Somebody Save Us

Chapter 10

Star was worried as she finally drifted off to sleep, but her sleep was a restless one and her dreams were disturbing. She dreamt of Zac's painful death from a fever climbing too high, but she knew that couldn't happen. It was just a side affect from the sedative used to put him under. But the dreams persisted and her horror grew more and more until she bolted up screaming, causing the Hanson and Moffatt brother's to wake up.
"What the hell was that all about?" Jamie's voice thundered.
"I...I'm sorry. Uhm, bad dreams sir." Star blushed and brushed a strand of black hair out of her face. She hated her hair now. She once had pride in her long blond locks, but the men had forced her to dye it black so the chances of her being recognized slimmed down considerably. She'd been shocked and dismayed when she'd passed a mirror one day and saw that her eyes changed to a muddy hazel instead of her shining baby blues. After that she'd felt like she didn't belong to her family anymore; they were truly dead and so was Shooting Star. All that remained was "Girl" and "Girlie" on occasion. But now that Celion was back, so was Star to a degree. She'd thought everyone had been killed and now that she had a sister her depression lifted a bit, so it was resting on her shoulders instead of her whole body and soul.
"MMphhh, Shhhtarrr." Came a garbled voice. Looking up, Star saw that voice belonged to Dave Moffatt and she slid to his side, pulling out the gag.
"Thanks. Uh, can I get some...some water please?" His big brown puppy eyes were all that were needed and she rushed to find the bottles of water. She grabbed up two and used the other to bathe his scrapes and cuts from the initial attack. Once she finished, she poured an adequate amount of fluids into Dave and softly put the gag back in. She had relaxed enough for sleep and drifted off, lying next to Celion.

"Frank, where are they? Who would do this to our little boys!?" Darlana's voice screamed through the phone. Darlana was the Moffatt's birth mother; Sheila was their stepmother who they loved just as much.
"Darlana..please stop asking us! We don't know!" Frank said clenching his teeth together. "As soon as we do, you'll know. Why don't you fly out here with us? We've got a flight booked for you and everything. All you need to do is pack and go to the airport." Frank stated sadly.
He really didn't want to see his sons' mother right now; stress was high enough without the high-strung woman stirring things up even more. But maybe she could help pull strings and get some more money to get their kids back.
"Listen Darlana, just get on the plane alright? I have a call coming through and it could be the kidnappers. See ya soon!" He switched over to call waiting and beeped the new caller in.
"Hello? Mr. Hanson it's a pleasure to finally be able to speak to you in person! Yeah I'm sorry to. Hmm? Yes they have our sons too. What kinda sick bastard would take our boys?" Frank demanded, watching Sheila walk into the room. He mouthed Hanson to her and she nodded, eyes wide.
"Yes, I understand completely. You can reach me here anytime. Yes, yes we're getting the money together too. Having a hard time of it are ya? That makes two of us. Ok Walker, talk to you later. And I'm really sorry about all this, I just hope it wasn't something we did. Ok, bye bye."
Frank hung the phone up and the police sighed wearily. They were hoping for the call to be from the captors of the boys. This could take awhile.

Clint groaned as he slammed into the side of the van again, bumps were causing his nose to meet the sides of the vehicle quite often.
"When are we gonna stop driving? My face hurts dang it." He formulated a plan in his mind: The next bump they hit, he'd flip over so the back of his head hit instead of his nose. Waiting for the next bump to come, he felt it and executed the move perfectly, except he twisted too far to the side and landed flat on his face instead. Grinning at how stupid he was, he started to laugh through his gag, waking up his twin. Bob caught one look at Clint and joined the yuck fest, as did Scott and Dave when they both saw their poor brother. The Hanson brother's feet were facing the direction of the Moffatt's faces, so they couldn't see what was so funny.
"Star, help Gomer Pyle back there get off his face." Came a humored voice from the intercom.
Star couldn't help but laugh when she saw Clint's red face and grin. She knew that one had to hurt, but she couldn't help but laugh whenever some one else did. The last six years she'd only laughed a few times. Each time she did, it was because some one in the jack ass squad had either gotten arrested or injured in some way. The laughter had been saved until she was out of ear shot, so her mute plan would work.
"I wonder where they're going to keep..."
"Ok kiddies, shut up! We're getting some food for ya at Burger King. Anyone so much as breathes wrong, no food for 2 more days." The intercom snapped off and faint voices could be hear at the front of the van. Star thought about screaming or slamming into the van to cause it to rock, but quickly shook it out of her head when Celion's wide eyes met hers.
Taylor rolled over and prayed that some one would scream or make some noise. He knew he was in Tulsa and he had a sick feeling in his gut that this would be the last time he was ever going to be there again. Isaac nudged him and shook his head. Taylor felt sure Ike had some how read his mind. But no, he was shaking his head at the grins that were still stuck on the twin's faces.
"What a weird buncha brothers, beats our reputation any day!" Taylor thought.
The van pulled away from the Burger King and into a secluded part of the parking lot. Five bags of food were shoved back to Star and more water bottles followed soon.
"Feed em now and make it snappy!!" Mac ordered.

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