Somebody Save Us

Chapter 8

Star approached Taylor. She knew he was upset and scared. He had every reason to be. When she stood in front of him Taylor looked up and discovered tears in Stars eyes. He could tell she didn’t want to do this to him. But knew she had to or she would be seriously beaten if she didn’t follow the order.
Taylor whispered, ”I know you don’t want to do this. I can tell by the way you look at us that you don’t want to, but I know you have to. So go ahead and get it over with."
Taylor opened his mouth to let her but she heasitated. Star put the cloth in his mouth and tied it loosely so he could breath as she had done with the others. Star studied Taylor’s eyes and face seeing an understanding kind, hearted guy. Taylor’s hair reached down to his shoulders and his eyes looked as soft like the sky. Star could see sadness, and confusion in his eyes.
Turning to Zac she felt sorry for him in a way. He looked the worst out of all of them but she was not going to say anything to him about it. Star looked away from Zac and looked at Mac.
"What do I do now sir?" Star asked.
Mac looked at her and said, ”Well let me see. Try waiting till Isaac comes out of the shower and do what you have been doing, you fucking hoe, who needs to be taught some manners. It’s a good thing my plans are going good or you would have become my new punching bag. Understand?"
Star nodded with tears in her eyes and stood by the bathroom door waiting for Isaac to come out.

Isaac turned on the shower and got in.
"What’s going to become of my brothers and I. I fear for them more than myself at times…and poor Star she’s made to do stuff she doesn’t want to do. I can tell she’s had a very tough life and hopefully we can be the ones to save her from this place."
Isaac turned off the shower and stepped out drying off and putting the new clothes on. Isaac slowly unlocked the door and walked out and discovered Star looking down at the floor with tears dripping down her cheeks. Isaac took his hand and lifted Stars face up looking deep into her eyes.
Isaac whispered, ”It’s okay Star. I understand you have your orders. I’ll cooperate with you. Don’t worry Star."
Mac said, ”Yeah bitch. Do what he says. He knows what will happen if he doesn’t cooperate with us and trust me I’ll make sure you and his brothers pay if you don’t do what you are told."
Star saw the front door open and ran outside the door bumping into Celion.
Star got up and replied, ”I’m sorry. Here let me help you up."
Celion took Star’s hand and lifted her up. Celion looked into the girl's face and knew instantly that she was Star.
Celion asked, ”Shooting star?"
Star looked at her and asked, ”Celion? Oh god! CELION!!!"
Celion hugged Star and said, ”Oh Star... I’ve missed you so much. Did you escape from the kidnappers?"
Before she could answer Jamie the heavy set man walked out the door and replied, ”No not exactly. She has been with us for six years now and she shall remain ours. In fact you have just been added to the hostage list! Come here!"
Star said, ”Celion run!"
Celion ran but didn’t get very far, when she felt hands around her. The other hand covered her mouth as she was dragged into the hotel room and thrown down on the floor on her hands and knees.
"Star! Tie her up! We're out of here."
Star replied, ”I won’t tie my sister up you jacked up, fucked up, hot headed drunk drinken bastard!"
Isaac still stood as his eyes grew wide. Taylor and the rest cracked up a little although the laughter was muffled. Mac walked up and slapped her continuously across the face until she was on the ground. Isaac just looked on as Star got up. Star had two bruises on her face.
Mac said, ”Now tie her up or Taylor here gets it in the damn head! And I mean it you fucking hoe!"
Star looked up and saw a confused and hurt Celion.
Mac added, ”Oh yeah... when you're done with that slut sister of yours, start tying Isaac up and gag them both. If you don’t... Taylor gets it."

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