Times Running Out

Chapter 15 - "Tell me what your hiding."

Star awoke with a start looking around the room.
"Where am I?" She asked herself. Star felt alarmed when she felt her hands and feet tied down to a chair.
"MMM!" She groaned and tugged a little at the ropes that held her down.
"We'll have none of that Miss. Star…it is for your own good." Tony said sitting on a red rocking chair. Star looked to see a brown headed boy with light blue eyes looking at her with a warning look.
Tony’s hair was short with light blue eyes sparkling. He had a strong voice and a warning look that would scare the toughest man. Tony was the same age as Star, sixteen years old, soon to be seventeen on December 8, 2000. That was just around the corner of next month.
Tony said, ”In case it’s any of your concern... my name is Tony, son of Bill Hann, and you must be Shooting Star, son of Anthony Nicolas Nicole, born to Amy Nicolas Nicole, and sister to Celion Nicolas Nicole, who has recently passed away. I know a-lot about you Shooting Star. Probably more than you know yourself."
Star’s eyes filled with tears as she turned away trying to forget everything that she had just heard from a smart ass boy, who thinks he’s so special.
Bill yelled from the basement, ”Hey Tony! I found some pliers! Care to do the honors?"
"Sure!" Tony yelled back down.
Bill came back with some pliers and said, ”Now Shooting Star... were going to cut the chain from around your mouth and I want you to be a nice little girl and answer some questions…alright?"
Star shook her head yes and looked at Tony as he gently slid the pliers under in between the chain and cut. The chain fell right off.
Tony took the gag from out of her mouth as she coughed but didn’t dare speak. Tony went to the kitchen and brought some cold water and poured it down her throat.
She took in deep breaths and said, ”Thank you but…will you untie me?"
"It depends…" Bill replied with a smile.
"Depends on what?" Star asked curiously.
"Depends on weather you will answer the question or not." Bill answered.
"What’s the question?" Star asked.
Bill said, ”Well Star... here’s the question. And you’d better answer it or that gag goes back on till you do. Got me?"
Star nodded.
"Alright... now a long time ago, I don’t know if you would remember, but your father shared a secret with you that he wouldn’t tell your sister or your mother. He said the secret would be between you and him. A secret involving wealth and richness…Shooting Star…what is the secret of richness and wealth?"
Star stared off into space going back to the day where her father told her the secret of the family. And how she was to obtain the honor of the family.


"STAR! Come down here for a minute. I’d like to talk with you!" Came Star’s father’s voice.
A ten year old Star wonders down to the basement confused of what her father wants.
"Yes daddy?" Asked Star.
Anthony replied, ”Star sweetheart? I need you to keep a secret and to promise me this will never get out. And that your mother or sister will never find out about this. Promise me Star…I need you to!"
"I promise daddy…but what is it that you need me to be kept secret…is it bad?"
Her father smiled and replied, ”No my daughter, it isn’t bad. It contains wealth and richness. My daughter you have a special talent in you and so has Celion, but she may never know. From the day my father was born we have kept it a secret. It is the secret of trade…my daughter. I trade stuff to get gold. It’s very difficult for you to understand I know, but please believe me when I say it’s secret. Here is the gold... right here that I receive from trade ports. And it’s hidden inside the wall of our home. My daughter, it is located right in your room inside the walls. But I have the gold hidden all over. Now to give you something that I never thought I’d part with…it’s our photo album with a map inside. But you will understand someday of what I’m saying, but for now…go play with your sister and remember to tell no one…understood?"
"Yes daddy. I understand." Star replied and trotted off to find Celion.

Flashback ends:

Star looked at Bill and asked, ”How did you know he was talking to me?"
"Simple," Bill replied, ”I was a sales person at the time. And well... I was walking across your drive way, but then I heard you and your father talking about richness and wealth. But it was a whispered conversation after that so I couldn’t hear. Now what did your father mean of rich and wealth?"
Star said, ”It’s a secret. I will never tell…for my family’s sake…and my own."
Bill replied, ”Fine. Have it your way. But until you answer the question you will remained tied and gagged."
With that he but the gag back on and walked away but before he left the room he turned and said, ”If you don’t answer that question in three days I’ll call my accomplices and tell them to torture one of your friends. Most likely Taylor, because he is soooo afraid of darkness."
Star glared at Bill as he walked out but knew never to tell the secret.
Star thought, ”I’ll always keep the secret…even if it’s to my grave."
Tony stared at Star and thought, ”She is so beautiful. But I have orders to remain strong and I shall not let this interfere with my dad’s plans."


Jon put on his coat and walked to the door.
"Where are you going?" A confused Mac asked.
"To find Star. Hopefully when I find her…or if I find her, I’ll bring her back. She’s are fucking servant and she needs to fucking listen or the boys will suffer."
Mac replied, ”Calm down. We'll find her. Don’t worry."
Jon looked at Mac and said, ”I’ll be back soon. Probably in an hour or so... see you then." With that Jon shut the door behind him.
But what Mac or the others didn’t know that Jon would not be coming back…at least not alive…

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