Times Running Out

Chapter 23 - "I’m not a child!"

After Bill had finished feeding Star he took the plate into the kitchen and went back to her a second later.
“ I put Tony in the basement with the others. I’m sure they’re getting along just fine.” Bill said to Star with a smile on his face knowing perfectly well that they wouldn’t get along.
Star replied, "Please…let me see them. It’s been so long since I’ve seen my brothers…and Tony.”
Bill looked over at Star and said, ”I have to move you down there anyhow…but yes you can see them.”
Star nodded as a smile slowly spread across her lips and replied, "When?”
Bill said, ”Right now because I don’t want anybody looking in our window and discovering you and ratting me out.”
Star nodded and turned away from Bill and asked, ”I know this maybe asking a lot but could they please take a shower, because they really smell bad. The odor is very strong."
Bill nodded and replied, "Yeah. I was gonna have them do that anyhow, so no need to worry. Mac also gave me some sweat pants and sweat shirts for them as well…and you to.”
Star said, ”Oh could you perhaps untie me so I can change into them? I feel so open for something to happen to me.”
Bill nodded and replied, ”Yeah."
With that he untied Star and led her to the bathroom and handed her sweat pants and a sweat shirt. Soon Star came out dressed in the outfit. She wore black sweat pants and a red sweat shirt. The outfits were all the same size and color so Star’s pants were past her feet and dripping onto the floor.
Bill laughed and said, ”I think you need to have the legs to your pants cut." With that he took some clippers and cut it to her ankles. After that she followed Bill to a door that led down into the basement. He unlocked the door and opened it. Star looked at him but went down into the basement. Once she was at the stairs Bill shut the door and locked it. Star stared at the bodies on the floor huddled together. She then saw one body inches away from the group.
Star slowly made her way down the stairs and said, ”Guys?"
Taylor lifted his head up and discovered Star looking down at him.
Taylor got up and yelled, ”Star oh god it’s you…it’s really you." With that said or rather cried he took Star and hugged her tightly. Star smiled but the smile soon faded as she went limp into Taylor’s arms.
“What the fuck?" Taylor yelled holding a conked out Star in his arms.
Zac said, ”Taylor…no cussing just stop please.”
Taylor replied, ”Star just went limp in my arms! What happened to her?”
Zac and the rest got up and walked over to where Taylor was holding Star.
Taylor checked his pulse and said, ”Her heart rate is strong. What could it be?”
Scott replied, ”I think she might have been tranquilized…but with some sorta powder not the shot like we get.”
Taylor asked Scott, ”Give or take how long will she be out?”
Scott replied, ”Not long... give or take a good two hours maybe a little less. Who knows but she’s gonna be sicker then a dog when she wakes up from what I believe.”
Taylor nodded and said, ”Yeah... well I’m gonna set her down here. Perhaps she’ll wake up.”
Taylor gazed at Tony with disgust and added, ”What about him?”
Scott replied, ”We keep them away from each other…or rather we keep him from Star.”
Taylor nodded and sat by Star’s side and waited till she woke up.

Twenty minutes later:

Star awoke and looked up seeing that Taylor beside her. She wasn’t as sick as she thought she would be. Sitting up she gazed at Taylor then she turned and saw Tony on the floor only two, maybe three feet away, despite the darkness. She could see his body outline. Star without a second thought rushed over to Tony and started shaking him to try and wake him up.
After two minutes Tony opened his eyes and smiled up at the worried figure and said, ”I’m awake…but not thinking.”
Star stood up and yelled, ”Damn it guys! Why is it I like someone you have to go and try to scare the person off!? HUH!?”
Everyone woke up looking at Star and then looking and seeing almost hot red eyes. Star was furious at them for hitting Tony.
Taylor said, ”Face it Star that kid is bad news…and I refuse to let you see him. Plus your only sixteen.”
Star replied, ”Yeah and turning seventeen in eleven more days. So legally you can’t stop me. I love him! So anybody who has a problem with it can go fuck themselves!”
"STAR! I refuse to listen to that kind of languge from you young lady!" Zac said.
Star replied, ”I don’t care! No matter what you say I am going to continue to see hime and if I feel like it kiss Tony! And frankly guys there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”
Star ran back over to Tony and cradled his head in her arms and whispered, ”Don’t worry Tony I’m here for you.”
Taylor grew angrier and yelled, ”You miss Star are not going to see him and if I have to drag you away from him, then I will! But don’t test me on that.”
Star lightened her voice and said, ”Because Taylor…I can only truly be happy with him and he loves me to. And if we get out of this thing alive…he’s coming back to Tulsa with us.”
“NO HE ISN’T!" Six voices yelled in perfect union.
Star replied, ”Leave us alone. Come on Tony let's go over on the other side of the basement.”
Tony nodded and stood up with just a little bit of help from Star. They walked over to the opposite end of the basement and sat down.

Ten minutes later:

Taylor went over to Star and said, ”Get away from him…he’s bad news.”
Star replied, ”No Taylor, I am staying with him.”
"Star one final warning. Either leave now or I’ll force you to leave. Which is it sweetheart?" Taylor asked in full anger looking at Tony as if ready to kill him.

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