Times Running Out

Chapter 14 - "The cell's not gonna last much longer."

Bob sat on the floor tapping the cell phone against his leg, hoping that the battery would just come back on for a moment. And it had a few times, the little green light on the edge of the phone lit up, stayed lit for a moment, then petered out. The young men were all feeling edgy and frustrated being back in the position of captives again. Bob looked up and couldn't help but grin at Isaac and Scott's conversation. Those two only lived for two things: Guitars and girls. Well, three if you counted their families.

"So, would she be blond holding a slate gray guitar or what?" Scott asked quietly, pressing his hand against his growling stomach.
Isaac pondered this question for a moment, "I dunno. I don't care about hair color really, it's all cool there. But a slate gray? What are you on and where can I get some?"
"Shut up man, if you add glitter and stuff to it, it looks killer. I have one like it."
"Well then tell me all the details Gomer." Isaac grinned.
"Yeah, ya freak." Bob added.
"Bob....?" Scott questioned sweetly.
"Yes Scotty?"
"Shut the hell up, I wasn't talking to you."
Zac's head shot up, "Would you guys not cuss please? It's immature."
"PMS....ya gotta love it." Clint elbowed Taylor in the ribs, who giggled.

Zac shook his head softly and began humming an off key rendition of Weird. Bob smiled when Taylor and Isaac's shadows moved through the darkness to Zac and joined him. No invitation was cast from the three brothers and Bob didn't feel the slightest bit miffed, he understood the need for a brotherly moment.

Scott, Dave, and Clint were obviously of the same mind set as they smiled crookedly at the scene. Bob wanted to join them badly, but knew not to. The softly sung song was coming to an end when the shrill ring of a certain cell phone echoed through the small room.

"Shit, Bob, answer it!" Dave screeched, crawling towards him.
It took the drummer a moment to find the 'Send' button, but he managed to navigate the small appliance and hit it.
"He-Hello?" He whispered softly.
"Bob sweety! Oh my god it's you! Where are you hun?" Diana wailed into the phone.
"I think we're in Alaska, did you get that? Yeah, Alaska. We don't know where, it's cold....and yeah, duh I know everywhere's cold up here." He stopped talking for a minute and sat nodding his head and saying "uh huh" every few seconds.
"Listen, the cell's not gonna last for much longer, it's almost dead. Tell everyone we love them k? And," Bob started, but the phone began it's warning beep that the battery would soon die, "Pray for us! We love you!"
"We lo-." Diana's voice was cut off.
Bob closed his eyes and sighed deeply, feeling the tears seep over his lids when the connection to the boy's saviors was cut off. He couldn't stand being kidnapped again, he really couldn't.

Dave contemplated whether or not he should comfort Bob, but decided against it when Isaac came forward and wrapped his arms around the trembling teen's shoulders.
"That's weird. Ike's never done that sorta thing before."
Scott, Clint, and Zac began to move in their general direction and Dave would have joined them, had he not heard Taylor's hurried breathing.
"Oh man.not now!" Dave wailed in his mind. He got on his hands and knees and followed the sound of Taylor's hiccups and felt his hand connect with Taylor's leg. He reached up to his friend's shoulders and gave him a comforting hug in hopes of lifting his spirits and calming him down. Taylor's breath only quickened fiercely at the sign of affection from the young man he was so close to and that set him off totally into a panic attack, or as near as one as he'd ever had.

Taylor's breathing became labored and, although nobody could tell, his lips were turning blue from the oxygen intake. Taylor was terrified of the feeling, it'd never been this bad before and he was starting to feel light headed. He clung to Dave's thinner form, almost painfully, and squeezed as hard as he could to try and orient himself. Taylor was unaware of doing so and worse, he wasn't hearing Dave's whimpering.
"Tay..Tay please, let go! TAYLOR! PLEASE!" Dave yelled, "Guys, get him....ohhh get him off me!" Dave started moaning in discomfort.
"No, please don't leave me alone. Not in the dark please don't....please don't, please don't, please Dave don't leave." Taylor murmured over and over, clinging even tighter the Dave's shoulders as tears of silent pain slid down his thoroughly red cheeks.
"I'm not Tay. Don't worry. I'm staying here with ya buddy. Just calm down... breath slower man." Dave cooed as the other five teen musicians gathered around him, rubbing Taylor's back in comfort.
"I'm gonna....God, I'm gonna die. I can't take this!" He wailed.
"Not till your eighteen buddy." Clint slid in a comment.
Taylor's eyebrows connected in a dazed confusion, "Huh?"
"You can't die, not till you're eighteen." He repeated.
"That's not nice....it's mean." Taylor stated like a four year old.
"It was a joke Taylor. It's alright. Breath slower, keep talkin to us ok?" Isaac removed the hands of the three remaining Moffatt brothers and began rubbing his hands against his little brother's back vigorously.
"Please Tay, calm down for us. Don't pass out on us, alright?" Isaac coaxed.
"Ike, it'd probably be better if he did... dontcha think?" Zac interjected.
"Yeah I guess, but it's pointless to just let him. I mean, let's just calm him down or something." Isaac stammered, flustered by his lack of knowledge about what to do.
"Stop talking about me like I'm not here!" Taylor yelled huffily.
Zac's eyes gleamed in the darkness, "Hey Bob, idea. Get over here."
Bob crawled around Clint and Isaac's bodies to reach his fellow drummer, "Yo?"
"Did you see what I saw?" Zac asked quickly.
"He like, stopped freaking out when we argued with him. Yes, no?"
"Yeah, try it. Nothin else is gonna work." Bob agreed.
"Ok, tell Ike and Dave. I'll get Scott and Clint."
"Nice job girl." Bob patted Zac on the back before scooting off speedily to avoid the smack he felt sure to come.
Zac giggled and approached who he thought was Clint, "Clint?"
Zac did a one-eighty and frowned when he heard the voice of the oldest triplet behind him.
"I need a flash light and a gun. Definitely!"
"Ok." And Zac started on the mystical mission to find Clinton Thomas John Moffatt.
"Wsup man?" Clint wanted to know.
"Look, we gotta get Tay mad at us. He'll yell and he'll stop breathing so fast. Just do it." Zac moved to Scott and delivered the same mission.

A few minutes later, all that could be heard was Taylor's hurried breathing as Zac sat in heavy thought about what to argue about. No mamma jokes, they shared the same mother. Nothing about being a sissy in the band Hanson, they were in the same band. What to say ...what to say!? The 'Taylor you look like a 'girl' couldn't apply either. He cut his hair. Zac's thoughts lit up slightly and he nodded gravely.
He whispered, "Tell him he's being a baby. He thinks he's all big and bad."
"What!?" Isaac yelped.
"He'll fight back, you know it. Just get him to yell!"
"Please Ike, he's killing my arm!" Dave whined.
Isaac was about to answer when a ripping sound could be heard.
"Ah man, Tay! You ripped my damn shirt!" Dave complained, "You're really being stupid and babyish. God grow up!"
Taylor sounded hurt when he answered back, "Shut up! I can't help it you guys." The fear started draining from his voice as offence started to take its place.
"Yeah Tay, mature a little man. You don't see us freakin out... do ya?" Bob stated seriously, but with a large grin hidden in the dark of the room.
"You guys don't understand though! It hurts to feel like this." His breathing slowed considerably as he grew angrier. He realized the death grip he had on Dave's shirt and he frowned, letting go.
"Finally!" Dave's breath exploded as he yanked his arm away, massaging his numb appendage.
"Sorry Dave." Taylor giggled a bit, "Bob?"
"Uh huh?"
"Did mom sound ok when you talked to her?" Tears slid down Taylor's cheeks, but he remained calm.
"Yeah, I'd about imagine she left the hospital awhile ago. You did call the house didn't you?"
"Well, we know she's well enough to be home don't we?"
"I guess. I'm sorry guys, I'm tired." He started to turn to burrow into the blankets when he said, "Don't leave me alone, please?"
Dave was amazed at how pitiful he sounded as he laid down next to the scared young man, wrapping his arms around the shiverin boy.

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