Somebody Save Us


One Month Later

Thick fog settled over Bob's drowsy mind. He could feel the needles piercing his soft skin with painful regularity. When he first became aware of outside stimulus, he'd felt his mother sobbing on one side of his body while Sheila occupied the other with the same activity. He could hear everything going on around him. The Hanson family coming around quite often, nearly as much as his parents. But it was the three eldest boys from the family who stopped by daily; holding his hand while they talked about what his current condition was and how Star was dealing with Celion's sudden death. He learned about how all everybody was having nightmares about the hellish treatments forced upon them by the evil men. Evil men, who by the way were still at large, though Will and Jon were easily captured. This scared Bob to no end, but he wasn't able to vocalize his stress, no matter how hard he tried. He couldn't move his arms, legs, lips, fingers nothing. He desperately tried to squeeze his father's loving hand back when it was being held, but never could.

One night, everything became unbearable when Clint slid beneath the covers next to him, whispering pleadings into his ear to please wake up, to try and move his hand or blink, to let everyone know he was still alive through his mind. The doctors had reported, through a CT scan that Bob still had brain function and that he'd most likely wake up at some point. It was just when he would wake up that frustrated his loved ones and fans the most. Scott and Dave usually sat to one side, talking to him and knowing fully that they'd get no answer, but some how knowing that it was a comfort for to Bob for them to be there. But Clint always assumed his position, lying next to Bob under the blankets that covered the bed. Bob knew one thing though. He wanted to 'wake up' and he wanted to 'wake up' now.

Bob's eyes opened slowly, feeling as though they were glued together. He sucked in a lung full of air and his vision suddenly cleared. He tried to cry out in pain, but all that came out was a hoarse scratchy gurgle.
"Bob!? Thank you God! Oh my god Bob!" Clint cried, even though he was positioned inches from his brother's side. He wrapped his arms around his thin twin and squeezed for all he was worth.
Bob's eyes opened fully now and he lunged at his brother to return the hug he'd felt was years in the waiting. His mind suddenly forgot everything that he'd heard through his entire month of suspended animation. A common side effect from a comatose state.
"Doc! He's awake! Doctor Van Heerden! He's up!" Clint suddenly bounced off the bed with more energy the twenty sugared up ten year olds and bounded out of the room. Leaving Bob alone again. He didn't like it at all.
Faint whistling filled the hallway and became clearer and louder as a tall blond figure came strolling into Bob's room. The whistling sound cut off as soon as a bag of Cheeto's were lifted to his mouth and poured down his throat. Bob wanted to make his position known and tried to call out to Taylor. The same hoarse sound came out of his pain filled throat.
Cheeto's filled the air as Taylor proceeded to launch them across the room when Bob made noise. He started coughing, choking on little bits that were stuck in his throat. This did little to stop him to approaching a faintly grinning Bob.
A minute later the coughing ceased and Taylor finally spoke, "Bob! Sweet Jesus! You're awake!" Bob was surprised as Taylor bent at the waist and wrapped his arms around his neck in a tear filled hug.
"You had us scared man. We didn't know if you were gonna make it." Taylor sniffled.
"S'ok." An unattractive voice let Taylor know he was doing ok.
"Oh man, oh man, oh my god! THANK YOU GOD!" Taylor yelled at the top of his lungs to the roof of the room. He cringed when he saw Bob cover his ears, but smiled again and leaned down for another hug. That's when the good doctor came in and pulled Taylor away quickly.
"Hello Bob, I'm Dr. Van Heerden. How're you feeling?" He asked with a slight Boston accent.
"Been better." He growled out, trying to sit up. Kind hands helped him full fill his wish.
He watched his doctor's eyes open wide and jaw drop as he made eye contact with a grinning Taylor.
"I think he'll be alright." Taylor said, making eye contact now with a confused Bob. Bob only smiled in confusion and requested information on what happened.

A couple hours later, the last month became known to Bob as he listened to saddening parts then joy when he learned nobody had suffered any pain besides him and Star. They were gonna work through this, he knew it. In the mean time, his parents had rented out a home two houses down from the Hanson clan and took up residence while the band's drummer was on sick leave. He found out Star taking up residence at the Hanson home was working out very well, the brother's had a new found sister and according to Taylor, the Moffatt family were now the proud new owners of four new sisters and four new brothers, Star included. And the Moffatt family couldn't have been happier.
Now was a time for healing. Everyone involved in the kidnapping would be receiving counseling every three days during the week for months to come. They all knew that getting out of this tragic situation wouldn't take long compared to the life long healing process they all faced ahead of them.

Three Weeks Later

"Home." Bob breathed. This would be home for the next six months. The physiatrist's all agreed that the boys came through fairly unscathed through such a traumatic time. Star was another story; years of help would be in line for her. Years she was willing to fight through so she could stay with her new family. She'd give up her life to protect them from the evil habits of anyone stupid enough to dare threaten them. Wouldn't she?

Bob sat his bags down on the floor of his new room and stared at the furniture, wrinkling his nose.
"This'll hafta do.for now." He smiled evilly to himself and turned to make a trip down the stairs to fill his growling stomach, knowing he would have to feed himself since his parents were at the Hanson home discussing plans for a welcome home party. Upon entering the kitchen he started whining when he saw four bodies already taking up space by the fridge and two more waiting in the background for their turn.
"Hiya Bob." Ike waved.
"Hey. I'm a starving sick boy, can't you guys shove over so I can get something to eat?" He whined some more.
"Nope!" Zac's head popped out the top of the fridge, but disappeared a moment later. He shrieked and grabbed a tasty looking apple out of Clint's hands and tore away from the fridge in fifth gear, determined to eat the delicious morsel. Not if Clint could help it. Clint was fast on the younger boy's heels when a voice suddenly sounded, no more then five feet from where they stood.
Taylor sucked in a breath and felt the bile rising up his throat quickly and felt his knees grow weak, turning around slowly he felt tears spill over his eyelids.
Tears streamed down Bob's cheeks as he realized what was happening. His knees buckled and he sank to the floor with a soft moan.
"Don't fucking move!" Mac yelled raising a gun at the terrified boys.


Or is it?

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