Times Running Out

Chapter 11 - The plan of guineses or Jackasses?

Mac dragged Star down the hall and to his room once he had gotten there he tied Star up in a chair and said, ”Now perhaps you won’t be so daring now that you are tied up." Star laid with her head lumped in her chest.
Mac just looked at her and said, "You my dearest Star play a large part in my plan and I shall see to it that you follow. Somehow you must follow us…but this time I shall not kill you. No because if I did the plans would be ruined and I shall not have that."
With that Mac climbed into his bed and turned out the light and then turned the light on again and yelled, ”I HAVE AN IDEA! JON, JAMIE, WILL?! GET IN HERE! I HAVE A PLAN!"
Jon, Will, and Jamie ran into the room and said in unison, "WHAT!?
Mac replied, ”You know how we used cameras the last time to let the boys communitcate with their parents?" The three other captors nodded. Mac continued, "Well I think we should let the boys talk to their parents on the phone and on the camera."
The three captors smiled and said at the same time, "Yeah!"
Mac replied, ”I think Star should do it also since she is after all their step sister." The three captors nodded and looked at the girl who still hasn’t woken up.
Mac ordered, ”Jamie you set up the camera and film it on Star. That is when she wakes up and then bring the Hanson brats out and have them stand near Star." The three captors nodded and started to follow Mac’s orders.
Soon everything was set up and it was now time to record the first tape that would be delivered to the Hanson’s house along with the Moffatt tape with Star as well.

Star woke up from her now blurred mind and saw a camera pointing at her.
"What the fuck!?" She thought to herself. Mac entered the room smiling a mile wide and discovered that Star had woken up. Star looked at him as tears fell from her eyes once again.
Mac smiled wider and said, ”Now, now Star there is no need to be afraid of me. I ain’t gonna kill ya because we sorta need you. You see you play a big part in our little plan. I won’t tell you right now because you don’t need to know right now. But when it’s time for you to know I guarantee you’ll be the first to know."
"What’s the camera for?" Star asked Mac in a disrespectful tone of voice.
Mac replied, ”You Shooting Star are gonna be sending a tape to your parents. But you will not have a script…and you we’ll also be talking to your parents to. Well step parents anyhow."
Star looked at him and said, ”Do what ever you want with me but I beg you don’t harm the boys."
Mac laughed and replied, ”Well tell you what? You do everything I say and I won’t hurt them. Okay?"
Star nodded and said, ”Yes Mac. I understand now. What do you want me to say to the camera?"
Mac replied, ”I want you to sing and I want you to tell them what your feeling right now. Then I’m going to have Taylor and them come out and you guys can work on what your going to say. And this time we’ll only be taping you because we really don’t need our voices to be heard."
Star asked, ”And when will all this come into place?"
Mac answered, ”Right now."
Just as Mac said that Will had brought out Isaac, Taylor, and Zac. The three boys were ordered over by Star.
Mac untied her and said, ”Can’t have you tied up when were filming." Star stood up and stood beside Taylor. Star felt extremely close to Taylor. More than any other Hanson, besides Mrs and Mr. Hanson.
Jamie set the camera on a tripod and pressed record. He then nodded his head for her to begin.
Star said, ”Hi to everyone that’s watching this. I have been told to tell you that the kidnappers are not fooling around this time and will not hesitate to kill one of the Moffatts, me…or the Hanson brothers. I know by now that I am not the best in the world to have had a life like this and I know that it is hard on you to just watch us on this tape and feel helpless. That you cannot do anything about it…but don’t worry I shall see to it that they are returned safely and unharmed as well as I. If I’m lucky... but have no worries. I don’t know if you guys know this or not but I’ve been working on a song called 'WHY HAVE WE TO LOSE NOW THAT WE’VE LOST THE BATTLE'. It’s basicly what’s been happening over the last few months and the captors said I have to sing. And I guess this is as good song as any to sing when you're in a situation like this." With that Star started to sing the lyrics to the song…

"Should I survive through the night,
promise me you’ll be waiting till I come to you again.
What have I got to lose for now that we’ve lost the battle but we will win the war,
what have we lost besides our freedom,
can we ever know the real reason that our lives turned out this way for we have always been apart of life we never understood.
Can’t you see we will win the war for now that we’ve lost the battle of our souls but not our faith and not lives and not our minds,
You we’ll see we will return safely to your arms again but for now we have a war to win."

Taylor, Isaac, and Zac looked at her with amazement and wonder.
Star smiled and said, ”I’m done talking. You guys can talk now."
Taylor turned his gaze towards the camera and said, ”We will win the war like she said and described in the song. We’ll make sure of it."
Isaac picked up from Taylor’s sentence and replied, ”Hi mom, dad? Listen... I hope everything is okay at home. We miss you and hope to see you as soon as the jackass squad let us free. But the price on our heads is still ten million."
Zac picked up from Isaac and said, ”Mom, Dad? We love and we’ll be praying for you guys and don’t worry about us. We’ll be fine."
Taylor, Isaac, Zac, and Star said in perfect unison, ”We love you. Please don’t forget and pray for us."
Jamie shut off the camera and said, ”In a few days you’ll be able to talk to your parents over the phone and now back to your rooms. The Moffatts are next for our little video."
With that Jamie led Hanson back to the room and brought the moffatts out. Star would say nothing on this video but only watch. Mac had Star sit down and he tied her up and put a gag in her mouth with the chain tied in the back and padlocked it. But the chain was loose. It wasn’t as tight as before. The only thing the chain prevented was from her taking the gag out and after the Moffatts video it would remain for she had said enough for one night and Mac didn’t want her to get any points across to the Moffatts. With that he stood the Moffatts around her from the chair's arm rests to the chair's head. The Moffatts were in front of the camera ready to begin at the motion of Jamie’s nod.

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