Times Running Out

Chapter 25 - The Proposal Of Youth And Innocents

Mac, Will, and Jamie were back on the chopper heading to Tulsa, feeling gold in their hearts and soul.
"We’re gonna be rich and after the gold we get the pleasure of getting ten million dollars for the brats and then once the money is delivered then we kill the brats…simple as that…right?" Will said in a defiant tone.
Mac replied, ”You're right Will. I am in agreement with you."

Back in the cellar:

Taylor sat watching his adoptive sister and Tony for awhile wishing that Star would come to her senses and get away from Tony but knew she wouldn’t. Finally he could no longer take it as he yelled…
"Why do you like him huh? He’s just like his father! He’s trying to take you away from us and he is slowly but surely doing that!"
Star jerked her head up and replied, ”Well if you guys would try to understand then I wouldn’t shy away from you…but you're causing this on your own. Not just me…it’s everybody down here. The only one who hasn’t said anything is Zac. I don’t know if he understands or not, but you guys better just fuck off out of my love life! If we get out of this thing alive I’m gonna do anything and everything possible for me to stay with him! I hope you guys come to your senses before we're rescued or else…you don’t have a stepsister anymore! You won’t be part of my life…just cause Tony was born to an extremely evil hearted man. It doesn’t mean he is evil. Please try to understand that guys."
"I’ll tell you what I understand Star. I understand that you have betrayed us by loving him. And you know what else Star? I hope you die! Die from anything and everything! I don’t give a fuck about you anymore and I don’t give a fuck about Tony! Just stay out of our lives and you stay out of ours!" Clint yelled.
Star and Tony both looked at each other.
Star’s eyes filled up with tears as she said, ”Tony…I-I…"
"Shhh... my love. Don’t speak." Tony replied as he put to fingers on her lips and kissed her gently. The kisses seem to get more serious by the minute. Clint looked on and shook his head with disgust. Taylor looked on and saw how much love was in Star’s eyes for Tony, so he let them alone and looked away.
Tony broke the kiss and got down on one knee and asked…
"I know I’ll never be anything more then a duplicate of my father and think the same way…but it can all change. During the years of my life I kept wondering if I was ever going to meet the right person or even get married. I’ve realized now even though it’s only been a week or so that I’ve met you, but I feel you are the only girl for me. Will you, Shooting Star Louisa Nicole, be my wife?"
Star was shocked at what he had just asked and durning his speech she knew what he was going to ask.
Star smiled at him and kissed him on the lips and whispered, ”Yes Tony Hann... I will marry you, fore you’re the only man I will ever truly love even though it’s only been a week. I feel I could stay with you forever."
All the teens around the room were shocked and angered at the same time that Tony would ask their sister after five days to marry him.
Scott said, ”You know Star I had no idea you were such a slut."
Star’s eyes seemed to get red from the anger that was in her and soon an enormous fight would soon erupt that not even Bill could stop.

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