Times Running Out

Chapter 12 - "Shut UP!"

Five Minutes Previous

"What're they doin to em? What's gonna happen this time?" Dave whimpered into the darkness, clutching Scott's shirt front in his hands.
"For the thousandth time Davey, we don't know." Bob murmured gently to his younger by three minutes brother.
"I'm glad they got Tay outta here before he yarked all over again ya know?" Clint asked jokingly.
"Uh huh, I was about to join him too." Scott rubbed at his stomach lightly.
Bob automatically became concerned, "Are you sick?"
Even though Bob couldn't see it, Scott rolled his eyes and flipped him off, "No nimrod I was joking. But I coulda seeing how all the sound effects Tay added weren't helping to calm me down at all. Or my stomach for that matter." He was smiling now.
Bob knew he'd been given the bird just by the sound of Scott's voice, but he chose to ignore it for the time being.
"Seriously though, what'd y'all think's goin on up there?" Dave asked.
"God, who knows? I mean for all we know they could be tossing em out the door and feedin em to the bears." Scott waved his hand indifferently in the air.
"Bears..they got bears here?" Clint stammered.
Scott was fast losing patience on his ill witted siblings, "Yes smart one. This is Alaska, the home of more bears then anywhere else." He snapped as if he were talking to a toddler, not a teen.
Bob could tell Scott was moments away from exploding, so he pulled the attention his way.
"They're probably doin the camera thing again, send the tapes down to Tulsa like last time.
"Shit! God fucking damnit! Why the hell are they doin this all over again?" Scott jumped up and hissed.
The triplets, all startled by Scott's outburst, huddled into a frightened mass in the middle of the room. Scott was about to apologize when the door to the room suddenly flew open, smacking Scott in the middle of the back and sending him sprawling to the floor. He grimaced and looked up, seeing Taylor's white face among others in the doorway.
"Sorry?" Scott squeaked when he saw Jamie's face.
The man paused for a moment, staring at the teenager laying on the ground in front of him before grabbing him by the neck and hoisting him up to his feet, "You three, come on." He motioned to the door.
He led the oldest Moffatt out of the room by the neck, a small dagger pressed against he front of his throat and told the triplets of the knife's position, to frighten them into listening.
They entered a medium-large bedroom and gasped audibly.
"Poor Star, what the hell did she do now!?" Dave's mind hissed.
Nobody said a word as Dave assumed a spot on the right arm of the chair, Clint taking the left with Bob and Scott squeezing around the back of it. Star was gagged with a padlocked chain and securely fastened to the seat she was sitting on.
"Now, just look into the camera and smile for daddy." Mac coaxed.
"What a load a shit, eh Bob?" Scott leaned in to whisper into the middle triplet's ear, who shot him a horrified look.
He whispered back fiercely but quietly, "Shut the hell up dip shit, you're gonna get us killed!" Scott blushed and looked to the camera.
"Are we done ladies?" Mac tapped his foot impatiently.
"Yes sir." Bob answered, kicking Scott's shin for not saying anything.
Mac continued to mess around with the various buttons on the camera as he gave instructions to what they were to say, "Ok, say whatever ya want except for the location. If you do, I'm afraid somebody loses fingers and I know all four y'all need your fingers to play in your sissy band, so no slip ups!"
"No shit Sherlock." Dave growled.
Mac looked Jamie in the eye and Jamie nodded. He strode up to the youngest Moffatt and pulled his hand back. Dave responded by lifting his head and bracing for the impact he knew would come. Unexpectedly Jamie lunged out at Clint and hit him instead. The oldest triplet cried out in surprise in pain as he fell to the floor with an audible 'thud!' on impact.
"Wha.?" Clint shook his head in confusion and felt something flow down his cheek. He reached up to see what it was and found that it was located at the source of his pain. Clint paused for a moment before pulling his hand back. Blood.
Jamie turned on his heel and marched back to the camera, making a big show of turning his ring around so it was facing the correct direction. Scott shook his head from side to side, balling his hands into fists to keep from smashing Jamie's gloating smile into his throat. Bob had reached down to offer a helping hand to Clint, who numbly accepted it; he still didn't comprehend what had just gone down.
"As I was saying before some dumb shit kid opened his mouth, nobody says where we are. You're gonna sing another song for your parents and make it a sad one." Mac said.
Bob lost his focus on Mac's droning as he remembered the song Isaac was humming earlier and knew that it fit the bill to a 'T'.
"..and Star's not gonna say a thing, she already sung a song she CLAIMS she wrote. Nobody mentions what's gone on so far, get me?"
Nobody said a word for a minute and Dave hurriedly said, "We get you sir." In a quiet voice.
"Good! Lets get this kiddy show on the road!"
The camera gave off a small whirring sound as record was hit and this cued the boys to begin.
Scott, Clint, Dave, and Bob all looked at each other for a minute, trying to decide what to say.
"SAY SOMETHING DAMNIT ALL!" Will roared, causing all four of them to jump back.
Bob gulped and ran his hand through his longish highlighted hair and began, "Mom, dad, Sheila. God..what do you say in a time like this? I mean 'I love you' is the first thing to come to mind. "I wanna come home" comes in second. But this all has no meaning because we don't know if it'll happen. If we'll come home. I mean, duh, you know we love you, we always have and always will. But we're all confused as to why this is happening again, we're never told anything. We know where we are but we can't tell you and we're really sorry we can't." Bob paused and looked off camera, "If we do somebody loses fingers and ya know that means we can't play instruments anymore. But just remember, this drummer loves his family like nothing else and we miss you all. Pray for us and keep us in your dreams. Uhm....hiya Mr. and Mrs. Hanson, we love you too." Bob finished hesitantly.
Scott's eyes were wide at what Bob said and missed half of what Dave was saying.
"....Pray for us and keep our rooms clean, you know we'll be home soon." Dave stated unconvincingly, tears strolling down his cheeks.
"Dad, mom, Sheila....I think Bob summed it up. We just love you guys and hope you'll come get us soon. Pray for us." Scott smiled reassuringly at the camera.
"Guys, I love you three like nobody's business. Like Scott said, Bob summed it all up pretty much. Just, pray for us and keep us in your hearts if we don't pull through this time." Clint's voice wavered as he finished speaking.
"We're gonna sing one more time for you guys, incase you don't get to hear us again and all..uhm, guys what're we gonna sing?" Dave whispered.
Scott opened his mouth to suggest singing 'Frustrations' again when Bob blurted out:
"Destiny. It's the only song that fits." He raised his chin in defiance, daring his brothers to object. None did of course.
"Guys, keep pace and sing along with me the whole way through." Scott stated quietly.

Desperate and scared/
I search through my past/
Asking myself why nothing seems to last./
And this road that I travel wasn't cast in stone./
Did I make the choice as to where that I might roll?/

I shelter my fears from the unknown each day/
I search for a light to guide my way/
and this road I travel wasn't up to me/
Did I make the choice, or was it destiny?/

The boys' voices rose and sank in complete harmony, blending as they never could in the studio. Bob kept rhythm by slapping his hands against his thighs as the other three singing young men snapped their fingers to keep pace. The first two versus were the most powerful but the following three didn't lack in smoothness and grace as Scott's voice finished the last line of the painfully long song.
Bob, dubbed the unofficial spokesman of the evening, said one final thing, "We love you. Don't forget it." Tears cascaded down his cheeks.
"Take em back to their room, blow that damn candle out too." Mac snarled with much venom, hitting the 'stop' button.

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