Times Running Out

Chapter 26 - "... I hate you!"

Star was shocked at the harshness of Scott's voice before she replied, "I'm the slut? Who does a strip show every concert just to hear the girls scream?" She snarled and then thought, "What a lame come back."
Scott smirked, "That was weak. I'm sure you can do better."
Star's face burned red when, in the dim light, she saw Clint's hand reach up and high five Scott's low held hand. She stared hard at the young man whom she'd so readily called a brother and felt tears rise and was thankful the lighting would show it. But her voice would.
Taylor stood up from his position next to Zac and Dave silently slid into the empty spot he left, causing Zac, who'd tensed up, to relax again. Taylor pressed his arm and shoulder against Scott to show he was still in this fight and would back up the guitarist fully. They both waited for something, anything to come from Star.

Star pressed her back against Tony's built chest for strength before growling, "I can…but you're not worth it."
She turned her back on the seven teenagers and pulled Tony down next to her with a gentle tug of her hand and then ignored the rest of the occupants of the dingy basement.
Scott wasn't anywhere near finished venting his anger and he turned to Taylor and gave a wink before saying, "Toldja man."
Taylor smiled knowingly and said, "I hear ya." And he, too, turned his back on the two outcasts and started mumbling unintelligible words to Scott who started giggling. It was the oldest trick in the book, both boys knew, but Star hadn't been raised around siblings who would teach her those tricks and was still learning. Taylor knew she would fall for the ploy.
Star stiffened her back and tried to ignore all the nasty things she was sure they were saying about her before she spun around and yelled, "Knock it off! This is my choice not yours! If you loved me truly you'd back me up on this! You guys are so immature! I hate you!" She stopped herself short in the middle of her tirade because she had once sworn to herself that she'd never say that to anybody because she knew how much it hurt.
The boys went unaffected by this, having heard it often enough from their true siblings and smiled smugly at each other.
Scott was about to blurt out some smart ass comment when Taylor's venomous voice rang out, "You say you love this guy? That means you trust him too right? Why trust an asshole like that?"
Star bristled, "Because I know he'd never do anything to hurt me!"
"Yeah? You wanna see mom and dad don't you? It hurts so bad because you wanna see em right?" He pressed.
She looked at him cautiously, fearing that she didn't know where he was taking this, "Yeah...so? He would never hurt them though." She stated, slightly confused.
The whole room focused on Taylor as he smiled a bitter, yet smug grin and let her know, "He's already hurt you. He's kept us from going home and...."
"Shut up! He hasn't done anything! It was all his dad's fault! Why are you trying to lie about this Tay? What the hell is your problem!?" Star screeched.
Taylor's easy-blush cheeks turned crimson and he felt it, "If you'd shut your ass up and let me finish, I'll tell you. O-k?" He stretched the word out.
Star sulked, "Yeah."
"He had free reign of the house didn't he? A house with phones that could reach down to the cops, our families, our freedom... did he use those phones to free the girl he loves? The family of the girl he loves? No! He didn't! That's the number one fucking reason we don't agree with this! Get your head outta your love struck ass and see it how it is Star! Stop being so blond!" He steamed.
Star's sureness of the battle she was fighting suddenly faltered and Tony, who'd made sure to stay out of the fight as much as possible, sensed it and tried to wrap his arm around her waist to reassure her, but she pulled away feeling doubtful.
"Tony, there were phones...why didn't you do anything?" She whispered.
Tony caught his breath in his throat as he tried to answer. Why hadn't he called the police? He hadn't really thought to had he?
"It…it just didn't cross my mind. I didn't think to do it, luv. Star I'm sorry you know I wouldn't do something like that!" He gushed.
Star regarded him steadily with a deep stare before she decided he was telling the truth, "I guess you're right." She stated, allowing his arms to envelop her.
Bob's eyes bulged as he startled Scott and Taylor when he jumped to his feet and stormed over so he was within inches of Star and stuck his finger right in her face.
"I swear on everything Holy, you come near that mattress tonight and I'll personally remove you. Put up a fight and I'll make sure to leave bruises. How the hell can you just sink down to his level again and be all lovey dovey like that!? How!? He's keeping us from going home and all you can do is hug him and act like everything's better?" He wanted to say more but his anger caused him to go blank, "You just.... God I can't believe you!" He stormed back over to Taylor and his big brother, feeling like he was going to explode.
Dave stood up and placed a hand on Bob's shoulder in an effort to calm him down. Bob appreciated the effort though it didn't work at all.
"Bob, leave me alone! You guys don't understand a thing about love! If you've ever felt how it feels you wouldn't be bagging on me right now! You're not even giving him a chance!"
"Why give him a chance? He's just some twisted little mistake that deserves nothing at all! Not now not ever!" Bob screamed back.
Tony barged into the fight now that he was mentioned, "Excuse me? Me a mistake? No, trust me, I was planned! Mom and dad waited for three years until the right time came along to have me! You! Now there's a mistake! When somebody gets pregnant don't they generally wanna have a single kid? Triplets are never planned. Watch who you call a mistake. I may be unwanted now, but I was intended to be here which could hardly be said for you." He finished, an icy glare fixed on Bob's face which soon transferred to Dave and then to Clint.
"Fuck you ass monger!" Taylor snarled savagely, pressing against Bob's angry, trembling body to placate him.
Tony's face twisted in confusion, "What the hell is a monger?"
Taylor's brow knit in confusion. He had no idea what it was, just that Isaac had called him that once when he asked for some money after asking everybody else around the house first and it sounded cool, "You decide...but don't be too lenient."
Star stifled a smile and whispered to Tony, "It means 'peddler' man."
Tony smiled when he felt the hostility climb higher in the room and he knew violence had a likely chance of occurring if this little scuffle didn't end soon. Star stiffened at a remark he'd missed while thinking and only her subtle body movements told him she was offended.
"How could you even think that?" She screeched to the unheard remark.
Scott replied with a 'duh' look on his face, "Hmm…well smart one you just did agree to marry him, so sex doesn't seem so far fetched to me. It actually seems like something a little slut like you would do."
Taylor, Dave, Clint, and Bob quickly nodded in agreement and Star felt tears prick her eyes.
"You know me better then that! How can you say that knowing that I'm nothing like a slut!" She yelled with a wavering voice.
"Really, I beg to differ." Taylor held his hands up to show he didn't disagree with Scott.
"Tay, you're nothing like this. Stop being like that! You're not being your normal self! You're acting fucked up!" Star let him know.
"No! The only thing that's fucked up is this whole situation! And you're not making it any easier acting like this!" Taylor snapped.
Star turned flippant and asked, "How am I acting?"
"Like a two faced little whore." Taylor replied, his eyes turning an intense blue through the darkness.
Star stomped her foot like a two year old, "I'm not a slut or a whore or anything! Stop being like this!" She screamed.
Foot steps sounded upstairs, but nobody heard them.
Clint turned to Bob and remarked, "Ya know…Jamie's right. She is a little whore and it took Taylor to really point that out for us." He turned to the tall blond, "Thanks Tay. We now see the light..." He trailed off in a mystical tone.
"Not a problem, man." He exchanged a weak high five with both hands to each of the twins.
Star's eyes became as large as basketballs, "How could you say that!?" She screamed once again.
Scott came into the play, "Ya know, that line's getting a tad old sweetie." He crossed his arms over his chest and smirked at her.
Tony had unwrapped his arms from around her waist when she'd stepped away and now he replaced them to calm her down but it wasn't working.
Taylor's icy blue eyes watched Tony's every move when he was reminded of a threat Scott had given Tony if he ever touched Star again. Taylor motioned to Bob to distract Star and Tony while he made a sharp motion at Scott, who didn't catch it. He tried to gain the oldest Moffatt's attention and once again, he failed.
Zac saw the problem and nudged Scott with his foot. He looked down at the innocent looking fifteen year old who nodded slightly towards Taylor.
"What was that for Zac?" Star sneered at his not so discreet move.
Zac cringed at the tone her voice carried and the hurt that it inflicted on his scared mind and he tried to burrow further into Isaac's body. That, though, was becoming increasingly difficult to do because of Zac's size. He was much thicker then his older brother and nearly as tall. Zac's head didn't put too much of this into account as he felt Isaac's arms tighten.
Taylor finally started talking quietly in Scott's ear and Star knew that this wasn't bluffing whatever he was saying.
Bob's voice sounded, "Leave him alone bitch… he's scared shitless because of you and you're only adding on to it."
Star's eyes crinkled as she asked, "How did I scare him?"
"I'm so sure you don't remember. It was only you who had him nearly beat to death. It's your fault he's so scared! He's never gonna be the same again, ever!" He yelled and lowered his voice, "He's ruined. You did it to him. It's your fault Star." He knew he was weakening her by saying this and in a sad, morbid way he was enjoying it.
Star would have replied, but she didn't have time as Taylor and Scott suddenly bolted straight for her and Tony. Tony grabbed her by her shoulders and yanked her back behind him. He didn't have time to brace for the impact as Scott's body slammed into his and a second later Taylor's followed suit and the weight of three healthy young man slammed onto an oblivious Star and pinned her to the floor. Her short scream alerted all three of the boys as Taylor, Scott, and Tony {in that order} rolled off to the side. Tony was about to swoop down and help her up, but he was caught off-guard when Scott's body slammed into his side, sending him sprawling on top of Taylor who squawked in surprise, but soon recovered. Tony pulled back a fist and slammed it into Scott's face, reopening one of the painful cuts the jack-ass squad had inflicted. Blood dripped onto Tony's cheeks as Taylor snatched one arm, and then the other into his own and held them down while Scott's fists connected with his face.
"Get off him!" Star's shrill scream alerted them of her presence.
Scott knew he wouldn't have enough time to stop her angry charge and he knew from experience that she could inflict pain with her sharp kicks and he wasn't looking forward to that.
Clint cut in just in time as he grabbed her around the stomach, "No ya don't missy. We warned him about touching you."

Star started screaming like mad and nobody noticed the door open and Bill poke his head in to observe the surroundings. His eyes nearly popped out of the sockets when he saw the horrendous fighting going on in his basement. The three boys he knew as Dave, Clint, and Bob were struggling to hold down a shrieking, thrashing Star while a quick survey showed the youngest boy clawing at the oldest boy's chest with sheer terror showing around the white's of his eyes. The oldest was trying to wrap his arms around the young man who matched him in size without much luck. He heard a pained gasp and a grunt and he jerked his head over to the side, trying to figure out what was going on over there. He saw the tallest kid, Taylor, holding onto his son's arms while the oldest Moffatt boy was pounding him over and over in the face, chest, neck, and anywhere he could manage to hit. He realized Star was freaking out because Tony was being beaten up and the kid was freaking out because Star was freaking out, he thought at least. He didn't feel inclined to help his son out quite yet so he stood watching.

Scott's voice cracked with emotion, "Don't you EVER touch her again! I swear to God I'll kill you, you little shit!"
He couldn't talk for long because of the strenuous activity he was using to beat his adversary so he shut his mouth and continued his punching. Taylor watched his face go red and he finally cut in.
"Lemme have a go, you're about to collapse."
Scott nodded numbly and lowered his already bruising hands and switched places with Taylor. Taylor looked through the dark at the bloodied and bruised up boy and sized him up. He wasn't going to stay conscious for much longer and he decided he wanted to get a few good shots in before he blacked out.

Bill watched as the tall blond kid stared at his son and he knew enough was enough. He realized with a smile that Star's mouth was covered and he nearly burst with laughter when he saw Bob on the floor holding his pride and joy as Dave's hands pinned her legs together. He ignored that and started silently down the stairs.

Taylor waited for Tony to make eye contact with him. Finally, a set of pain filled eyes met his and Taylor smiled a cold, cruel smile and pulled his arm back to strike, to let all his frustrations over the passed week and half come out with this final bang.
Bill reached the trio just as Taylor's fist met his son's face, straight on bridge of his nose that cause Tony's legs to buckle as he blacked out and fell to the floor with a thump. A shrill scream passed over Star's sealed lips as she saw this and Bob finally rose to his feet.
He tried to warn Taylor who was behind him because Scott was too busy blowing cool air on his knuckles to notice anything, but he was too late.
Bill grabbed Taylor by the back of his neck and slammed him into a wall, making sure his head hit hard enough to almost knock him out. Almost.
"I see you lay a finger on him again and I'll make sure the next time I slam you into a wall, I'll make sure you never wake up. Get me."
A weak groan advanced over his lips as he sank to the floor, blood dripping from torn flesh on his forehead.
Bill let go finally and picked his son up from the floor, carrying him upstairs. A dead bolt sounded and all eyes turned to Star. She glared at Bob, who was staring at her like she was vermin from the kick to the crotch. Scott collected Taylor from the floor and drug him over to the bed where Ike and Zac were. Bob still stood staring at Star and Clint still had a hold of her. Bob looked passed Star and met Clint's eyes. They seemed to talk to each other for a moment as Clint quickly released her and Bob raised his hand like he was about to slap her. Star raised her arms and scuttled over to the corner her and Tony had so recently occupied. He lowered his eyes and nodded once at Clint and Dave.
Bob pointed at her, "Stay. Don't come near us. At any time, never."
Everyone in the room knew it. All hell was breaking loose.

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