Do nothing to my son…only Star got it?"
"Got it sir!" All three of them replied as they started tying all of them up.
Zac said just before duck tape was put on his mouth, ”Please don’t do that to her. I almost died and can’t have it happen to her."
Mac stuck the duck tape on his mouth and eyes and replied, ”I won’t kill her, but I will make her suffer."
Bill said, ”Oh yes until you're done with Star’s punishment keep the others tied up and gagged. Put them in whatever you were holding them in and make them listen."
"Yes sir!" Mac replied to the order. Soon they were all tied, gagged and blindfolded. Zac and the others were drug to the van and put in.
Star had a sick feeling in her throat but refused to cry. She could take whatever the men threw at her…or at least she thought. Tony was afraid to think what was going to happen to his love and he would soon find out.

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