Times Running Out

Chapter 18 - "Let the games begin!"

Star sat in the chair undecided. She looked into Tony's sad blue eyes and bit her lip in silent agony.
"Come on Star, we don't got all day." Bill sneered harshly, waiting for her answer.
She gave him an ice gold glare and lifted her chin in defiance, "No! Never you sick bastard!"
Bill's eyes opened wide in rage as he sprung toward her like nobody's business. He grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her hard, slamming her head against the back of the chair while squeezing painfully with his large hands.
"You'll tell me or one of your friends gets to feel the results of your resistance!" Bill screamed.
Tony stood off to the side wide eyed and worried at what was going on in front of him. He wanted to kill his father for what he was doing, but he knew he couldn't. This was his dad, no matter how violent.
Star groaned and finally mumbled an unintelligible reply as she slipped into the darkness of her mind.
Bill watched the girl pass out and turned to his son.
"You keep an eye on her. No funny shit, get me? I'll be back in a minute."
Tony sighed and nodded.


Bill walked into his bedroom and shut the door, hearing the lock snick into place. He glanced around his room and spotted his phone on the left side of his nightstand, near the bed but a fair distance from the window. He started his way over to it, avoiding the trunk at the base of the bed and the dresser in the corner. He reached down and dialed the number to Mac's cabin.



"Mac, who's calling?" Mac sat up in his bed after being woken up by the shrill ringing.
"Hey man, it's Bill here."
"Hiya Bill, what's the matter?" Mac knew something was wrong. Bill was never the one to just up and call you.
"Two things. I think one of yer men got gnawed on by a bear. My son shot the damn bruin after he popped his head wide open." Bill stated unemotionally.
Mac's eyebrows shot up as he jumped out of bed, yelling to Jamie and Will.
"Wha…when?? What happened??" He sputtered.
Bill sounded impatient, like he could give a damn about what happened to Jon.
"Dunno. It looked like he parked his machine over the bears hole. Woke it up, bear was pissed. Killed him. Tony killed the bear. But we got bigger problems."
Mac took a deep breath and motioned for his two remaining partners to sit, "What's that?" He wanted to know.
"We got Star and she ain't tellin us about the family's fortune." Bill whined.
"Well, how the hell do you want me to deal with it? We don't got the girl!" Mac growled.
For once, Bill sounded patient and Mac knew pain would be involved, "How expendable are those boys of yours?"
"No! We don't kill em, not yet! Hurt em, yes. Torture em, yes. No killing." Mac stated firmly into the mouth piece, watching Jamie and Will.
"Torture em then. Who're ya gonna go after?"
Mac looked thoughtful for a minute and grinned, "I think we ought to go for.. Zac. He's the youngest of em all. Let Star know and give her one more chance."
Bill smiled, "Sure thing."
Mac was about to hang up when he suddenly yelled, "Wait!"
"You got a speaker phone over there?"
"Yeah.." Bill smiled.
"Lets get that set up shall we? Call me with her choice."


"What's goin on?" Jamie asked.
Mac took a deep breath, ready to explain everything.

* Star felt the fear mount as Bill walked into the room, trailing cords and a phone, with a smile tugging at his rugged lips.
"Tony, set this up for me son."
"Yes sir." He answered meekly.
"This is what happens Star. Do it our way and your little buddy Zac remains free of harm. Or do it your way and listen to Zac squirm in pain. Which one?" Bill asked sadistically.
"Uhm…fuck off dick hole!" She screamed at him.
Bill smiled pure evil, "That's what I thought."
He picked the now fixed phone and dialed, "Yeah Mac? It's time for a Zac attack." He stated cheesily.
"Oh my god. Poor Zac...please God, let him be strong." Star started weeping silently.


Scott sat, absorbed in his own little dream land, waiting for Star to come back. Waiting for Star to be found dead. He sat thinking.
"Hurry up and wait."
He scratched his head and grimaced at the oil that coated his fingers and suddenly realized how funky everybody smelled.
He moaned, "I wanna shower!"
Echo's of, "I hear ya!" "Me too!" and, "Never said a truer word!" filled the room.
Bob scratched the stubble on his lip and grimaced, "Ick. And a shave."
"Shut up Bob, you don't got anything to shave!" Clint teased him.
"Uhm…hello, nimrod. You got that mousy little goatee goin." Bob reminded him.
"We're twins. That made no sense dumb ass." Bob retorted.
"It's called a joke Bobby, get with it."
Taylor shook his head at the bickering, but he knew it was one of the few ways to keep spirits up while waiting.
"Waiting for what!?" His mind kept screaming.
Zac stretched out sluggishly, laying his legs on Dave's stomach and sighed.
"Comfy ya little hoser?" Dave asked.
"Yup, lotsa padding on your gut Dave, thanks." Zac smiled when his legs were smacked.
"Shut up, you're bigger then me!" Dave squealed.
"Yeah well, in more ways then one." Zac giggled.
"You have the sickest, most morbid, twisted little-."
Isaac's comment was cut off as the door to their room flew open and a grinning Will stood there, holding the familiar shot gun.
"Zac. Now."
Zac tossed nervous glances around to his brothers, but decided to try and keep the atmosphere light, "Simple and straight to the point huh Will?"
Will smiled grimly and abruptly used his gun like a baseball bat, knocking Zac in the back of his knees, and sending the stunned teen to the floor.
Immediately the room became alive as the six remaining teenagers flew into a rage, but Will stopped then by simply slamming the door shut and picking up the stunned teen by the hair.
Zac's eyes bulged, "What did I do!?" He yelled in confusion, "Lemme go! Let go of my hair! Now, please!"
Will simply shook his fist full of hair, snapping head back and bringing forth a hiss of pain. Zac chose to cooperate and keep his mouth shut as they made their way down the cramped hallway and into the small living room.
"Put him there. Star sweetie, are you there?" Mac called softly, pointed to the chair in the middle of the room.
"Fuck you! I'm never gonna tell!" A small voice screamed from the coffee table.
Zac was slammed down onto the wooden appliance and closed his eyes in a brief flash of relief as his hair was released from it's death grip. He shook his head around to rid the feeling of pain and panicked when his arms were suddenly being held down on both sides by the big men and Mac was duct taping his wrists down. His breath quickened to ragged gasps and his feet suffered the same fate. Mac smiled down at him, enjoying the look of fear on the youngest Hanson's face.
"Star, one last chance sweetheart. Zac's taped down to a chair right next to me, aren't ya Zac?"
Zac refused to answer and just sat their, glaring at the men. Will grabbed a fist full of hair and yanked hard.
"Ow! Yes! Damn it, I'm here!" He screamed.
A tiny gasp came from the phone laying on the table, "Oh God Zac. I'm sorry!"
Zac just shook his head quickly and stated, "I don't care what they do to me, don't tell whatever it is- just-!" His last comment was cut short as Jamie fist connected with his stomach and he grunted loudly, holding the pain in.
The phone remained silent, except for a tiny sniffling Star.
Mac motioned for the men to continue as planned. Jamie pulled off his sweater, revealing a toned upper body masked only by a wife beater. Will followed suit and smiled grimly at the task at hand. Both men cracked their knuckles and Zac whimpered.
"Let the games begin.." Jamie commented with a sick smile spread across his face.
Zac had no time to react as a fists were slammed into his face, stomach, arms, legs, head....everywhere possible and soon his screams filled the small house and blood flowed crimson onto the hard floors, pooling up.
Star only cried, never once allowing any words to form, lest they be the words revealing her secret.


Taylor, Isaac, Scott, Clint, Dave, and Bob all pounded repeatedly on the metal door, screaming and pleading for Zac to come back. His screams sounded like those of a lost child at first, then of an animalistic nature as his brain pumped adrenaline and endorphins through his body.
Finally the screaming stopped and the six young men feared the worst as they sank to the floor in exhaustion. They stayed that way. Numb to the world except for the hope that the door would open and Zac would walk through smiling.
An hour later the door did open with Zac kneeling there, but not on his own free will.
"Stay the hell away from him until we shut the door, hear? Hear!?" Mac screamed.
"Sir.... yes, yes sir!" Taylor gasped at the sight of his bloody brother, wanting to cry.
"We’ll leave a candle and some gauze. Clean him up the best ya can." Mac stated lamely, motioning for Will and Jamie to let him in.
Zac's knees scraped along the floor, his head hanging forward. Blood dripped, intermixed with saliva, from his open mouth onto the ground, leaving a tiny trail behind. Much to Isaac and Taylor's outrage, Zac was dropped onto the floor and his head hit with an agonizing thump, but the young man only groaned.
Will lit the candle and shut the door, locking it securely.
Taylor was the first to approach the bloody body and touch him softly.
"No! Oh God, stop! Please! Star don't tell, don't tell!" His gravely voice screeched.
Taylor calmed him down, "It's Tay. Hush now, it's gonna be ok."
Isaac gulped, "Oh my God, what did they do to him?"
Zac's hand snaked up to grasp Taylor's, "Don't leave me anymore, don't let them hurt me!"
Zac burst into tears realizing it was Taylor and that he was safe.
"We won’t let them hurt you again…I promise." Taylor said, not sure himself.

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