Somebody Save Us

Chapter 5

Isaac tried opening his eyes with little success. He had just woken up a few seconds ago.
"Where am I?" He asked himself, then attempted to sit up which quickly failed.
The girl looked up at the one called Isaac and thought, ”I should give him some water."
With that thought fresh in her mind she got up carefully, stepping over the sleeping Zac and knelt down beside him. The girl took the cloth out of his mouth.
"Where am I?" He asked horsely.
The girl got up and got a glass of cold water and put it to his lips. He drank slowly and turned away when his throat was satisfied.
Suddenly the speaker came on again this time it was Mac.
”Well I see MMMBOP brat number two is awake. Well to all of you that are awake we decided we…My accomplices and I will get a room for the night while we leave you guys tied in the back, after you guys take a shower. We don’t want the van smelling. Okay my buddies and I are gonna untie you one at a time to take a shower and don’t worry, we have different clothes for you guys to wear or night clothes you could say. Anyway we will be at a hotel in five minutes. Then you can use the facility there and take a shower."
Taylor gave a muffled sigh along with a few others. Mac’s voice came on again.
”Oh and the person that’s been giving you the drinks her name is girl or girly. It doesn’t matter what you call her anyway. She’s mute, can’t talk, silent, and if you want me to say it in another term I will. Since we are no longer in police territory you can have the gag taken out but once we cross Tulsa again they go back on till we are back out of Tulsa got it?"
A few muffled sounds came out of the boys who understood or seem to understand. The girl took off the gags like she was asked to by Mac. The girl went around and gave the guys another glass of water which they took.
Scott asked, ”Hey I’ve got a question? What made you change your mind?"
The loud speaker came on again and replied, ”Because we don’t want the van smelling. Now shut up. We're pulling into the hotel."
Mac got out of the van and went inside to check in.
"Hello." A female voice said behind the counter. "I’m Celion may I help you?"
Mac replied, ”Yes two large rooms for four and two double beds please."
Mac then gave her a smile.
Celion said, ”Okay that will be $ 272.17 cents please."
Mac gave her the money and she handed him the keys to room 14 and 15. Mac grabbed the keys and replied, ”Thank you miss. Celion."
The girl sighed and replied, ”You're welcome sir."
Mac looked at her and asked, ”What’s wrong?"
The girl looked up and replied, ”Well about six years ago my mother and father were murdered and my little sister was kidnapped. I haven’t seen her since. I’ve been going from town to town, city to city, job to job. I won’t stop until I find her so help me god I won’t."
Mac asked, ”What did this girl look like?"
Celion looked up and replied, ”Light blue eyes and long blonde hair. I know she’s alive though. I can feel it."
Mac asked, ”Was she a talker?"
Celion laughed with a tear escaping and replied, ”Was she? She would never shut up…until she was taken. That’s what I miss about her."
Celion asked, ”Did you know the groups Hanson and the Moffats were kidnapped? It’s all over papers. Some how the press got a hold of the story but the parents only smiled and said they were inside then returned inside themselves. The police came and saw they weren’t there and asked the parents if they knew anything about their disapperance and they said they didn’t. So the police are ruling it a kidnapping."
Mac stood there and said, ”I hope the're okay and nothing happened to them. By the way what was your sister’s name?"
The girl replied, ”Her name was Shooting Star. My parents named her that because my mom had her and when she looked up to the sky she saw a shooting star. And that’s what she named my sister. I have to get back to work, but please I want to talk to you again. Feel free anytime to come and chat and thanks for caring."
Mac smiled and said, ”No problem Celion. I will talk to you again sometime, but right now I must get some rest. I’ll be heading out towards Tulsa tomorrow and I must get some sleep, but I will talk to you later."
Celion smiled and replied, ”Yeah you to."
With that Mac walked out the door back to the van. He got in and turned on the ignition and pulled out looking for the rooms. Will walked into the room and saw Mac smiling ear to ear.
"Why are you so damn happy?" Will asked curiously.
Mac found the rooms and turned the ignition back off and replied, ”You know that girl we’ve had for six years? Well she ain’t mute at all. I ran into her sister and she said that the girl never shut up. By the way it ain’t girl it’s Shooting Star. She has a name after all. Man will she be shocked when we call her name instead of girl."
Will said, ”Yeah we will surprise her. Come on let's go get the MMMBOP brats and the others from the back."
With that Mac, Will, and Jon helped Taylor to his feet as he was hurried to a short walk way and shoved into a room and made to sit down on the bed as a gun laid to his back. Soon everybody else was pushed in as well.
"Okay... which one of you guys is first? Let me see…how about Taylor?"
Jon approached Taylor and said, ”I’m going to cut you loose. So remember try to escape and you’ll be sorry because you might lose one of your brothers. Got it?"
Taylor nodded his head in agreement as he felt the restraints being cut from his hands. Taylor brought his arms slowly to the front and rubbed where the rope had cut into him.
Mac said, ”Hey Taylor? Wouldn’t it be easier if you took the blindfold off your eyes so you could see? I think you would find the bathroom easier to find."
Mac chuckled a little knowing the boy was scared to do anything without his or his accomplices consent. Taylor nodded and slowly took the blindfold off of his eyes. It took a few seconds but his vision cleared. He walked into the bathroom and shut the door behind him locking it.

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