Times Running Out

Chapter 3 - So Long Suckers!

Jamie and Mac drove down the road to the prison where Jon and Will were waiting. Mac was a short guy with brown eyes and jet black hair, he was 28 years old. Jamie on the other hand was only 20 though he looked much older, he had light blue eyes with very long blond hair. Will was the tallest of the group reaching 6’2" with red hair, brown chocolate eyes. Will in the matter was only 25 but was committed with third degree rape, and Jon was 21, with hazel eyes, reddish, blond hair.
Mac finally reached the jail and saw it was securely guarded which made escaping nearly impossible to do.
Jamie replied in a quiet tone, ”Why don’t we go in as laundry men?"
Mac hit Jamie upside his head and said, ”Because we don’t have uniforms and plus I bet the inmates wash they’re own clothes."
Jamie nodded and pointed. Mac looked over to see two men about their height walking in with two tubs which were soon to be filled up with laundry. Mac and Jamie krept out of the van and when the two men weren’t looking they hopped into the two carts, one on the left and one on the right. The carts rolled by and was put in the inmates cell to collect they’re dirty laundry. Mac and Jamie peeked their heads out of the laundry and saw that Jon was there. Mac opened his mouth to say something but was quickly dismissed when a pair of underware landed in his mouth. Mac’s face turned a pail green as he spit the underware out.
Mac opened his mouth again to say something but again it was dismissed when a sock sailed into his mouth. Mac spit the sock out and turned a barf green realizing the sock was yellowed stained.
Jamie opened his mouth and whispered, ”Hey Jon? Long time no see."
Jon turned wide eyed and said, ”Jamie what are you doing here?"
Jamie replied, ”Breaking you and Will out. Plus Mac’s in the other cart. You sorta threw your underware in his mouth and I think a sock."
Mac stuck his thumb out to indicate Jamie was right.
Jon said, ”Sorry Mac. Didn’t mean to."
Mac looked at him and replied, ”Apologize later and get in where Jamie is, so we can get Will and get the hell out of here."
Jamie moved over and Jon got in. The laundry guy looked around but did not see anybody there. Shrugging he slid the cart into the next cell where Will was and left him to empty out his clothes. Will threw his underware and socks into the first cart where Mac was. Mac popped his head up in an attempt to avoid underware and socks in his mouth.
Mac said, ”Hey Will how are you?" Will suddenly turned around almost tipping over the cart.
Mac smiled and replied, ”It’s us we're breaking ya out. Hop in." Will hopped in the cart with Mac without a second thought. A few minutes later they found themselves moving to the end of the prison. The laundry men finally finished collecting all the clothes and returned to his truck for the lifter to get the clothes in as well as the carts. Mac, Will, Jon, Jamie dashed out of the carts and to the van. All of the kidnappers laughed as they hopped into the front of the van and sped off, happy to have gotten away with it.
Jamie looked to the back and discovered Star and Taylor just waking up.
Star opened her eyes and instantly remembered last night. She remembered looking for Taylor and then the van....THE VAN!
Star thought, "Oh no. It’s happening again! Oh no!"
Star started struggling against the duck tape and rope that held her hands and feet together.
Jamie replied, ”If I were you my sweet little Star... I would knock it off or I’ll hurt Taylor there. Got me ya little bitch?"
"Mmm!" Star yelled as she struggled some more against the ropes. Jamie got in the back and hit her across the face causing a blush on her cheek.
"Mmm!" Star retorted and even though her feet were tied she kicked them up and got Jamie right in the promised land with the shot.
"OWWWW!" Jamie cried, ”YOU LITTLE FUCKING BITCH! HOW DARE YOU KICK ME!" With that Jamie kicked her in the stomach causing her to grunt even through the blind fold. Jamie could see she didn’t even blink because she after all did have a little thing about being strong but that would soon change…for she would discover more pressure, more heart break, and more pain then she would ever have imagined.

Taylor woke up and looked around. He remembered what happened to his mother and returned to his crying, but the gag around his mouth was so tight his cry only came out as a muffle.
Jamie looked to the back and said, ”I suggest you not even go there Taylor. We are not pussy footin around this time. You cry and I shall see to it that you die right here and now along with Star and Bob."
Taylor thought, ”Bob? Star? They have them to! OH GOD IT”S HAPPENING AGAIN!"
"MMM!" Was Taylor’s response. Taylor struggled like Star did until Mac ordered Jamie to put them out.
Jamie went into the back and leaned over Star then looked back up and asked, ”Mac? Should Star be a servant again? Apparently she’s became faster and I really don’t feel like feeding the brats. Can she do it?"
Mac thought for a minute then an evil smirk spread across his face and replied, ”That would be a great idea. We can use those chains on her like we did last time. You know those body chains?"
Jamie replied” Yep I remember that’s good."
Mac said, ”But for now put them both out. Oh and when Star comes around see to it she’s dressed in that slave uniform."
"MMM!" Star replied not liking the idea of having to dress like a slut again.
Jamie smiled at the idea and said, ”Sure thing Mac." With that Jamie injected the needle gently into Star’s arm and then another into Taylor’s.
Jamie said, ”They’re out. Do I undress her now?"
Mac nodded and said, ”Yeah her slave clothes are back there."
With that Jamie undressed her and put the slave clothes on her and replied, ”Done."
Mac said, ”Good. Now what do you guys say we round up the other little brats?"
"YEAH!" Came three loud voices. Mac tore off the direction of the Hanson’s and Moffatt’s house.

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