Somebody Save Us

Chapter 7

Taylor looked at the front door and saw Star quickly walk in and sit down on the bed beside him. Taylor looked at her, leaned in and whispered, "Thank you for helping us Star."
Star looked at him and just nodded smiling a little so Mac or the rest of the jackass squad didn't see her.

Just then the bathroom door swung open and out stepped Clint and Bob both as red faced as ever. Bob looked over and noticed Scott looking at him funny and gave him an innocent smile.
Scott turned and looked at Dave who seemed to have the same question on his face.
Taylor turned to Zac and whispered, "You okay Zac?"
His brother turned and discovered Taylor looking at him with concern.
Zac just nodded and whispered back, "Yeah Tay I'm fine I just wish these ropes weren't so tight." Taylor nodded agreeing with him.
Zac turned and saw Star sitting on top of the bed where Taylor was sitting.
Zac turned and said, "Hey let me out of these restraints please."
Mac turned to Zac and replied, "Okay you're next. Go take a shower but if you try to escape then you'll lose a brother."
Mac approached Zac, bent down and cut the rope and tape from his arms.
Rubbing them he stood up and went into the bathroom shut and locked the door behind him. He slid down the door onto his butt and massaged his eyes with the tips of his fingers.
"Shit. What the hell is this all about? What's happening?" He was worried about how his parents were holding up and who the other guys with them were.
"Moffatts… Moffatts.... sounds familiar enough. Didn't he say band? They all look like they could be..."
"Get in the gawd damn shower!" Came a booming voice on the other side of the door.
Grunting, he heaved himself up and proceeded to get into to the steamy shower.

Back in the hotel room..

Scott leaned over and whispered to Clint, who was closer then his twin, "What's up with you two? You're acting wigged out man."
Scott furrowed his brows to show he was insanely curious.
"Nothin'..it's just..we had to shower together so we wore our boxers." Clint tried to say quickly, but it came out all jumbled up. Bob didn't seem as concerned about all this, but Scott knew why. Clint didn't like attention or anything degrading like this had been. Bob was just so laid back about everything that the shower didn't even faze him.
"Dude Clint, chill out. It's not like I haven't seen you in boxers before." Bob voiced. His brother was so shy sometimes.
"Quit yelling guys." Isaac demanded, throwing in his two cents worth.
"Bob, shut the fuck up! Don't be such an anal asshole!" Clint yelled.
Bob sat on the bed with his mouth hanging open. "What did I say?"
"That's it you stupid shits! Star! All six tied and gagged pronto!" Mac bellowed.

Cringing, Star gathered up the left over duct tape and rope from the floor where it'd been thrown and asked who first and was told to do the Moffatts, then Hanson. They didn't care where she started as long as she did it fast. She knew the stress would get to the boys sooner or later. Sooner seemed to be the choice of the day. She crouched in front of a young man with dark brown hair and eyes. She guessed about six feet tall, slim wiry build, kinda good looking, and started to put a blindfold on him, but Jon's voice broke through.

"Don't put their eyes out yet, just their mouths. Dave, is that your name?" He asked when the boy answered 'yes'.

Nodding, she pulled it off and put his hair back into place and tied the gag on gently with the knot in his mouth securely. She looked deeply into his eyes and mouthed 'I'm so sorry." In turn, he nodded his head and looked at the floor when his eyes filled with tears. Moving to the next Moffatt, she crouched in front of the one she knew to be Scott. She didn't know what to think of him. He reminded her of a leprechaun for some reason. His smile, which was rare, he just looked elf like with his hair styled like it was. He was a little shorter then his triplet brothers, maybe five ten, had the same slim build but his shoulders were wider, and was pretty good looking too. He gazed into her eyes sadly when the gag was put in and nodded with her apology. She took a final look into his dull green-blue eyes and turned to the next person.
"Do we really need em all gagged?" She pleaded.
"Listen you skanky little ho, I want them all gagged. I should kill you right here and now for lying to us for so long, now git!" He warned.
Shuddering, she went over to Bob who started yapping when she tried to put the gag in.
"Please! Sir, can't we talk to our parents please! Do they know what happened to us!?" Bob's voice came out kind of weird because he kept bobbing his head away from the frazzled girls attempts; who managed to ram the thing in his mouth before he could get more out.
"Yes they know what happened and NO you can not talk to your parents, we have something else in mind for ya." Will snarled.
Moving over to Clint, Star watched him open his mouth obediently awaiting the arrival of the gag.
"What is up with his hair?"
It was sticking up in all directions and had the tips dyed blond. He had the same sad brown puppy eyes as the other two thirds of the triplets. He had a small mustache and goatee growing which she didn't think suited him well. She turned to Bob and observed him for a moment. His hair was the same style as Taylor's to a degree. It was cut to the ears on the side and hung down to a little above the base of his skull and had blond streaks through the front portion of his head. He didn't sport any facial hair though. Nothing seemed different to her eyes other then that. Bob's face was a bit thinner; his nose a little longer and wider. Nothing else caught Star's attention though.
"Muzzle Zac when he gets out here and Taylor. Leave the big one alone till he gets out of the bathroom." Jon tried to say through a mouthful of chips.
"Which one is the big one sir?" They all three looked pretty big to her.
"Duh dip shit, the one who hasn't been in the shower yet!"
"What a dumb ass kid." Mac thought. He watched her moving from person to person and studied her closer then he had since they'd first taken her. Star's hair hung to her waist in a thick black wave, but like now, she had it tied into a long braid that was then turned into a heavy bun that sat at the back of her head. She wasn't very tall, only five foot two or three inches at the tallest. She was slim due to the four men only feeding her small meals at morning and at night. Her eyes weren't all that great either. Almond shaped, a pale greenish brown that wouldn't catch your attention. All in all, she's a very average looking girl, not some one easily remembered.

Zac walked out of the bathroom and Isaac was sent in after he was settled. Jon sighed, this was turning into a loooooong night, seven teenagers taking a shower.
"This'll take years!" He thought sarcastically.

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