Times Running Out

Chapter 17 - Trust me Shooting Star…trust me

Star looked at the brown haired boy with much sadness finally after about an hour she said, ”Why does your father want to know about my family’s fortune? I haven’t told anybody and I’m not about to. I haven’t even told my brothers…well step the're not related to me.
Tony replied, ”I don’t know but the stories he told me about the fortune I want apart of and I shall be apart of it when you tell him…or…"
"Or what?" Star asked curiously.
Tony smiled and said, ”Or you can tell me and I’ll go after it myself. I mean you're probably going to die anyway, My dad gets mad and then he kills…even if it’s human. He doesn’t care one bit…but…you can trust me Shooting Star."
Star snorted and replied, ”Like hell I can trust you! You’re the one who tied me up. You’re the one who’s father is syco…"
Star cringed and whispered, ”Sorry Tony."
Tony nodded and said, ”It’s ok. Do you want another sip of the hot chocolate? You were after all in the snow and looked cold. Are you still cold though?"
Star replied, ”No I’ve cooled down. I’m actually hot but…could I have some water or juice?"
Tony said, ”Yeah but you should really drink hot fluids. I learned that by experience. Do you like tea?" Star nodded and turned toward the window looking at the snowflakes fall.

Ten minutes later Tony came back with hot tea in hand. He leaned down to Star’s height and gripped the cup in his hands bringing it up to Star’s lips and tipping the hot liquid down her throat. She closed her eyes at the taste. Tony tipped it back up and looked at Star.
Star leaned into the back's chair and relaxed falling asleep instantly. Tony leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He brought his hand up and put the gag back gently in her mouth so he wouldn’t wake her up.
"I’m sorry it has to be this way Shooting Star. I really am…but you can trust me with your secret of wealth." Tony thought getting back on his feet and turning the light off so Star wouldn’t be disturbed.

"So what did you find out?" Bill asked Tony in a curious tone that plainly asked 'hey where’s the fortune?'.
Tony shrugged and said, ”She won’t tell but don’t worry dad I’ll get it out of her one way or the other."
Tony then thought to himself, ”Like hell I will…not in your life dad. That is Star’s secret."
Bill smiled and replied, ”You had better my son or else we haven’t any use for her and then once we haven’t any use…then Tony…we kill her."
Tony’s heart sank as he nodded swiftly and hurried to his bedroom closing the door and laid down on his bed with tears slowly dripping down his cheeks.
"Why do I have to be in love with someone and then…they’re killed? Oh why god? Why?" Tony thought out the window before he fell asleep.
Bill sat in the kitchen trying to remember what Shooting Star was getting at.
Bill said to himself, ”I must find out what she’s hiding from us. Could it be something she has to find the richness or could she have remembered it from what her father had told her? God why is she being so stubborn? Well I’ll figure this whole situation out tomorrow. I’m going to bed." With that Bill got up and went to bed thinking on how he was going to find out Star’s secret one way or the other.


Mac paced back and forth wondering what happened to Jon.
"He’s been gone almost three and half hours now." Mac thought as he sat down. "Wonder if Jon found Star yet? Probably not. He’s so fucking dumb that I doubt he found that little bitch."
Jamie asked, ”Want me to go search for him? I mean he wouldn’t go too far from the cabin and I don’t think Star could of made it that far in this amount of time. The wind is very cold out there and is blowing hard so she would have to struggle with it just to get a mile."
Mac replied, ”No he’ll return soon and with Star. Once that bitch gets back here I’m gonna give her a beating like I never had before. And make those Hanson and Moffatt brats watch! I also know Star couldn’t have made it that far without getting caught! The main reason I don’t want you searching for them is because this is a bear infected area and if you got caught and killed we’d be one man short so…no."
Jamie nodded and sat down, while Mac paced and the other two watched.

Captives room:

Taylor had stopped shivering and then another thought crossed his mind.
"What happened to Star Guys?" Taylor said as he sat up.
"Yeah?" Six voices asked in union.
"What happened to Star?" Taylor asked with great emotion in his voice.
Isaac replied, ”Last time I heard she escaped and…OH GOD!"
What Zac asked getting scared himself on what could have happened to Star. All the guys stood up, and began to wonder themselves. It had just slipped their minds until Taylor thought of Star.
"Guys what’s going to happen? Oh god let me know will ya?"

The other part of the cabin:

Will said, ”I’m going to bed. I can’t stand it anymore! Tell me whenever Jon comes home with the bitch Ok?"
The other two nodded and stared out the window waiting and hoping.

At the cottage the next morning:

Star awoke to find Tony leaning over her.
"Good morning Shooting Star. How are you today?" Tony asked with a whisper and smile knowing that his dad didn’t get up till one or two in the afternoon.
Tony pulled the gag out after asking the question.
"I’m fine." Star replied with sadness through her voice and looked away from him onto the floor.
Tony said, ”That’s good. Now you need to eat something. What would you like?"
Star shook her head no and replied, ”I’m not very hungry…thank you."
Tony looked at her and said, ”You’ve got to eat something Shooting Star, or you’ll get sick."
Star shrugged and replied, ”I don’t care if I get sick. I don’t care if I live anymore and I don’t care if I die. Hopefully I’ll die to get my life over with. It’s been nothing but pain for me anyhow."
Tony said, ”No Shooting Star... it hasn’t been pain. When you were taken and I now pieced this together. When you were taken by Jon, Will, Jamie, and Mac they never told us that they had you. They just told my father that you had walked in on them while killing your parents and that they took you but…they never told my father where. So he assumed that they’d killed you and that was that."
"Oh... so if I were dead I wouldn’t have been in this situation anyhow. Right?" Star asked annoyed of everything he knew and yet Star knew nothing of that.
Tony stood up and said, ”I’ll get you some toast because you need to eat, and if you refuse I’ll shove it down your throat."
Star eyed him for a second and decided not to argue.
Star thought to herself, ”Oh god I hope he gets this over with. I really want to take a shower!"

5 minutes later:

Tony came back with two pieces of toast and knelt beside Star.
Star looked at him and said, ”Tony I know you don’t want to do this! Please…j-just let me go."
Tony shook his head no and brought the piece of toast to her mouth as she looked at him with sadness and bit down. Tony smiled at the sight.
"Can I take a shower after I eat?" Star asked. Tony shook his head yes and smiled at her. Tony knew every second he spent with Star, the more he was falling in love with her. Tony loved this girl and would protect her at all costs.
After Star was done eating Tony untied her and led her to the bathroom where she seen the shower and shut the door locking it securely.
Tony heard the water running and sat down patiently for her. An hour later Star came out wearing only a towel.
Star smiled at Tony when he shut his eyes.
"Oh come on... I’m not even showing anything." Star laughed.
Tony now red faced asked, ”Would you like something to wear?"
Star nodded and replied, ”Yes I would. My clothes sorta got soaked." Tony nodded and went to his mother’s room and got a red dress almost the same shade of a rose but a few shades lighter like a cherry.
He handed his mother’s dress to her and she went back into the bathroom coming out three minutes later.
Tony replied, ”Wow! You look great Shooting Star."
Star smiled a shy smile and whispered, ”Thank you Tony."
Tony nodded. The sound of silence was almost too much to bare.
Tony’s smile dropped and he said,” Come on Star we have to go back into the living room."
Star nodded and followed Tony to the living room. Star sat down in her chair as Tony once again tied her up but loosened the ropes up so she could move around a little.
Star looked at Tony and asked, ”Where’s your mother Tony?"
Tony replied, ”My mom was murdered…by my dad."
Star couldn’t believe what she had just heard.
"How was she murdered?" Star asked getting sick to her stomach.
Tony replied, ”By a 22 magnum. My dad shot my mom nine times in the stomach and three times in the head. The reason being that he suspected my mom of cheating on him, so when she got home from work he took the gun and shot her. But my dad also was drunk. The police had no evidence that he did it because he had gotten rid of the gun and her body."
Star bowed her head and whispered, ”I’m sorry Tony."
Tony nodded and replied, ”It’s ok. I’d share my feelings with you and what happened in my life if you want to know. Sorry to say I don’t have time right now."
All of the sudden a voice sounded no more than four feet away and said, ”You're right son. You don’t have time to waste talking to her." Tony stiffened up and saw his father looking at him with a smile.
"Now Shooting Star tell me your secret or…I call my accomplices to tell them to torture one of the Hanson’s or Moffatts. What’s it going to be Star? Your secret or your friends?" Bill asked with a smile on his face. Star had no choice she was going to have to make a choice between her family that meant more to her than anything or her secret she had promised to her dad…
"Times Running Out." Bill said.

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