Times Running Out

Chapter 1 - Taking Only One

Taylor stood frozen as things ran through his mind. "W-what are you going to do with us?"
Mac raised the gun to Taylor’s head and replied, ”Don’t make a sound…no one... got it?" All the teens nodded.
Mac said, ”I’ll only need one of you for now to reassure that you will follow. Now let me see…who should I take?"
He glared at Taylor, pointed his finger and said, ”You will come with me." Isaac stood in front of his younger brother trying to protect him.
Mac pushed him to the side and replied, ”Unless you want Taylor to die, I suggest you do what I say."
Isaac moved and whispered, ”I’m sorry Taylor I tried." Taylor nodded and moved forward slowly. Mac grabbed his wrist and tightly held it as he backed out. Suddenly a voice yelled out.
Without hesitation Mac swung around and shot. Mrs. Hanson fell to the floor breathing heavy.
Mac yelled, ”FUCK! I SHOT THE KID’S MOM! COME ON TAYLOR!" With that he dragged Taylor out only to see Star come up the path. She stopped in her tracks with her heart skipping a beat as every second passed. Mac dragged Taylor who was nearly to the floor in tears. Star jumped on Mac but was thrown to the floor and kicked in the head causing complete darkness.
Taylor yelled out, ”MOM! OH GOD! DON’T LET HER DIE! PLEASE!"
Mac drug Taylor to the van as he struggled. Jamie grabbed a sedative and injected it into Taylor’s arm as he passed out on the ground crying.

Mean while back at the house:

Bob sat on the couch with nervousness filling his body as he watched Star stir. The boys watched as she tried to save Taylor but only suceeded in making Mac more pissed off and a nasty looking bruise on her forehead.
Bob thought, ”I wonder what they’re doing to Taylor? Probably tying him up like the last time." If Bob only knew how right he was.
Zac leaned against the wall as his hands were folded in his lap. Isaac knew he was praying but he himself was praying in mind as well for their mom to be alright and for Taylor to return safely.
Suddenly there was a phone call. Isaac with shaking hands picked it up and said, ”Hello Hanson residence."
"Hello Mister Hanson. Your mom is okay. It was a bullet wound in her left lung, but we got it out and…strangely enough once we removed the bullet it seems that the hole just closed up. We never had anything happen like this before."
Isaac smiled and replied, ”Well doctor it seems there’s always a first. When will she be able to come home?"
The doctor said, ”In about three weeks. We still have to run some tests…and she’s very weak."
Isaac replied, ”Thanks doc. I’ll get the meassage to my siblings."
The doctor said, ”Ok Isaac... I’ll keep you informed on your mom's condition."
Isaac replied, ”Thank you doctor."
Zac said, ”No need to explain. I heard every word you guys said."
Zac added, ”But what about Tay…and us?"
Isaac replied, ”All we can do for Taylor is just pray. I know for a fact they are probably tying him up or putting something in his mouth."
Zac said, ”I have a feeling the're doing that as well. I pray we're not next and I hope we see Taylor alive again."
Isaac bowed his head and replied, ”Me to Zac…me to."
The Moffatts just gazed down at Star hoping she would awake soon.

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