Somebody Save Us

Chapter 9

Star stood there not knowing what to do. She looked from Taylor to Celion but stayed rooted to her spot.
Isaac walked over to Star and said, ”Star do what they say please. I don’t want my brothers hurt nor do I want your sister either. So you must do what you are told."
With that said he put his hands behind his back. Star walked around Isaac and got the rope, tape, and cloth stripes. Star walked over to Isaac and looked up into his eyes as her tears fell to the ground. Isaac took his hand and wiped the tears away from her eyes.
Isaac said, ”Be strong Shooting star. Don’t give in to the pressure no matter how painful it is. Now do what I said and tie my hands so they won’t hurt us."
Star nodded regaining her emotions. She duck taped his hands behind him in an x and then reinforced with rope. Isaac walked over to the bed and sat down reaching her height.
Jamie said, ”Damit Star! Do what you are told! Tie Celion up and gag them both. YOU! Go sit on the bed next to Isaac."
Celion sat down next to Isaac and looked at Star who was becoming more frantic by the second.
Celion replied, ”Shooting Star like he said you have to tie me up if you want Taylor and the rest of us to live. So please just tie me up and be done with it."
Star approached Celion and whispered in her ear, ”I love you Celion…remember that."
Celion looked at her and nodded then turning her head down to the floor. Star tied Celion up as she was asked to.
Mac replied, ”Good Star. Now gag them and make the cloth tight. Can’t have them trying to yell when we cross Tulsa."
Star looked at Isaac desperately not knowing how to react. Isaac just nodded and opened his mouth a little. She tied the gag around his mouth securely and tightly like she was asked to do. Star then turned to Celion and watched her open her mouth as well. Star tied the gag securely around her mouth but not as tight as she did with Isaac.
Mac said, ”Good. Now tie your sister’s feet together and I’ll carry her to the van and set her inside with you guys."
Star tied her sister’s feet together and looked at Mac in a questioning look.
Mac replied, ”Ok now Star, go wait in the van."
Jamie put this collar around her neck and secured it to the lock on her seat.
Taylor looked at Mac.
Mac looked at Taylor and said, ”Don’t worry Taylor she’ll be fine. She’s just not going to be able to escape. The chain is long enough to reach to the back of the bus so don’t worry. Plus you guys only need her to serve you water and a little bit of food but that’s it. Tomorrow you’ll get something to eat, but not tonight."
Jamie put his hand on her shoulder and gave her a push. Star walked out the door and got in the van with Jamie right behind her. Star sat in her seat as she watched Jamie hook up the chain to the lock of her seat. Jamie knelt down and but the chain around her neck followed by a pad lock to make sure she didn’t take it off. Star’s tears fell to the floor of the van as she covered her eyes to keep from getting too a emotional. Jamie watched her as she cried and studied her face when she uncovered it.
Jamie thought, ”She’s very beautiful, but I have my orders not to say anything to her, so I won’t."
Jamie looked at her once more as she laid her head against the cushion and wept. With one final glance he walked out of the door back to the hotel room.
Jamie walked in and said, ”Okay boss she’s restrained. Now what?"
Mac truned and replied, ”Well we’re leaving now so lead the MMMBOP brats and others out to the van. Me... I’ll carry Celion."
Jamie nodded and walked over to Taylor who looked at him with fearful eyes.
Jamie said, ”Don’t worry Taylor I’m not going to hurt you…but stand up and follow me or I’ll have to. You two," as he pointed to Isaac, and Zac who looked at him. "Follow me as well."
Zac, and Isaac stood up and followed Jamie out to the van.
Jamie stopped them when they we’re at the van and said, ”Ok one at a time and go where you were laying. I want to make sure I don’t get your names mixed up…that and it’s so I can tell if you're there or not. Okay Taylor you get in first, Isaac you next, and Zac you last. Got it?"
They shook their heads yes and did as they were told.
Taylor got in and saw Star with a chained collar around her neck hooked up to a lock in the back of the cushion. He then glanced at her face and noticed she was asleep. Before he knew it he was pushed down on his side looking up and discovered Zac had bumped into him.
Zac looked at his brother and then walked over to where he slept and laid down. Taylor moved to where he laid and sat his head down on his pillow saying a silent prayer. Taylor looked to the door and saw the Moffatts get in the van. He then discovered the door shutting and then pure darkness.
Zac looked and saw Taylor’s face in the darkness and muffled the best he could, ”He carffal."
Taylor turned to him and nodded as a sign to say he will. With that Taylor closed his eyes and fell asleep. Zac did the same.

Star awoke at 2:29 in the morning and looked around. She saw her sister Celion right by her and knelt on the floor next to her. Star pushed her long black hair out of her eyes and patted her head. Celion felt a soft touch rub against her head and opened her eyes to see Star, her sister, looking down at her. Celion looked into her sister’s eyes and felt sorrow for her. Celion struggled a little, trying to get the numbness out of her arms which she felt ever since they left the hotel. Moaning a little bit she looked up at her sister.
Star replied, ”I’m sorry Celion, but I have an order to not take the gag out unless you wanted some water. Then it has to go right back in. The same for Hanson and the Moffatts. I cannot disobey or you will be dead along with the others, so please go back to sleep until tomorrow where I can take the cloth off and talk to you... but not right now."
Celion closed her eyes and heard a gentel voice humming a soft tune as she fell back to sleep. Just then Zac couched making Star jump. Star went over to him and took the cloth out of his mouth. Zac coughed again and continued. Star put her hand on his forehead and checked for a fever.
Star cringed when she felt that he had a fever but just replied, ”Hold on Zac. I’ll get you some water."
Star got up and got some water for him and put it to his lips. Zac drank slowly and turned away when he had had enough.
Star said, ”Mac sir? Zac has a fever. What should I do?"
Mac came on the speaker and whispered, ”Cover him up, and put ice packs on him. Two for his head and three for his chest down to his stomach. And no he doesn’t have to have the gag back on. Not tonight. But in the morning it goes back on after he’s done eating. Got me?"
Star replied, ”Yes sir."
With that she put the ice packs on his head and up on top of his clothes on his chest. Star watched over him all night long to make sure he was alright.

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