Times Running Out

Chapter 27 - "Taylor you have a concussion…but Star is far worse."

Star relaxed her body as she leaned heavily against the wall thinking about Tony and ocasionally glancing at Taylor who looked horrible. Bob looked to Star and caught her stare at Taylor but then faced the other way to make it look like she didn’t care about him.
Bob said, ”Yeah Star pretend you don’t care about him…we all know quite well you do."
Star replied, ”I care nothing of you guys anymore. I care nothing of what happens to any of you anymore. The only person I’ll ever love or have feelings for is Tony but not you The Hanson’s or you the Moffatts. You no longer exist to me. To me you guys are dead and will remain dead as long as Tony’s around. You will not be in control of me anymore."
The group looked taken back by this comment that Star had made and was sure she was going to come around soon but knew that Star had chosen Tony over them.
"Ooohhh!" Taylor moaned as he sat up rubbing his wound and finding blood all over his hands.
Bob said, ”Tay…you have a contusion on your head. I know this is gonna sound impossible but try to stay awake. K?" Taylor nodded as he glared at Star.
Taylor then said, ”A face like Star’s is enough to keep someone awake, especially the dead."
Star let the comment pass as tears trickled down her cheek from her now light blue eyes.
Scott and the others except for Zac laughed and replied, ”Good one Tay."
Taylor nodded and smiled over the dizzeness and concentrated on not blacking out.
Star felt a gust of wind brush against her body. "Strange there’s no window or anything…how can it be windy?" Star thought. Star brought her legs up to her chest as she shivered from the intense cold.
Taylor asked, ”What’s wrong with Star? She seems to be freezing…strange…I’m not freezing. I’m quite hot to tell ya the truth."
Bob quickly interjected, ”Don’t worry about her Tay…she’s not apart of our family anymore. She rather be a family with Tony…not us. You see Tay she’s chosen Tony over us and she herself said she doesn’t want to be. To her we don’t exist."
Clint added, ”Yeah and the only one she can possibly love is Tony and no one else."
The room went silent just as quick as it began. Everyone looked at Zac with amazment and wondering why he had said that. Isaac swore his ears were ringing since he was the closest when he broke into an outburst.
Bob said, ”Sure Zac... what ever you say. Just to clear up the air here and ask Star one simple question. Why do you love Tony…Star?"
Star looked at him with tears still glistening down her cheeks as she replied, ”Because Bob…I just do."
She then added, ”Oh god I don’t feel good." As she felt her forehead she suddenly felt dizzy and was loosing her vision as everything turned to black.
Taylor looked at her and said, ”Star I know this is an attention act so come out of it cause you’ll get no sympathy from us…not after what you have said or done."
Taylor waited for Star to wake up but then he saw her cheeks flush, and her lips turning blue. Taylor was getting worried but was too weak to move. Scott went over to her and felt her forehead.
"Guys she’s running a fever…and her lips are blue." Scott replied with fear showing in his voice. He then placed two fingers on her neck and felt a very weak pulse, but it was still a pulse.
Dave asked, ”Should I call Bill and he could help her?"
Clint nodded and replied, ”We can’t just leave her with us. If we don’t help her she’ll die."
Bob asked, ”Okay so ya wanna just leave her down here then? Cause for what she’s done she deserves to die."
Zac said in a stern voice, ”Didn’t I tell you all to shut up about that? No one’s gonna die…especially if it’s us…or Star."
Bob voiced” Oh so you can actually forgive her for what she put you through with the beating by the jack ass squad?"
Zac replied, ”BOB... it’s not her fault! She had to keep the secret about the gold. It’s a promise she had kept to her dad for so many years. Now it’s in the open and who do you think it hurt worse…her or me?"
Bob said, ”You Zac…look at you. Your completely afraid of your own shadow. You go to your brothers for comfort. I’d say it hurt you more, it was physical pain. The one Star has is mental pain…she’ll get over it."
Zac nodded” No her pain was physical to. She’s been tied up to a chair, forced to listen when I got beaten and had told her secret that she promised she’d take to her grave. She was also hit. You don’t call that both physical and mental? I do and for me I’ll recover, but Star there won’t. Her life is messed up for good."
Clint nodded and ran to the top of the stairs and pounded on the door as hard as he could. A minute or two later Bill opened the door and asked in his rough voice, ”Yes?"
Clint said, ”It’s Star! She’s… she’s getting a fever, and her lips are blue. And she has a very weak pulse."
Bill replied, ”And I care because?"
Clint looked at him and said, ”Because she’s dying! HELP HER!"
Bill went down the steps and slowly approached Star where Scott had been standing and bent down to check her pulse.
Bill replied in a normal voice, ”It’s weak…good chance she might die unless the fever goes down."
Bob sighed and asked, ”Will you take care of her…or are you gonna let her die?"
At the sound of the word “die” Zac gulped and said, ”Bob this isn’t the best time to mention that word… especially when the one who’s gonna do it is down here. So in other words shut the heck up."
Bill replied, ”I’m not the one who’s gonna kill ya’s. My partners are. Of course not right now so you needen’t be worried about that now. Okay I’ll carry her up stairs and see what I can do…and you should also follow me as well Taylor. I can see that the wound I made is getting infected and you need to stay up so you won’t go into a coma."
Taylor nodded and started walking slowly to the steps he turned and said to Zac, ”Keep them in line Zac…can’t have them freaking out on us."
Zac smiled and replied, ”Don’t worry bout me. I’ll keep em straight if it gets out of hand. Just keep a careful eye on Star."
Bill smiled and said, ”Don’t worry about that Zac he’ll be keeping an eye on Star alright. I’m making sure of that."
Taylor walked up the steps without looking back.


After a few days of flying and stopping at refueling stations, the jack ass squad finally made it to Star’s old home in a car that they had gotten awhile back.
"Here it is boys…Star’s house…and inside them walls is gold just waiting to be found, by us. Right gentlemen?"
"Right." Came two voices. Mac, Jamie, and Will ran up to the entrance to the house and opened the door which had been carelessly done by JJ.
Jamie asked, ”So do we destroy the place? Or look… like normal people?"
Mac laughed and replied, ”Search and destroy." To prove his point he balled his hands into fists and jammed it as hard as he could into the wall causing a small hole, the size of his fists. He lifted his hand in the wall.
"Nothing." Mac said as he took his hand out of the wall.

Two hours later:

They destroyed the walls of Star’s old home but found nothing not even one piece of gold.
Mac said to his partners, ”The whole gold thing guys was a myth her father told her. There is no gold, there is no fortune…we have been lied to. Let’s go back home and torture the brat for lying to us. There’s no better time then now."
With that the kidnappers left and went back to Alaska where Star would be severly punished for lying to them.

Back in Alaska two hours previous:

Taylor followed Bill silently as they rounded a corner to his home leading to the bathroom.
Bill turned and said, ”Ya know Taylor... you got my son good. I think he’ll be knocked out for a good two days. I thank you…the boy was a pain in the ass…just like his mother. But I solved that problem with a 9mm…and if he gets in my way he’ll have the same treatment as his mother."
Taylor froze as his legs stiffened, "You mean you {gulp} killed his mother?"
Bill smiled and replied, ”Yes I killed his mother. She was being a slut so I shot her and my boy seems to have a thing with your sister. Oh the joy that would be if they actually got married."
Taylor flippantly said, ”He already proposed…and I want you to talk him into taking it back. I or my family don’t want the spawn of an evil person living with us."
Bill smiled and laughed a little bit saying, ”Trust me there wouldn’t be anyway in heaven or hell that I’d let them get married…especially to Star. Star is good and I don’t like good. You and your brothers are too pure and so are the Moffatts, so when the jack ass squad comes back with the gold I’m gonna have them take you back to the other cabin along with my son. He no longer belongs to me."
Taylor replied, ”I’m not taking responsibility for Star or your son."
Bill laughed and said, ”Won’t have to. It’s not like you're gonna live through this... not after my partners come back. Tony will remain down there with you guys. Once he is no longer needed he will be killed, if you haven’t already done that."
Taylor asked, ”How so have I killed him besides a punch, and a few hundred punches from Scott?"
Bill smiled and replied, ”You knocked him out for a good day or two and Star she needs to keep warm. She has a very bad fever. From what I do not know, but she needs a warm bath to keep her warm…and after that she’s going to be delirious…possibly become very violent. So she’s gonna have to be tied down to a bed or recliner chair. Which is your choice Taylor?"
Taylor sighed and said, ”The bed…but why are you giving me that choice? I don’t deserve to choose how she’s going to be restrained."
Bill replied” Because Taylor I’m not the one who’s gonna be tying her up and watching over her. You are because she trusts you more then me…that and you have to stay awake."
Taylor said, ”She doesn’t trust me…she hates me!"
Bill replied, ”I don’t care. Now grab the rope from the table unless you want her trying to break your neck because I know how delirious she will be. I’ve seen it before. When you tie her the rope has to be tight…got me?"
Taylor sighed and said, ”Yes Bill... I will do what you say…only because it’s best for her. That’s all."
Bill asked, ”Softening up already Taylor?"
Taylor sighed and replied, ”No I just want her to die. I mean I wouldn’t know how to break it to mom and dad."
Bill said, ”Good choice Taylor. Now come on we'll tie her to Tony’s bed. After all he is on the couch…also tied as Star will be…and like I said make the ropes as tight as ya can."
Taylor nodded and repliedm ”Oh believe me Bill I’ll make sure."
With that Taylor followed Bill into Tony’s room to begin the process of taking care of Star and one of the steps was tying her up to prevent any harm to herself and to anybody else. Because soon they would see just how delirious she was.

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