Somebody Save Us

Chapter 37

Celion and the special forces raced towards Tulsa point in hopes it wasn’t too late to save the boys.
Suddenly the captain said, ”We have to drop Celion off at the Hanson’s house. It maybe to dangerous for her and it might make the captors nervous."
Celion replied, ”Like hell I’ll stay at their house. I want to see my sister and not her body!"
The captain replied, ”Sorry miss. It’s too dangerous."
The police dropped her off at the Hanson’s and maid sure she went in the house. Then they picked up speed.

Taylor looked at Zac and back at the captors who were now talking to one another. Taylor moved around and looked at Zac who still hadn’t woken up.
"MMMM!" Taylor yelled trying to get his captors attention. Mac looked over to Taylor and approached him.
Mac took the tape off his lips and said, ”Well your parents should be coming with the money soon and then. BOOOOMMMM!" Mac yelled along with the hand motion.
Taylor asked, ”Where’s Star?" Mac pointed over the cliff as he looked down he could see Star dangling by her hand chain.
Taylor yelled, ”You son of a bitch! Get her up from there! She can’t be like that!"
Mac said, ”Then she shouldn’t have double crossed us by letting you guys out and by betraying us. So for that she will die. But not to worry. I’m getting her up from the ledge. I just wanted to scare her a little bit."
Mac approached the side of the cliff and took Star’s hand chain and pulled her up. When he pulled her up he took the tape off of her mouth and watched her pant.
Star asked, ”Mac? Can I go to the restroom?"
Mac laughed and said, ”Well…since you were hanging from the outskirts of a cliff I have to say yes."
Mac undid her chains as she walked over to the forest.
Jamie asked” Want me to watch her?"
Mac replied, ”You’re a pervert Jamie. No I don’t want you to watch her. Leave her go. She’ll come back…I think."
Taylor smiled a little bit sensing what Star was thinking and doing.
Star ran through the grove of trees enjoying the freedom she had.
Suddenly she saw the town of Tulsa and replied, ”Ok my house is about a block away from here and beside it is the Hanson’s. Okay got that straightened out." She took off for the direction of the Hanson’s house wanting to surprise them by telling them about the boy’s state.

Zac woke up and looked around noticing he was tied to a chair and smelt the gasoline his eyes went up in shock as he struggled from his bonds.
Mac laughed and said, ”I don’t think you should struggle Zachary, because you might fall seeing as though you're right at the cliff." Zac quit struggling as tears of pain and worry fell from his eyes.
Taylor looked at Zac with concern then noticed the other boys weren’t with them. Just him, Scott, and Zac.
Taylor thought, ”What are we? The most popular gets to die first. Geesh I hadn’t any idea I was the popular one. Now where in the hell is Dave, Clint, Bob, and Ike?"
Taylor could see they were still in the back of the van knocked out.

Star ran down her block and down the road she stopped in front of the Hanson’s house and ran up to the door pounding on the door vigerously.
Mrs. Hanson opened the door and said, ”Oh god. Star? Is that you?" Star nodded as she stepped into the house and looked around.
Mrs. Hanson replied, ”Your sister's here. Let me go get her." She went into the back of the house and yelled, ”OH NO! GUYS CELIONS GONE!"
Star fell on her knees and whispered, ”Oh god save them." Star then quit crying and ran out of the house back up the hill to Tulsa’s peak.

Celion stood behind some trees so no one would notice her. Celion looked at her watch and saw the time was 6:15. "They only have until 6:20 to live. That’s only five minutes from now…Oh god help us all."

Star ran up the hill of the mountain and back to the group of captors. Mac said, ”Bout time ya came back."
Star nodded and approached Taylor and bent down next to him and whispered, ”Help's coming. Don’t worry you won’t die." Taylor nodded and turned away.
Star replied, ”Celions alive. She’s the one who got the help and your parents…are ok. I just spoke with them. They’re praying for you as we speak."
Jamie said, ”Get over here bitch. No talking to the hostages."
Mac hit Jamie upside his head and replied, ”Let her go. She can talk to them if she wants to."
Mac smiled and said, ”You know something? Maybe we should kill her right now. Star get over here by this tree." Star walked up and leaned against the tree and closed her eyes.
Taylor was untied as he struggled against Jon and Will who held him firmly.
Mac said, ”Don’t worry Taylor. We're going to shoot and burn ya at the same time."
Mac took a 9mm from his pocket aimed and clicked the gun off safety.
"Good bye Star." As he started adding pressure on the trigger. Without thinking Celion ran and pushed Star out of the way just as the trigger was pulled. Star shot her head up in time to see Celion clutch her heart and fall to the ground. Star rushed up to her.
Celion opened her eyes looking into her sister's light hazel eyes that use to be light blue.
Celion smiled and whispered, ”It’s ok my sister. I’ll be with mom and dad soon. I’ll tell them I’ve found you."
Star’s eyes filled with tears. Just then she was yanked up from her postion on the ground and stood up. Mac clicked the gun again for another bullet.
Mac said with an evil smile on his face, ”This time I won’t miss."
Just then the police and sergeant arrived.
Mac replied to Jamie, "Let’s get the hell out of here!" Jon and Will grabbed the lighter and lighted it throwing it Zac’s way. It landed beside Zac’s feet as he stared fearfully at it.
Mac jumped in the back of the van and said, ”You're lucky this time, but next time you won’t be so lucky." He said as he threw the rest of them out of the van leaving Will, and Jon there for the police.
Star sat in front of Celion petting her head and talking to her.
Star said, ”Celion don’t talk like that. You're not going to die. I’ll see to it that you don’t."
Celion whispered, ”Star…the-the bullet hit…my heart." Star’s eyes filled with tears as she looked down at Celion realizing that she was going to die and knew she couldn’t do anything to help.

Just then the ambulance arrived carrying nine kids to the hopital including Star and Celion. Celion was rushed to the emergency room and x-rayed her.
The doctor frowned as he saw her x-rays and said, ”The family will be very upset."
The doctor came out and sat near the group of boys who looked at him with great concern.
Doctor Ray stated, ”I’m sorry Ms. Star but…the x-rays show that the bullet went into her heart. How she managed to survive I’ll never know. She only has about an hour or so to live. She’s hooked up to a respirator and in very critical condition."
Star followed the doctor into the room and saw Celion. Star walked slowly over to Celion who had tears streaming down her face as she struggled to breath.
Star then noticed Bob in the next bed and asked, ”Doctor what happened to him?"
The doctor bowed his head and replied, ”He was drugged by the wrong medication and we're not sure if he’s going to make it. We can only hope."
Star looked down at Celion and petted her hair softly crying. Star’s hand grasped Celion’s as she bowed her head and prayed.
Celion said, ”Mom and Dad are waiting…it’s just…a matter of time…p- please…promise me you’ll take care of the boys…and…t- the others."
Star said, ”Please Celion don’t leave me. You’re the only one that cares. Please don’t." Star choked out as Celion’s eyes only grew with tiredness.
Star cried outloud and added, ”Please say you’ll always be here with me…please say you’ll protect us from whatever is to come in the future."
Celion replied, ”The only way I can protect you is if you keep…a place…in your heart."
As she said it she placed her left hand on Star’s heart and added, ”P- Please…keep…me…in your heart."
Celion suddenly stopped talking and listened she smiled and said, ”Our parents are calling for me. I- it’s time. I-I…love…you…shooting Star…and always…will…"
With that Celion took her final breath and went limp on the bed.
Star grasped Celion’s hand and held it petting her head softly as she cried. Taylor came in and saw that Star was sobbing. Taylor approached the bed and put his hands on Star’s shoulders and rubbed gently.
Star turned and clung to Taylor sobbing on his shoulder.
Taylor rubbed her back and said, ”It’s okay. It’s okay Shooting Star. She has found peace and she will be happy."
Star replied, ”She’s not dead. She’s still alive…in my heart. Oh god the pain hurts. Please Taylor…make it stop."
Taylor said, ”It will someday. It takes time for a hole to fill your heart…but I promise the pain will vanish and you will be okay."
The doctor entered the room and said, ”I’m sorry Miss. Star for your lose. I hope everything works out for you."
Star turned to the doctor and replied, ”Yeah…but it won’t for a while." She then turned back to Taylor and sobbed some more.
She whispered, ”Taylor it hurts. I-I can’t handle the pain. Please end it."
Taylor asked, ”How do I end it?"
Star replied, ”Give her a proper funeral."
Taylor said, ”I will Star…I promise." Star let go of Taylor and looked at Celion with the tears in her eyes dripping over on Celion’s face.
Star bent down over Celion and kissed her on the cheek and whispered, ”I guess this is good bye my sister…but it’s not a final one. I’ll see you up in heaven someday. Promise me you’ll be waiting."
She then looked over outside the window up to the sky and said, ”I will miss you my family…but I promise when my life ends I will grow wings and fly my way into your arms."
Taylor said, ”Star it’s time to go home."
Star looked at him and asked, ”Home?"
Taylor nodded and replied, ”You’re going to stay with us…that is if you like."
Star nodded and turned to Bob and asked, ”What about him?" As she pointed to Bob on the next bed.
Taylor looked sadly over at the young man and replied, ”He’s in a coma. He was OD'd on the wrong medication that Jamie had given him. There’s a good possibility he may never speak again. The medication was a prolo therpy which could have killed him. But faith was on his side. I pray he makes it through the night."
Star nodded and leaned into Taylor as they walked out of the hospital room with sadness both in their hearts.
Taylor opened the car door for Star as she got in and sat down. The rest of the children got in the police car as they drove to the Hanson’s house for a reunion.

The police car pulled into the driveway as five hysterical parents ran out of the house to six very happy teenagers.
"MOM!" Taylor cried as he and his brothers hugged their parents tightly. Scott, Dave, and Clint hugged their mom, step mom, and dad as tight as they could.
Scott said, ”We’ve missed you guys so much!" Taylor nodded and agreed with them.
After about thirty minutes of hugging, yelling, and kissing they turned and went into the house. Taylor looked through the police window and discovered Star starring at him. Taylor rushed to the side of the police door and opened it for her and yelled, ”Hey guys wait up!"
Everyone stopped in their tracks and turned to see Star and Taylor walking toward them.
Then Frank asked” Where’s Bob?"
Scott bowed his head and replied, ”He’s in the hospital. The doctor said he might not live, because Jamie injected a Prolo shot into him and he would have died, but by some strange miracle he didn’t. But there is still a possibility. He’s in a coma right now and there’s also a good chance he might not be able speak to us…which means he can’t sing either."
Frank hugged Scott as he cried. All the stress has taken it’s toll on the boys.
Star approached Scott and put her hand on his shoulder and said, ”He’ll live. I can cense he will. I can feel that a force is keeping him alive."
Scott nodded and went inside.
Mrs. Hanson asked, ”Where’s Celion?" Star’s eyes filled with tears as she began to sob once more.
Taylor ran over to Star and hugged her. He then whispered, ”Celion died…saving Star’s life."
Mrs. Hanson put her head down and replied, ”I’m sorry Star…is there anything we can do for you?"
Star replied, ”Yes…can you give her a proper funeral?"
Mrs. Hanson said, ”Yes Star we can. Say what is Celion’s full name?"
Star replied, ”Celion Louisa Nicole. My full name is Shooting Star Louisa Nicole. Born to my mom, Amy Louisa Nicole, who married my father Anthony Nicolas Nicole. My sister is 18. She was born November 15, 1981. I was born December 7, 1984. My mom was born March 13, 1961 and my dad was born the same day, month, and year."
Mrs. Hanson nodded and wrote down what Star had said and said, ”Thank You Star. It’s been a long day. Maybe you should get some rest." Mrs. Hanson showed her to the guest room witch would end up her room.
Star laid down and thought, ”I want a drink but it can wait till morning."
Star fell asleep and woke up next morning to birds singing and exitited voices filling the house with joy. Star got up and walked out to see what all the fuss was about. When she entered the boys became quiet and looked at her.
Mrs. Hanson came up to her and said, ”We made arrangements with a funeral parlor and they agreed to doing it tonight. Are you up to it?"
Star nodded and sat down at the kitchen table putting her hands on her face and whispering, ”Oh god I can’t believe this is happening to me."
Taylor broke the silence by saying, ”Star you need to build up your strength. Here eat this." He said as he handed her some toast.
Star turned away and replied, ”No thank you Taylor. I can’t eat."
Taylor said, ”When you were a prisoner you didn’t eat then…but you need to eat or you’ll die."
Star said, Good…maybe that’s what I want!"
Taylor replied, ”I guess I need to do what I did before. Mom may I get her to eat even if it means shoving it down her throat?"
Mrs. Hanson said, ”Whatever it takes for her to eat then it’s ok with me."
Taylor looked at Star and said, ”Come with me to my room." Star followed Taylor to his room. Taylor shut the door as Star sat down on his bed.
Taylor looked at her and said, ”Lay down." Star looked at him but laid down.
Taylor picked a piece of toast up and said, ”Ok Star open up."
Star looked at him and saw a serious expresstion on his face she opened up and soon found herself eating six pieces of toast.

Later that night:

"Come on Star! We're going to be late!" Taylor cried as Star sadly walked down the stairs in a very beautiful black dress.
Star got in the car as the trip to the funeral home was silent. Star let the tears flow freely down her face. When they arrived everyone discovered another car there and wondered who on earth it could be. When they got inside they discovered Frank, Darlana, and Sheila waiting for them inside. Everyone went by the casket and peered in. There was Celion in a beautiful white gown with her hair down and blush rosy cheeks. Everyone’s voices started drifting away as Star thought back to that day…the day she would never see her family.

Flash back:

Star walked into her house and sat down her bag as she did she yelled, ”Mom, Dad! I’m home!"
There was no answer as she walked into the kitchen. Star froze when she saw men kill her mom, and dad right in front of her.
Mac turned and asked, ”Hey who’s the kid?"
Jamie replied” That must be theirs. Oh well let’s take her with us."
Star then tried running but Mac caught her and knocked her to the ground.
Mac said, ”Get the rope, tape, and cloth. Can’t have any witnesses." Star struggled against the men as they held her down. Mac came back with the rope, tape and cloth. He bent down and noticed the child looked scared.
Mac said in a soft voice, ”Don’t worry. We won’t hurt you." With that he tied the child’s hands and feet together. He took the tape and reinforced it and then he put the cloth in Star’s mouth and blindfold on her eyes.
Mac said,” Ok guys lets take her and put her in the van." Star knew from then on she wouldn’t say anything for fear she may be beaten. Little did she know that the hard years came fast.

Flash back ends

Star stood as tears dropped from her eyes. Taylor noticed she wasn’t blinking and shook her gently.
Star looked at him and back at Celion and said softly, ”Rest in Peace my sister. May your wings spread across the heavens and into our parents loving arms…god bless."

After the funeral was over the Moffatts went over to the Hanson’s house on the way there they passed the cemetery where Celion would be buried.
Taylor said, ”Guys? Maybe we should show Star now instead of tomorrow."
"Show me what?" Star asked very confused.
Mr. Hanson nodded and pulled up to a head stone and shined his head lights on three headstones one that hasn’t been filled in yet and said, ”Star? Read the inscription on the headstones will you?"
Star looked to the head stones and on the middle headstone it read: Celion Louisa Nicole born November 15, 1981. She then read the inscription on the bottom it said: May god protect you and give you wings.
Star smiled and said, ”Thank you guys. It means a lot to me."
Taylor replied, ”You're welcome Star. Anything for you and… Celion."
Star smiled and leaned against Zac and asked, ”How’s the hand?"
Zac smiled and replied, ”Fine. Thanks for asking."
Isaac asked, ”So are you going to stay with us?"
Star looked at him with surprise and said, ”You mean live with you guys?"
Taylor nodded and replied, ”Yeah we want you to."
Star smiled and replied, ”Why not?"

In the hospital:

Frank stopped by the hospital and peeked in on Bob. Bob layed in a coma as Frank watched helplessly as his son laid on the bed.
Frank thought, ”Please god you took one life. Please help my son. Don’t let him die…don’t take my son."
Frank left the hospital with tears rolling down his eyes.

At the Hanson’s house:

Star woke up the next morning smiling she discovered it was quieter then it normally was. She went outside and discovered the Moffatts and Hanson playing basketball.
Scott said, ”Oh you're up. Our mom and dad went to see Bob, along with Mr and Mrs. Hanson." Star nodded and looked up to the clouds.
Zac said, ”Does your heart still fill empty."
Star looked at him and replied, ”Like Tay said... 'It will pass and life goes on'." Taylor smiled as Star smiled back at him.
Star asked, ”Hey can I play?" Taylor threw the ball at her as she laughed and shot it through the hoop without even trying.
Star laughed and played with the guys knowing after all these years she once again had a family and this time she would make sure nothing happened to them.
What star didn’t know was at that very moment Mac was watching them.
Mac said to Jamie, ”We'll get them back and that little bitch too…and this time I will make sure my plan in killing them doesn’t fail."
Jamie nodded and replied, ”You got that right."

At the hospital:
The doctor checked his pulse and sighed looking at the family and said, ”If Bob’s pulse doesn’t go up soon…he may die." Darlana cried on Bob’s shoulder as Sheila cried on the other.
Frank looked at Mr and Mrs. Hanson and said, ”If Star says he’ll be alright. Then he’ll be alright."
They smiled and nodded as they turned and left the room. As Mr and Mrs. Hanson left the room the one question each of them had on their minds was.... "Is Bob going to live…and is there a miracle?"

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