Somebody Save Us

Chapter 6

Leaning stiffly against the bathroom door, Taylor made sure it was securely locked before he started crying. Looking around for something to muffle the sound, he heard the man he knew as Mac calling for a bunch of extra towels. Seeing a shirt on the counter, he shoved it against his mouth and sobbed his heartache into a sleeve.
"Get in the shower now! We don't have all fucking day ya brat!" Jon yelled through the door.
"Sorry sir!" Taylor's voice wavered when he answered.
Stripping down to his boxers, he opened the door slowly to ask for new clothes, but saw the young girl who was caring for them standing next to the door. Her jaw nearly hitting the floor when she saw him. Blushing, he turned to Mac and asked for his clothes.
"Here!" A red faced Mac said, shoving a pair of black knee length shorts at him that were soon followed by a black wife beater and grayish sweatshirt. Taylor glanced at the floor from where the clothing was taken from and saw six other neatly stacked piles of the same type of clothing. Lifting an eye brow, he turned back into the bathroom and finished his private strip show and hopped into the shower.

Back in the hotel room.

"Girl?" Jon asked with a grin on his evil face.
She looked at him and raised her eyebrows in query.
He laughed and said, "Clean the back of that van out, make it quick!"
He watched as she scurried out with Will on her heels, but yelled out quickly.
"Shooting Star? Don't forget the rope and tape!" Jon busted up laughing when the girl stopped in her tracks, causing Will to smack into her back roughly. Her eyes were as big as basketballs.
"Aha, now we're getting somewhere!" He said with a sneer. "We know you can talk dumb fuck and now I wanna know why you played mute all these years."
She just looked at him like a lost puppy and shook her head, still trying to play her act she'd mastered.
"Okay Wonder Bitch! Listen and listen good! If you don't talk right now, and I mean right now, I'm gonna take a few fingers off Dave. And we all know Dave needs those fingers to play keyboards don't we?"
All this was said as he drew out his knife from it's sheaf at his ankle and held Dave down.
"How do you know my name?" Her voice interjected.
"That's for us to know and you to guess Shooting Star." He said mockingly.
"What a stupid ass name for a kid!" He thought.
"Don't call me Shooting Star. It's just Star from now on." She knew only family member's called her by her real name and these men were far from family.
"Ok STAR... why'd you keep quiet for so long?" He asked glaring.
"What would I ever have to say to you?" She retorted. The answer she received was a hard smack in the face.

Zac was still groggy from the tranquilizer they used on him, but hearing a slap and a girl scream made him incensed and he started struggling from his bonds and ended up toppling him and two Moffatt brother's off with him. He felt himself go red when laughter filled up the room. Then small hands were trying in vain to lift him up off his side, but with his help of heaving himself to the side, he was soon upright and the blindfold came off. Looking into the eyes of a young girl, maybe a bit older then him, he saw tears on her cheeks and a painful looking handprint on her face that told him she was the one who was slapped. He was shocked when she tore her eyes away, jumped up, and started lifting up another body. Looking at the body shape and hair, he decided quickly that the two bodies weren't his brothers.
"Who're they?" Zac tried to ask, but found out his dry mouth wouldn't let him speak English very well. Once the girl he assumed to be Star tipped more water down his throat, he asked as fast as he possibly could:
"Who're they!?" He hoped they weren't part of some mass kidnapping or something. Who knew what could happen if it was? They could starve or something! But looking around and seeing only five people, he threw that guess out of his brain for the moment.
"They are the Moffatts. Another big bad boy band. Better known in Europe and Canada." The tall man answered. He hadn't had a chance to sort the guys out yet. Three names he knew were Jon, Will, and Mac. But the name 'Moffatt' almost rang a bell; almost.
"What do you want from us?" He whispered.
"Nothing from you except cooperation. From your parents we want… ah Mr. Hanson, how good of you to grace us with your presence." Jon directed at an opening door.
"Sorry sir." Taylor mumbled, head down on his chest.
"Come over here. Star, tie him back up and clean the van out damn it!"
Star attended her duties and cringed when Taylor winced as the rope dug deeper into wrists then she had meant for it to.
"I'm sorry." She whispered into his ear before fleeing that room.
"I thought she was mute!" Taylor gaped dumbly.
"She lied you fuck nut!" Will yelled. He was very irked that he had to watch the dumb kid clean.
"Hanson? Holy shit!" cried Bob. "What the hell are they doing here!?"
His eyes were huge, he couldn't believe who was sitting in front of him or why for that matter.
"Shut the hell up!" Mac growled out nervously. "The last thing we need are a bunch of teeny boppin teenagers getting us killed!"
Sighing, he turned and asked Jon who was next for the showers.
"Put the twins in together. They shouldn't have a problem with it seeing on how they're identical in every way." He sneered.
Isaac's head popped up, "Twins? Whoa, whoa. You're really The Moffatts?"
He looked at Scott.
"I wish we weren't." He stated sadly. Just then, Star brought in extra tape and clean gags and blindfolds since she used the last of the tape on Taylor.
"This is the last of them, we'll need more tomorrow." She stated and simply walked back outside to her duties.

Meanwhile, Clint and Bob had been untied and were shoved into the bathroom with identical clothing, like Tay's, and both were beet red. Soft murmurs could be heard inside as well as shuffling around.
"What's going on in there?" Scott wondered.

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