Times Running Out

Chapter 16 - Big Mistake.

The first thing Jon felt when he left the cozy cabin was the piercing cold of the Alaska winter. The thought of wild animals never crossed his mind as he trudged to his snow machine and slammed his helmet on his head, beyond mad that the stupid girl had managed to escape once again. He jogged into the nearby shed, removing his jacket as he put a snow suit on and big white bunny boots with thick rubber soles. He slipped thick gloves over his fingers and pulled a face-mask on after removing his helmet. He replaced his head gear and started back to his snow mobile and grabbed the pull chain, giving a mighty yank. He grinned in satisfaction for a moment when he heard the scream the machine gave when he came alive. He situated himself upon the seat and started out to find the little brat who insisted on running off.
He drove around the property, checking for tracks the young lady might have left and finally found them imbedded in the snow. Slowly he drove over the tracks and followed them for three quarters of a mile until he found a little imprint in the snow that looked like a body. A larger set of tracks compared to the smaller set Star left behind were trampled around the area. It took him a moment to piece together what had happened. A man or VERY large woman had stumbled across Star. They stood looking at her for a minute then bent down and picked her up. He looked at the tracks that sank deeper into the ground from the extra weight from another body and noticed a house in the far, far distance. A mile or two up the tundra, he guessed. He gunned his snow machine as he sank into the seat and started in the direction of the little cabin, flowing over the tracks faster this time since they were easier to see. Only a minute later he arrived at the home, but drove far, far passed so he could approach the house quietly.
"Where do I park this puppy? Ohh, here we go." He thought when he saw a few stunted trees growing around a large boulder. He pressed the accelerator down on the handle bars and parked right over a large hole located a few feet from the base of the boulder. He glanced at this curiously as he shut the motor off.
"Lets do this." He thought stubbornly and started marching slowly to the house that was lined up against the horizon and slowly grew larger as he approached. He looked around cautiously for a sign of any dogs that might be used to protect the area. He smiled to himself. None what so ever.
He heard music playing softly from within the small cabin as he came within hearing distance. Through a medium sized window he spied a young man with brown hair leaning over a figure with long blond hair in a chair, offering a cup of something. What that something was Jon was unable to tell. He decided to risk detection as he stole closer and closer to the window. He set one foot in front of the other in the soft snow that came up just below his knees as the window grew larger as he grew closer. Finally he was able to duck below the outside window sill and wait to see if he was detected and like he suspected, he was not. He peered in.
Jon gasped loudly. "How in the hell did she get there!?" His mind screamed out. He wanted to race in there and bash that young man's face in and take Star back to Mac and the rest, but he restrained himself. Who knew who else could be in there or how many others there could be? So he held back, waiting...watching. He couldn't hear anything much passed the dull thump of the bass from the boy's stereo and Jon cursed to himself. He never liked being a teenager, hell, he never liked teenagers period. If it hadn't been for all the money involved with the Hanson brats and the Moffatt kids, he wouldn't be anywhere near this kidnapping. His thoughts had started to wonder when he realized the time and knew the sun would start to set in this God Forsaken area of Alaska.
"How can this place be in the same state as a city like Anchorage?" He thought to himself.
He took one more peek in the window and saw the Star and the tall brown haired boy talking, looking in an opposite direction of the window. He used this as his chance to bolt away from the side of the house and run towards his snow machine a bit of a ways back to the large boulder and the stunted trees. His eyebrows connected when he saw his machine.
"What the fuck.?" He wondered out loud.
His snow mobile was now lying on it's side.
"It's not that windy." He kept thinking out loud, knowing the wind wouldn't be able to knock his machine over. After all, it was only a small breeze.


Jon's body stiffened violently. He was alone out here....wasn't he? He didn't dare turn around when he heard something moving behind him. His mind screamed out the theory of 'fight or flight' as the adrenaline flew thickly through his veins. He didn't want to turn around and see the owner of that cabin holding a shot gun in his face, he really didn't.
"What if Star told em what we were up to?" His mind raced in the wrong direction. He heard a growl and he found himself confused.
"I coulda swore there were no dogs around here!' He risked the anger of the cabin owner and turned around.
Jon's face turned whiter then the snow as he saw the most massive animal he'd ever seen before. (Ursus arctos,) the grizzly bear. The grizzly was also called a silver tip for the silverish color that brushed along the hump above the shoulders. Some specimens on Kodiak Island, a separate part of Alaska, weigh upwards of 1800 pounds with heads large enough to crush a human skull like it was nothing more then a grape. Some bears have been recorded at being more then eleven feet long when shot and that wasn't a stretched or tanned skin, that was the actual bear.

Jon suddenly felt like he was a prey item and finally knew what the eight teenagers he'd help kidnap felt like. They were vulnerable, scared, longing for something to save them from a deadly situation. He knew that was as unlikely as for him to get out of this mess he was in. He gulped and sized up the bear's massive size. Growing up on a cattle farm like he did, he was able to guess the weight and height of an animal to within fifty pounds and was rarely over a few inches off in length. This animal had to be a male, his skull at least twenty inches wide. His shoulders were five feet off the ground when he was on all fours and he was easily nine and a half feet long and had to weigh somewhere in the area of 1200 pounds easy. This bear could take him out with a single swipe of one massive paw.
The animal's jaws opened and he starting a noisy huffing, chomping noise that warned this other animal to steer clear; he was in another's territory. His huffing grew louder by the second as Jon stood rooted to the spot watching saliva drip from the bear's mouth. The great bruin rose to his hind legs to get a better look at the puny human in front of him.
Jon cringed and started to slowly back away, but it was too late now, the bear wanted this man. He wasn't so much hungry, the man gave him a dangerous feeling in his stomach. Bruin knew that if he didn't finish this man off, he'd come back and take him out. So, Bruin decided this man was now prey and prey weren't allowed to escape. He dropped back to all fours and pretended to lose interest in his quarry. He sniffed around a bit and moved off behind the large boulder.
Jon heaved a massive sigh when the bear disappeared behind the boulder but he had no need to force himself to keep wary, the animal hadn't moved out from behind the rock yet. The frightened man caught a glimpse of golden/gray hair shift around behind the boulder, slowly moving towards him. He gasped and hoped this wasn't how his terrible life would end. He continued to move backwards at a quick pace now that the bear couldn't see him. The snow crunched below his heavy feet as he moved away.
Bruin heard his prey's foot falls moving farther away and knew that wasn't supposed to happen, not yet. He wasn't done toying with the thing yet. Ursus burst out from behind his rock and made a mad charging dash straight for the screaming human before him and merely brushed his heavy side against him, knocking the man to the ground at a dizzying speed.
Jon lost continence as the great beast charged at him from beyond the boulder.
"OH MY GOD!" He screamed. The bear rammed his side into the earth and spun him around.
Ursus looked up at the small thing he'd just caused to fall. He cocked his head and sniffed the air. Urine. His mind grew insanely angry at the smell. Only male bears challenging for territory would dare to do something like that. This was no longer prey, but enemy!
Jon was too terrified to notice he'd messed himself as the bear puffed his shoulders up and started chomping as he did before, only louder and more menacing. He slammed his large paws in the snow, causing frozen pieces of dirt to sail around through the air. Jon covered his head as a piece flew his way, he lowered his arm and decided to try and stand. Once up right, he heard the slamming of the paws again and didn't have time to react as a piece sailed right into his front teeth and mouth.
"Aww, fuck! You God damned bear! You're so fucking dead, Jesus! Fuck!" He screamed, putting his hands over his mouth to stem the bleeding.
Bruin cocked his head. The sound the animal made confused him. That wasn't another male bear. Blood! Blood permeated the air and Ursus grew excited. He couldn't hold back any longer, this animal was threatening his stature. He slammed his paw into the ground and gave off one more final warning chomp as he began walking sideways, to make himself look larger, at his enemy.
"Oh god....no no no, git! Go on, shoo! Get outta here! Go on bear! Go on, get the hell away! Go!" Jon yelled, waving his arms in the air. The bear didn't stop.
Jon could no longer hold off the urgent messages his brain was sending his legs and he took off running like Hell's doors were opening behind him.
Ursus grunted in surprise and tore after the pitifully slow creature. He caught up easily and slapped it's legs out from beneath it and heard it cry out.
"Ahhhh! Noooooo! Oof!" He hit the ground hard as Ursus came to rest a few feet beyond him, but he swung around and grabbed Jon's leg in his mouth in a vice like grip.
The big animal clamped his jaws down and lifted the terrified man away from the earth and started shaking him violently, like a giant chew toy. Jon felt the canines sink into his lower leg but bit back the scream that nearly flew out of his mouth. The scream came out for a split second as a crunch announced a broken leg, but the noise cut off as the man was pounded into the ground mercilessly.
Bruin then moved to the man's arms and began biting them through and through. Jon still wasn't able to vocalize since he had the wind knocked out of him from hitting the earth so hard. He pulled his arms over his face for protection and awaited death or for the bear to leave. Ursus flipped the tense man over and started clawing at his back, digging his long polished nails deep into his flesh. Jon still wouldn't move. The bear started slowly making its way up Jon's back with mouth and claws as Jon instinctively crossed his hands over his neck in protection. Bruin didn't give the man permission to cover up the sensitive spot and he let his anger show by chewing his way down the man's left side, down to his hips and back up to his under arms.
Jon couldn't feel the teeth sinking in any longer. It seemed as though adrenaline ran thicker then blood in his veins and all feeling had vanished. He could hear the bear moving up and down his body. He could feel the grinding sensation against his hip bone as Bruin's teeth scraped against it. He felt the hot breath against his cheek on occasion and shuddered, wondering when this ordeal would end.
Bruin soon grew tired of a prey that wouldn't squirm or try and move away. He bit down once more on the man's hip and pulled away a few feet to watch and see what happened. Nothing.
Jon could hear the panting of the bear nearby, but dare not move. Soon the sound vanished and he thankfully lifted his head to see where it had wondered off to.
Big mistake.
Ursus saw his quarry lived and pounced on him immediately. He clamped his jaws on his leg once more and bit clean through this time. Jon felt this and let out a blood curdling scream and Bruin's ears rang from the sound. Ursus didn't like the ringing so he knew how to stop it. With a skull more then twenty inches wide, he was well able to fit the man's head in his jaws.
Jon froze, but continued to scream, as the bear's hot breath met his cold cheeks. He saw the mouth open and felt his terror mount. Ursus slid his lower jaw under the man's face and over the top of his head and with the simple process of closing his jaws, he ended the man's useless struggles.

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