Times Running Out

Chapter 22 - "You're about a mile away from the other cabin."

Star gazed sadly out the small cabin window as a light dusting of snow covered the blood stained snow from the encounter with the bear. It was some ways off, but the sharp red against the soft white was easily seen. She sighed and looked towards Tony's room, wishing she was locked in there with him, maybe then her thoughts would be distracted. She still couldn't believe she'd told them so easily.
"But at such a painful cost for the guys." Her mind defended her actions. She sighed loudly again, twisting against the ropes that kept her from freedom. Bill walked into the room and smiled, holding a tray full of unidentified food.
"Here ya go, supper. I'll just leave this with you. Eat up!" He grinned mockingly and set the tray across her thighs and left the room.
Star's mouth watered as she looked down to see what he'd come up with. She furrowed her eye-brows and yanked against the ropes that held her hands back. She knew he was doing this just to torture her, but against her will she resumed her study of the food. So far as she could tell, there was a small serving of meat loaf, pale looking corn, and some noodles with dark sauce on top. A small cup of milk was set along the side. Star was starving and she yelled politely for Bill.
He walked in lightly and smiled, "Yeeeees?"
She bowed her head and asked, "Can I eat this or do you have to feed me?"
He brought a chair near hers and, with a bored look, picked up a fork and cut a piece of meat off and held it near her mouth.
Star regarded him steadily and delicately plucked the food off and chewed.
She curled her lips, "It tastes funny." She complained.
"I'm a man, what do ya expect?" He shot back at her, knowing the true reason for the strange taste, "More?" He asked innocently.

Thirty Minutes Later

Clint moaned deeply, rolling over and grabbing his stomach as he slowly opened his eyes. His stomach heaved and he concentrated deeply on not throwing up, taking deep breaths and closing his eyes. The nausea that had attacked him moments before vanished within seconds. He coughed to clear his lungs and continued coughing for a moment against his will and finally, the fit passing, he took a deep breath and looked around him. He gasped fearfully when he didn't recognize his surroundings, but he did see six other bodies lying near him and knew he found his brothers. Strangely, he was isolated from them by a few feet and he shivered from the cool air of the room. "So it's back to this huh? Huddling in a pile to keep warm? This is rank..no wait, we're rank. Ugh. He desperately wished for a shower for himself and his siblings as he sank between Scott and Zac to warm up. Clint felt the bodies press against him and heard a couple moans sound from around the room, then more as the dreaded drug wore off.
He felt arms pushing against his back, trying to give to owner of the arms more room then Clint's proximity allowed. He held fast, not fancying the idea of being cold.
"Zac don't. It's cold in here." He whined.
The arms stopped moving immediately and soon the press of bodies was going on all around them.
Taylor stood up slowly and stretched up on his tip toes, reaching his hands towards the ceiling in a loud, back crunching pop and he settled on the heels of his feet contentedly. He felt weird being so calm in such a strange place, being kidnapped, and having your adoptive sister tied up somewhere you didn't know. He felt weird because it all felt so normal, like something he'd been subjected to his entire life. He wondered how the others felt about this.
He glanced down at the pile of teens and said, "Hey guys. GUYS?" He tried a little bit louder.
Six heads turned in his direction.
"Doesn't this feel like normal to you? Being moved around so much, being away from home?" He questioned.
Everybody bit their lips and looked at each other as Bob spoke up, "Yeah...I know what you mean. It's not normal but it's so common for us that he feels right...but it's not."
Zac decided to add a humorous yet angry response, "Is this in our contracts? This is why we became famous isn't it? All that B.S. about being in it for music, naaaaw, we're here for callous treatment and rare feeding opportunities right?"
Dave smiled and Isaac answered, "For sure. Anybody know where we are?"
"You're about a mile away from the other cabin.”
The pile of teenagers froze for a moment, then jammed up against each other tightly with Taylor in the back, still standing.
"Sorry guys, didn't mean to scare ya." Came a tired, regretful voice.
Taylor managed to relax slightly when he realized the voice belonged to a young man, but how young he didn't know. He glanced around, trying to pin point the place of vocalization when he spotted movement by the steps near him. He sucked in a breath and backed up quickly, stepping on fingers and tumbling backwards over his brother's bodies.
"Ow, Tay god! Watch out!" The six voices complained.
Taylor felt himself go red at the complaints from beneath him as he struggled to get upright. He felt hands push on his back with great force, sending him flinging off the bodies and onto the floor, off the soft mattress.
"Oh yeah, fuck you too guys." He grumbled, looking towards the stairs.
"Not a problem." Came a cheerful reply.
Taylor looked to the steps again trying to make out the form of the young man, but unable to really focus.
"Who's there?" He called out.
"Oh yeah, that didn't sound like something from the movies, Tay." Flashed across his mind.
"Tony…", the voice replied simply.
Taylor repeated himself, "Who are you?"
Again, no answer.
Taylor began to slink back to the group, confusion leading to fear at the lack of cooperation from this Tony character. He cast a backward glance to see how far he was from the group and quickly trained his eyes back to the stairs and gasped.
Tony was gone.
Taylor froze. What if he was an accomplice? What if Jamie, Will, and Mac were somewhere nearby, watching Tony's every move. Maybe Tony was here to replace Jon and he had to capture one of them to prove he could hack it. Taylor's heart thumped off the charts as a scuffling noise sounded only a few feet from him. His eyes opened wide when he realized how vulnerable he was at the moment, separated still by a couple feet from the rest of the guys. His breathing turned to short ragged gasps as he slowly began inching backwards. Suddenly, he felt hands on his arms and he lashed out with a violent punch that obviously hit its target when a howl of pain was issued. Taylor jumped to his feet and shoved the body as hard as he could and retreated to the gasping bodies behind him, letting the sound guide him.
"Awww, fuck! What the hell was that for?" Tony complained, smoothing his hand over his cheek.
Taylor's shaky reply, "You...you tried to grab me!" He accused.
Tony's voice was indignant, "I was trying to help you stand up!"
Not for the first time, Taylor felt himself go red, but he still persisted.
"Why'd you grab my arms and not my hands?" He asked huffily.
"Incase you hadn't noticed, it's a teense dark in here." Tony replied.
"God Tay, chill out. He's not gonna kill us...are you?" Dave asked jokingly.
Taylor heard Zac whimper and he and Isaac made their way to comfort him. Zac had the same feelings as Taylor, but for different reasons. Taylor was slightly suspicious because his imagination had run away with him, leaving him to believe what his mind told him for the moment. Zac on the other hand, would forever be wary of strangers due to the beating he received, he would never trust the same way again. If anyone did break through the thick barrier his mind set up, and then broke his trust, they'd be quite likely to break Zac Hanson in the process.
"Why're you here then?" Bob wanted to know.
"My dad's watching Star upstairs. I'm guessing he's watching ya'll too since you're in our basement."
"That doesn't answer his question." Taylor spat out sharply, holding Zac's head against his shoulder.
Tony answered, close to tears.
"To make it simple: I kissed her, dad locked me in my room, then he shoved me down here with you guys. I have no idea why I'm here and you aren't making it any easier." He gushed.
Zac moved his sore body closer to his brothers before asking, "Kissed who?"
Silence tore through the room.
Taylor was outraged. How dare he kiss his little sister like that! Nobody was to go near Star unless he felt him worthy!
"How the hell could you kiss her? She couldn't even fight back if she's tied up!" Taylor yelled, causing Zac to start and jerk over to Isaac's arms instead. Taylor's brow creased as he rubbed his little brother's leg and whispered, "Sorry." And thought, "Great now he's making me freak Zac out." Zac resumed his position, feeling safer in two sets of arms rather then only one.
Tony's own rage began to show itself, "I didn't kiss her like that! We kissed each other, it wasn't me being a fucked up pop star kissing some girl just because I think I can!"
The room went quiet once again, Tony realizing he'd insulted all seven of the prisoners when he only meant to go after the one insulting him.
"Great, this is going peachy isn't it?"
One of the Moffatt brothers finally broke into the whole situation, Scott stood up and approached the young man, "Don't touch her ever again. You don't wanna know what'll happen if you do, trust me."
Tony turned arrogant, "What if I do?"
Scott looked back to the six teens on the mattress, darkness making it hard to see. He could see Taylor's nod though and he smiled as he swung his fist right at Tony's face. The young man didn't see it coming as he faced him, and then all he saw after that was darkness.

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