Times Running Out

Chapter 10 - Freak Attack Time

Mac got undressed and redressed into an overcoat for the night which the other three captives did as well. Around 11:00 o’clock PM the captives got into their beds and quickly fell asleep. Leaving the eight teens to fend for themselves for the night. Little did they know how early they would be woken up by a hysterical teen that was afraid of darkness.


The police showed up at the Hanson’s house and got their equipment set up in the living room. The same team that had helped last time was back along with Charles Hamner, Ham and Officer Bacon. Diana was more than worried about her sons and not to mention the Moffatt boys. Diana shook the two men’s hands as they entered the Hanson’s home.
Officer Bacon said, ”We are sorry that this happened to you nice people again…but we’ll get them back Mrs. Hanson and Mister Hanson. I promise if it’s the last thing I do is get them back after…what happened to Ms. Star’s sister Celion."
Mrs. Hanson nodded and replied, ”It was a shame but she did it out of love for Shooting Star, but…Star’s family now so she needs nothing to be reminded of the past and I want to see to it after we get her back that she forgets about her past and memory of the kidnappers, the murder of her parents, the killing of Celion. The funeral…everything."
Officer Bacon bowed his head and said, ”Mrs. Hanson…you need to let go. She is after all only human and you can’t expect her to forget her parents, the murders, and Celion’s death. That’s not a possibility. Not even hypnosis can change her memory or her past, but her heart will heal once she’s ready for it to. That is the only time though is if she wants it to heal, but the pain will always be with her…and once she’s returned to you, then she will testify in court. And if we find the kidnappers guilty…then they we’ll be but to death unless something happens to them. We can only pray your sons will return safe. But the question is will they make it out of this thing alive this time?"
Mrs. Hanson sobbed uncontrollably as she stood next to Mr. Hanson who couldn’t believe what the officer was saying, but knew for a fact that everything he said could become as real as the sun or more than what it could be than just facts…but reality.


Taylor woke up with a start and looked around but saw nothing but darkness and started to freak.
"WHERE AM I?! PLEASE LET ME OUT! I CAN’T SEE…SOMEBODY HELP!" Taylor yelled as he burst into tears of fear. Star who’s ears were only inches to Taylor’s lips had woken up and sat up fast looking around but being an expert in the dark she saw Taylor’s head up their lips only inches apart.
Star whispered, ”SHHH! It’s okay Tay." Star hugged him and he hugged her back and clung on desperately like she was the light. Star rubbed his back and he relaxed. Star saw a little light from the end of the room and saw that it was a candle lit.
Star thought, ”Weird? That candle wasn’t there a few moments ago. Where did it come from?" She then knew and smiled but then she looked at Taylor who had become more relaxed, that he had fallen asleep on her shoulder with his arms securely around her. Star sighed and laid down and let Taylor lay on her shoulder but pried his arms off her back.

Three hours later:

"AAAAHHH!" Scott laid up fast and looked around the room. Scott had had a nightmare involving back at the Tulsa Cliffs. Only this time Star would play a large part in the kidnapper’s plans for him and his brothers, plus the Hanson brothers. Suddenly the door to their room opened and in came one very pissed off kidnapper.
Mac said, ”Listen you bastard and bitch in a half! Us four are trying to sleep now. You either shut the fuck up or I shut it for you! Got me Taylor Hanson and Scott Moffatt?! No more!"
"Fuck off you pain in the ass, screwed up fuck! We don’t have to do one fucking thing you say!" Scott yelled as everyone long since woke up and looked at Mac and then back to Scott deciding what Mac was going to do to Scott.
Mac suddenly lunged himself into Scott. Star saw this and plowed straight into Mac. Mac got up and hit her across the face until she was knocked out by Mac. Mac picked her up and carried her out of the room.
Taylor asked, ”W...Where’s he taking her?" Bob got up to the door and listened, but no sound came from behind the now closed and locked door.
Bob said, ”Yeah where is he taking her?" The others nodded their heads wondering the same question.

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