Times Running Out

Chapter 19 - "It’s okay sweetheart I’m here."

Bill smiled at the sight of Star’s crying. He knew that Star cared very much for the boys and that she would never let anything happen to them.
"Guess I proved to the little bitch that I can do anything I want to do." Bill thought smiling.
"We’ll I’m going to bed. I’ll see you in the morning Tony." Bill said smiling at him who only nodded back. Tony just nodded and looked at Star. Bill went into his room and shut the door.
Tony let out a high sigh and turned to Star feeling sorry for her. Tony bent down to Star’s height and looked in her eyes. Star turned away from him and onto the floor. Tony petted her hair softly as she wept into his shoulder burying her face as deep as she could. Tony’s eyes filled with tears feeling the pain Star felt. He wished he could make it go away but knew he couldn’t do that.
Tony looked at her thinking, ”Oh god why do I want to kiss her so much? I love her…but does she love me?"
Star looked up at Tony and asked, ”Will Zac b-be alright? Oh god he screamed like an animal getting beaten to death. After he stopped screaming that was the worse part."
Tony looked at her in the eyes and said, ”Yes he’ll be alright. I’m sure he’s alright."
Star’s tears ran down her face as she looked into the blue eyes of a young man who lived his life in fear of his father, for what he had done to his mother.
Star said after several moments, ”Oh god Tony I’m so scared. If my hands weren’t tied down I would hug you…for I can see fear in your eyes…not of what has happened but…of your father."
Tony looked at her and replied, ”Don’t be scared. It’s okay sweetheart. I’m here for you."
Star looked at him and said, ”I know you’re here for me…but I want to be here for you."
Tony replied, ”I know you do Star…but someone has to be there for you once in awhile."
Star smiled a small smile and said, ”I do have people there for me and I’ve also got you."
Tony stood up, got a chair and pulled it to Star’s side and asked” Who have you got for a family now…now that Celion has passed away? Star shifted and said, ”Well there’s the Hanson family…but Ike, Tay, and Zac are basicly the ones who stick up for me and help when I really need help. Like when I first went to the Hanson’s house to stay. Celion had just passed away the day before that and her funeral was that night. So I felt really sick that I just wanted to die. I went out in the kitchen and sat down. Everyone was looking at me and then Taylor broke the silence by offering me some toast. Well I refused and he took me to his room and told me to lay down on the bed. So I did and he sat down beside me picking the piece of toast up and literally feeding me. I ended up eating six pieces of toast that day. It would have been seven if I hadn’t said I was getting sick…so he stopped. quiet laugh And then there’s Isaac. Isaac is just wonderful. He’s helped me get myself together, whenever I’m sad, or lonely. He’ll listen to my problems…or give me advice. So does Tay, and Zac…but not as much as Ike. And Zac…man he is great with the drums…and he’s so loving towards everybody…including me. I remember crying that night after the funeral of my sister…and I guess Zac heard me and came into my room. As soon as I knew it I was asleep. He had sang something…but I don’t remember what. All I remember is his soft voice."
Tony smiled and replied, ”Wow they sound like a very loving family. I just wish my dad were that way."
Star nodded and said, ”I know you do Tony... but some of us are luckier than others. Your father isn’t the worse dad in the world, but he can’t be the best either. Just…I don’t know. Give him a chance."
Tony looked at her and replied, ”Give him a chance? Look what he’s done to you. He keeps you tied down and makes me watch you. Of course I don’t mind watching you. I think you’re a cool girl and I love you. Oops... sorry…I-I didn’t mean for that to slip. I’m sorry."
Star just stared at him with her mouth wide open in shock. Star was speechless for the first time in her life. She hadn’t known Tony very long and he was in love with her?
Star shut her mouth and said, ”I think that’s…cool…but if you love me why won’t you let me go?"
Tony sighed and replied, ”I will…once my dad isn’t here. I know he’s going to make you tell. But tell me Star. I promise I won’t tell him."
Star sighed and said, ”I can’t tell Tony. I had already promised my dad that I would keep it secret."
Tony nodded and replied, ”I understand. Listen... I’m going to bed, but I’ll see you in the morning."
Star looked into his deep blue eyes and he looked into hers as they both inched closer together until their lips met. Tony kissed Star passionately on her lips as she did back to him. They were so caught up in the moment that they didn’t hear Bill’s door open.
Bill stood wide eyed as the two teenagers kissed.
Tony did a 180 turn and looked at his father as Bill charged into Tony knocking him on his back on the hard ground. Bill then connected his fist with his son’s jaw knocking the boy out cold. Star screamed in horror but was quickly slapped across the face which stopped the process as her head slumped down on her chest.
Bob sat on the couch and waited until Tony woke up. Six minutes later Tony aroused and so did Star.
Bill said in a calm voice to Tony, ”I don’t EVER want to see you kissing that BITCH again. Now tie her ropes tighter, gag, and blindfold her…and then get to your room. Understand?"
Tony nodded as tears of fear rolled down his face. Tony got up as Bill watched him. Star looked at him with tears rolling down her cheeks also as she desperately wanted to go home and take Tony with her, but knew that it would never happen. Tony looked at Star as he tightened her hands, arms, feet, and leg ropes. He pulled them as tight as they would allow. Star still looked into Tony’s eyes pleading silently not to do this to her. Tony took a piece of cloth and twisted it.
"Open your mouth." Tony demanded with a soft gentle voice. Star obeyed his order as the gag was put gently in her mouth when Bill’s voice interjected.
"Tony my boy? Don’t make me beat you again like I had to do last time when you didn’t obey my order. My order was as tight as the ropes and restraints would allow. Now put the gag in tightly, not loosely or do I have to beat you up?" Bill asked.
Tony shook his head no and tied the gag tightly around her mouth, as tears ran down his face. He then took one last look into her sad light blue eyes before the blindfold was put on her eyes. Tony tied it tight, but not tight enough to hurt her.
"Now for the sedative." Bill said as a smile formed on his face.
"But dad…I don’t…" Tony was cut short by his dad.
"Do it! Or do you want me injecting it into her? Cause if I do it…it won’t be gentle. So I do suggest you do it." Bill argued.
Tony sighed and replied, ”Yes dad…I’ll do it." Tony took the sedative from his dad and got it ready to inject it.
Before he injected Star with the sedative he leaned in her ear and whispered, ”I love you Shooting Star." With that he gently injected her with the sedative.
Star didn’t even cry out. She was to used to getting needles that she just didn’t feel the pain in it anymore. With the sedative injected she waited for the effects. She then started to feel light headed and then darkness over took her.
"There she’s out!" Bill stated as he looked at Tony with disgrace and shame for kissing the girl.
Bill said, ”You will be locked in your room all day tomorrow as a punishment for kissing that BITCH!"
Tony only nodded as tears once again fell from his eyes and onto the ground. Tony started walking to his room noticing Bill was following. When Tony got there he was pushed into the room as his door and a click of a lock greeted his face.
"SON OF A BITCH!" Tony yelled with all his might. Bill stood outside the door and smiled.
Bill thought, ”Now with Tony locked in his room…I can have some fun with the girl. Fun involving another member she cares about getting hurt, unless she tells me the fortune of her family. And I will get it this time."
If Bill only knew how wrong he was. Star had made a promise to her dad and that was a promise she was going to keep…even if it was to her grave or getting another person hurt. But it was a promise she wasn’t going to tell…or is she?

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