Times Running Out

Chapter 2 - The Beginning Of A Nightmare

Taylor lifted his head weakly, staring into the icy eyes of his former captors and immediately broke into loud sobs, his shoulders shaking from the intensity. He'd never been so scared of anything in his life.
"Knock it off ya baby." Mac muttered. He shook his head in disgust, muttering things about babies, pansies, and sissy boys as he reached for the dreaded rope and duct tape.
"No, please! I won't run off, please don't!" He whispered meekly, his back slamming into the side of the van. He saw Mac's hands coming at him and closed his eyes tightly, his sobbing only growing louder.
Again, Mac shook his head and grabbed the terrified boy's wrists and yanked him forwards. Taylor decided to start struggling and yanked his wrists free and slammed his body against the side of the van again and resumed sobbing.
His eyes opened wide when he heard sirens go by the van.
"What happened to my mom?!" He screamed. Mac only shrugged his shoulders in indifference, not caring either way if she was alright.
Taylor screamed at the top of his lungs and lunged for Mac's throat, easily overpowering the surprised man and knocking him to the floor. Jamie sat in the driver's seat, wide eyed and amazed at what was happening behind him.
"If you killed her I swear to God I'll rip your heart out you bastard!" He tightened his grip on the man's throat when Jamie turned a corner sharply, knocking Taylor over. He lost his grip on Mac's throat as he was thrown off the older man's body. Mac sat up coughing and wheezing, ordering Jamie to stop the van and help him tie the kid up. The van screeched to a halt, throwing Taylor forward into the separating wall, the wall that kept the captives in the back of the van and the captors in the front.
"Ahhh!" He cried out in pain, a deep cut shining red along his hair line. He reached up to feel the damage and hissed when his hand touched the cut. He pulled his hand to his face and gulped at how much blood covered his fingers. All of the sudden, he was pulled forward into Jamie's arms with Mac working on the duct tape and roping part. He was too dazed from the smack on the head to fight back. He was finally tied up, blind folded, gagged, and put to sleep; leaving Mac and Jamie sore and tired.
"How's your throat?" Jamie inspected Mac's battle wounds: ten dark finger tip size bruises ran along his neck, the bruises darkening as the seconds passed.
"I'll live, come on. We got work to do." Mac spat out hoarsely, Jamie nodded and got back to the driver's seat.


"Star, come on sweetie wake up." Walker whispered, brushing a blond wisp of hair away from the bruise on her head. He glanced up at his sons and gestured to them to go visit their mother, both boys nodded and rounded up the little ones to go visiting. Walker hated hospitals, the only time he could stand them was when Diana was having another child. He smiled at the thought, he was always open for having more children in his large family. Star shifted.
"Wake up Star, come on sweets, open up those eyes." Walker murmured gently. He was rewarded when Star's eyes opened slowly and focused on her foster father.
"How do you feel sweetheart?" He questioned.
"My head hurts. Why're we in a hospital?" Star asked, observing the tacky décor and the smells of antiseptics and medicines.
"Do you remember what happened?" He wanted to know.
"Huh uh." She shook her head.
"One of the men who escaped, Mac is it? He took Tay and from what Ike and everyone said, Mac kicked you and left." He stated.
"What aren't you telling me?" She whispered.
Walker sighed, he could hide nothing from this girl, "Di was shot honey. She's alright though, don't worry about her. Do you wanna go visit?" He asked, rubbing her arm softly.
"Yeah. But, wait. Did we get Tay back?" Her heart sank when Walker's eyes filled with tears. She cursed silently to herself.
"Come on, lets go." He pulled a wheelchair up to the bed side, helped Star get seated, and rolled her down the hallway to his wife's room.
"Knock knock." Walker called, "We have somebody who wants to see you."
Diana opened her eyes and waved weakly to her new daughter. All of the Hanson clan shifted to make an opening big enough for the wheelchair and thus an hour long heart to heart was birthed between Star and Diana.
"Do you know about Tay?" Star asked gently.
"Yeah, why're they doing this to us again? What did we ever do to them?" Diana wailed, causing her to start coughing heavily, wincing the whole time.
She finally stopped and closed her eyes momentarily.
"Because they can't have what the boys have." Star said.
"What?" Isaac asked, confused.
"You've got the talent and the money. They don't. So they take it from you." Star stated, looking at the floor.
The room was silent for more then five minutes. Each person lost in thoughts when Zac suddenly spoke up.
"We're not gonna get off as easy as we did last time."
Everybody only nodded, the children started crying, and the Moffatt family moved silently into the room to offer support and condolences, unaware that one of their own would be taken soon.


"It doesn't feel like home anymore."
"I know."
Zac and Isaac felt insecure with Taylor's empty bed right in front of them, not knowing if he was still alive or not. Star had long since left for a long walk to help clear her mind and to get some thinking done, which was impossible in the Hanson household.
"Why couldn't they just take a Back Street Boy instead? They're bigger then us, they got more money." Zac grumbled.
Isaac shook his head with a lopsided grin and replied, "Their name doesn't fit their physical selves. We're still kids as far as they're concerned."
"Yeah. I've never hated being famous, but now I think it's the last thing we need." Zac whispered.
Isaac felt tears sting his eyes when his little brother started crying. He stood up and crossed the room when he saw a flashlight beam cross the backyard of their home.
"DAD!" He yelled.
A minute later Walker came careening up the stairs and hit the boys' doorway. His face was bright red and he noticed nothing wrong in the room.
"We saw somebody with a flashlight in the backyard." Isaac whimpered.
Walker closed his eyes in relief and stated, "That's the security. We beefed it up five fold. I guess we forgot to tell you." Walker turned on his heel and ran back downstairs to the bathtub where Zoë was being bathed.
Zac giggled slightly and punched Isaac in the arm, "Go smart one."
They both sighed and sank into bed. Zac took Taylor's so he could smell his brother's scent that lingered on the sheets and pillows. He missed Taylor like nothing else. His last thought before he fell into sleeps open arms was, "Where's Star?"


One hour previous.

"This bites." Star said. She'd been wondering the road for the past few hours, wondering where on earth Taylor could be. Not likely to go back to Texas or Pennsylvania, the cops already looked in the old haunts to see if Taylor was there. He wasn't.
Headlights filled the road she was standing on, she moved to the right to be polite, never bothering to look up. This would prove to be a big mistake. The vehicle next to her put it's brakes on and the back door shot open. Star didn't have time to scream as a heavy body landed on top of her. A needle poked into her arm and she started feeling woozy. The last thing she saw horrified her. Taylor lay in the back of the van. Her last thought scared her even more.
"It's starting again.."


Bob's eyes opened slowly to see sun streaming in through his open window. He smiled softly. Then frowned. The few precious seconds he'd had with no memory vanished as he thought of Taylor being missing and Diana being in the hospital. He glanced at the window again, hanging wide open to let the beautiful sounds of nature slip in. He slipped out of his warm blankets and rested his elbows on the frame, taking in the fresh smell of the Tulsa morning.
He stood up and wondered out of his room into the, surprisingly, empty bathroom and relieved himself. He then proceeded to wash him face and comb his hair. One bristle of the brush got caught on his newly pierced ears and he yelped in pain.
"Son of a....Jesus!" He hopped around the bathroom, waiting for the pain to subside. He looked back into the mirror and glowered. His right ear now was glowing bright red. He muttered curses about ever having gotten them pierced in the first place. He pulled out the cleaning kit he'd gotten and cleaned his left earring and then his right.
"Hopefully the dang thing won't get infected."
"BATHROOM'S OPEN!" He yelled down the hallway. Three doors opened at once and he grinned when his three brothers looked each other in the eye; measuring each other up. Scott broke the stare and ran to the bathroom, locking the door behind him. Bob only laughed at the dark faces of his twins as they shut their doors. He shook his head and walked the short distance into his room and shut the door behind him. Did he shut his closet before he left for the bathroom?
"Who cares?" He thought to himself. He slipped his boxers off and grabbed a new pair, then some baggy sweatpants, and finally a gray wife beater. He looked into his small mirror on his dresser and fixed his hair. He was about to reach for his doorknob when he heard something rustle behind him. He stiffened up. He slowly turned around and gasped.
"Scream and I'll shove this gun down your throat." Jamie threatened.
"Please don't do this, please." Bob looked around franticly.
"Come on, crawl out that window and wait by the bottom of the tree. Mac's there so don't try anything." He waved the gun in Bob's face and watched the boy comply.
Bob slid out his window and shimmied down the tree that was only a foot away from his sleeping parent's window. He started crying when he realized they didn't even know they were losing their son. Finally he broke his stare when Mac ordered him to hurry and he jumped down gracefully, landing on his feet easily while Jamie landed on his rear.
Bob snorted and then he felt the familiar jab in his arm as a tranquilizer was injected.
"God damn you." He said, staring Mac in the eyes.
His legs started to shake as he latched onto Jamie's now upright form in order not to fall.
"Get him around the front, the security guards are gonna come do this circuit. Move it!" Mac ordered. Together they drug the drugged up boy into the woods where the van was waiting, it's side door open. Bob's vision grew blurry, but not before he saw the bodies of Star and Taylor in the back.
"God damn you." He slurred once more in Mac's direction.


"He's done." Jamie said gleefully, slipping into the passenger's side.
"Good, lets go get Will and Jon. Then we'll get the rest of em."
Jamie's grin was pure evil.

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