Times Running Out

Chapter 13 - "Taylor you idiot!"

Bob, Scott, Clint, and Dave were taken back to there rooms where the candle was quickly blown out and taken out of the boys room. Scott laid down on the floor and closed his eyes only to be awaken again by Taylor.
"What is it Tay? I’m tired." Scott wined through clenched teeth hoping Taylor would take the message and go away.
Taylor whispered, ”I forgot I had this..." As he said this he revealed a cell phone in his pocket.
Scott said, ”Taylor... you dumb ass. If you get caught with it then it’s curtains for all of us!"
Taylor replied, ”They never checked me and I forgot I was carrying it until now. Do you think it will work from up here? I mean this phone has long distance on it but what do you think?"
Scott said, ”I think we should try for our sake and for Star’s sake. Man what did that girl do to get herself tied up like that?"
Taylor replied, ”Remember protecting you?"
Scott then said, ”She was also gagged. Not just tied up and she had a chain in her mouth that held the gag in. Man I wish those assholes would make up there fucking mind on what they’re going to do with us!"
Taylor nodded and turned on his cell phone and dialed his number.

At the Hanson’s house:

Ring, ring, ring... The telephone screamed through out the house.
"Hello?" Ms. Hanson answered with great sadness through her voice.
"Mom... it’s me Taylor…"
"Taylor sweet heart... are you all right?"
Taylor replied, ”Yes mom. We're fine. Listen... are exact location is in Alas… Oh god! Someone’s coming! I got to go! Love you always."
With that Taylor clicked off the cell phone and hid it in his pocket, just as the door opened.
Mac replied, ”Here’s some water. I’m going to bed. See you in the morning…maybe... if you girls don’t freeze to death first." With that Mac sat the water down and locked the door.
Zac asked, ”Tay? Did you get a hold of our parents?" Taylor nodded as a slight smile spread across his lips, but it quickly turned back into a frown. "I only got to say our location is and then started to say Alaska. But it only came out Alas…then he came in. But we’ll be found don’t worry guys. We’ll be found."
Zac nodded and laid back down but before he did he said, ”Tay just make sure you're not caught with it, because if you're caught…who knows what they’ll do to you."
Taylor nodded and continued to ponder. He then picked his cell phone up again and tried dialing the numbers, but the battery went dead just as he got a dial tone.
"Fuck!" He said annoyed that he couldn’t get through and that the battery was dead.
Zac replied, ”Taylor? Watch your language. I don’t think mom wants to see you cuss and I’m not in much of a mood for it either. So just go to sleep. We’ll figure it out in the morning. K?"
Taylor said, ”Yeah Zac... okay. Good night guys."
"Good Night!" Came six harmonized voices.
Taylor laid down where Star had been laying and fell right to sleep. Everyone soon followed but the sleep would be restless, for no one would have a thought or dream that they would get out of this. No one…or would they?

Mac’s room:

Star looked at the sleeping Mac and thought, ”I must escape! They can’t do this. No not again! Not all the pain I suffered, not all the strive I had to deal with, not the very life I was given. Oh god why me?…why me?"
Star closed her eyes relaxing her hands trying to get some slack in the rope. She felt a lose spot in the middle of the rope as she tugged gently. The rope grew looser as she slid her hands out of them. Star smiled to herself and bent down and untied her feet. She then tried yanking the chain out but it was to securely locked.
"Thank god it’s lose." Star thought to herself and slowly stood up. She crept to Mac’s door and opened it slightly making sure the other jackasses weren’t outside ready to pounce. No one was there. All she had seen was darkness so she crept down the hall and saw the front door. She made her way to the front door turned and thought, ”My prayers are with you guys…and don’t worry. I shall not return without help." With that she opened the door.
A gust of wind blew against Star’s fragile body making her shiver. The wind was as strong as any other she had ever felt. She fought against the wind and soon felt her body grow numb, but she knew she must keep going. Star walked for another hour. In the past hour she made it only one mile. Her legs gave out from underneath her as she fell.
"AAAHHH!" She cried out in frustration and anger realizing she could not get back up. But her cry was only a muffled one.
She soon felt her whole body grow numb as she fell to the ground. She almost blacked out fighting hard to stay awake, but before she lost all thought, the last image she saw was a brown headed boy looking down at her and then darkness.
The brown headed boy said, ”Oh god! What happened to her? Maybe dad will know. He is after all the one who scheduled the whole kidnapping plot with Hanson, and the Moffatts. Could this be who I think it is?"
Tony picked Star up and carried her to his house which was another mile up the rode.

Tony’s house:

Tony walked in the house and yelled, ”DAD!? Come here! It’s important!"
Tony’s dad came in and gasped at the site in front of him.
"That’s…that’s Star! Anthony Nicolas Nicole’s daughter, Shooting Star Louisa Nicole…but…she’s still alive!"
Tony backed up and asked, ”You would kill only a child…wouldn’t you dad?"
Bill replied, ”No my men said that they killed the parents, but said Star had walked in on them and then they took her, but they didn’t say where."
Tony said, ”Dad what do we do with her?"
Bill replied, ”Simple. Find some rope and tie her down to a chair near the fire…simple as that. She is the key in helping me get my fortune and those jackasses I’d like to call partners. We’ll be out in the cold shall I dare say…because she knows the fortune of her family and the jackass squad don’t."
Tony asked, ”Can I lay her in front of the fire instead of tying her?"
Bill replied, ”No! Tie her up and when she wakes up offer her some water and then I’ll do the rest of the talking. But how will she talk with that gag in her mouth?"
Tony said, ”Beats me. I don’t know. We haven’t anything to cut it with either…so I don’t know."
Bill replied, ”I’ll find something. But for now tie her up."
Tony did as he was told and looked sadly down at the girl. Tony could feel himself falling in love with her, but knew to stay distant from her, for he may spoil his father’s plans. Tony got a blanket and put it gently on her and sat down watching her breathing pattern.

The cottage:

Mac woke up and said, ”Good morning Sta…" He then turned and saw that she was gone.

In the captives room:

Taylor woke with a start and his first thought was, ”Oh god what happened to Star?"

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