Times Running Out

Chapter 21 - "Sir we don’t know the house…"

Will and Jamie were at the phone talking to JJ who argued that there was no photo album nor was there any gold.
“ Listen you fuck! Star knows where it is, and she told the truth because she knows better then to lie to us, especially if it has to do with saving her brother’s lives…or step I don’t know what they mean to her…but she told us! Now! Find the damn map and the fucken gold!" Jamie screamed.
JJ replied, "There wasn’t any gold here! I-I swear it Jamie and Will... there wasn’t! We searched the whole bloody house!"
Will said, ”Fine! Will go down there and search for it, and leave the brats with Bill and his son Tony. They could watch them for a few days while WE search and when we find it I’ll make sure you get nothing of it!”
JJ nodded and replied, ”FINE! Have it your way! Go ahead and try finding it... lord knows we tried.” JJ hung up the phone and went home to his wife and 2 kids.
Will slammed down the phone with much anger and yelled, ”THE JACK OFFS COULDN’T FIND THE DAMN MAP OR THE GOLD! So WE have to go all the way to Tulsa just to look for it!"
Mac said, ”There has to be another way…I mean what about the kids?”
Will replied in a calm voice, ”There is no other way to do this but leave the brats with Bill…but I am a little worried about leaving them with Bill. He is very abusive. I mean look at the way he treats his own kid!”
Mac smiled and said, ”It’ll do them some good with Bill, but Bill killed his wife. I don’t know myself we’ll leave a strict rule of not touching the boys at all, only giving them some water and food. But that would be it, and have them be put down in the basement till we get back, which would be about an estiment guess of four days... five at the most.”
Will sighed and replied, ”I’ll call Bill and tell him about this little problem were having with our buddies in Tulsa.”
With that said Will picked up the phone and dialed Bill’s number.


Ring, ring, ring...
The telephone yelled through out Bill’s house.
“ Hello?" Bill asked cheerfully.
“ Hi Bill. It’s Will. Listen we have a small problem. Apparently the jack offs in Tulsa went into the house and couldn’t find anything so Mac, Jamie, and I are gonna go and search for the gold ourselves. So we need you to take care of Hanson and the Moffatts for a few days. Is that okay? If it’s not you can’t get any gold.”
Bill replied, ”No um…it’s okay. How long will I be taking care of em and where are they gonna stay...besides my basement.”
Will smiled and said, ”Four days and in your basement... like you guessed.”
Bill replied, "I guess that’s okay with me."
Will said, ”But under one condition. You may not touch the boys. Star you can do whatever you want…but not the boys. The gang and I hope to still make that ten million from them…understand?”
Bill smiled and thought for a minute and then replied, ”It’s a deal. When will you be dropping them off?”
Will said, ”In about two hours or so when we're all set up and we have sedated them. That’s when.”
Bill replied, ”Okay. See you in about two hours.”
Bill hung up the phone and went to clean up the basement. He moved all the tools, and everything that was dangerous out of the basement and put down some old mattresses, blankets, and pillows.
Bill stood up and said, ”The're done in record time of one hour and five minutes.”
Bill sat down and relaxed thinking, ”Finally the plans are turning around for us. We finally got the upper hand of the situation.”


Will finished packing for their short trip to Tulsa and prepared to search for the gold. Jamie, Mac and Will opened the door to the boy’s room and shot the boys with tranquilizer darts. The boys didn’t expect the attack and didn’t have time to react as the darts plunged into their soft skin. Zac only moaned in response and fell asleep in Isaac’s arms, who calmly sat Zac down and took the dart out of his arm before falling into a deep sleep. The rest fell instantly into a deep sleep due to the power of the dart.
Once the boys were sedated they put them into the van and drove to Bill’s house who was waiting patiently.
Bill said, ”Just put them in the basement. I already have it ready for them.”
The three idiots nodded and carried them one at a time to the basement. When Star looked up she found Mac, Jamie, and Will carrying in Taylor. Tears fell from Star’s eyes as she looked to the floor feeling helpless that she could do nothing to help them. Pretty soon the boys were in the basement of Bill’s home.
When Will, Jamie, and Mac were done with their task they approached Star. Star looked at the three guys as terror and fear took over Star’s soul.
“ Hi princess." Mac said.
Star replied fearfully, ”Hiya dumb fuck. How’s it going with the plan of idiots?”
Will said, ”Now Star... sweetheart... is that anyway to treat someone who cares so much about you?”
Star replied, ”No it isn’t... but in your certain case I consider it appropriate in this matter.”
Jamie said as he touched her leg, ”I’ve missed your beautiful touch.”
Star twisted against the ropes and replied, ”Well I didn’t numb nut fucker. Now take your perverted hands off me before I kick you in the nuts!”
Jamie smiled taking his hand off her leg and said, ”You know something sweetheart? You better watch how you talk to me or I’ll have to kill you.”
Star didn’t reply. She only hung her head in defeat and cried softly and let her tears fall to her dress.

Tony’s room:

Tony laid on his bed listening intensely to the conversation exchanged between the kidnappers and Star.
Tony then ran to the door and yelled as loud as he could, ”I’LL RIP YOUR DAMN HEAD OFF IF YOU FUCKING TOUCH HER... YOU SICK PHYSCO!"
Mac and the other two jumped back and asked in union, ”Who’s that?”
Bill laughed and replied, ”Oh that’s just Tony. No need to worry about him. He’s locked in his room for kissing Star.”
Mac laughed turned to Star and said, ”Guess you're not a sweet sixteen anymore."
He then turned to Bill and continued, ”Anyway... later on put Star in the basement with the others.”
Bill replied, ”Alright I will…and I’ll make sure to get Tony to take care of them because I don’t want to take care of them. That’s for sure.”
Mac nodded and the others went out to the van but returned with body chains.
Will said, ”We have extras and if you want here’s one for your son also.”
Bill replied, ”Thanks… I’d only put this on him if he tried to free the others. But he doesn’t have the guts.”
With that Mac and the others left.

Tony’s room:

Tony smiled and said softly, ”Oh yeah dad? Just you wait and see…I’ll free them."
Little did Tony know that he would indeed free them, but only to get caught and become a prisoner just like Star. But he would have a challenge ahead of him for the other boys to trust him. Can he earn the other boys trust…or will things just get worse?

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