Somebody Save Us

Chapter 36

..And pulled out the spare chains to turn Star into a willing prisoner. Meanwhile, Jamie was in the back of the van, gently inserting the needle into her upper arm and she only winced in response.
"What're you doing to her?" Zac demanded.
"She's dangerous, we gotta chain her up too." He said softly.
"Jamie, shove over." Mac growled. Jamie slid to the side of Star, who was now woozy from the drug and proceeded to chain her up. She moaned as she slipped into the darkness of the sedative and was out for the count.
"Sorry boys, your turn. We decided, well, they decided that we weren't gonna take any pit stops. We're driving straight through to San Antonio, meaning we'll be there four days early. So guess when we'll be arriving to your new home?" Mac grinned evil like.
"Oh gee, could it be tomorrow night?" Bob shot out.
Mac ignored his sarcasm and nodded, "So...that means we'll hafta put all seven of ya under again. Sorry."
Jamie kneeled next to Taylor and rolled his sleeve up on his sweatshirt, which he noted hadn't been washed for ages, and quickly poked the needle into the tender skin of his inner elbow.
"Ohhh, what're you doing?" Taylor moaned sleepily. Before Jamie could reply, he fell back into a deep sleep and the man only shrugged in response. Moving on to Isaac, he noted the boy's eyes were filled with tears and he was shaking uncontrollably.
"Why're you doing this to us? Why?" He whispered.
"We need the money Ike. I'm sorry it has to be done this way." Jamie replied, pulling up Isaac's sleeve at the same time.
"But you didn't work for it, you didn't earn it." Ike continued to whisper.
"You think it's easy to watch seven teenagers? You think it's easy finding all the drugs, equipment, and funding for this? Oh we earned it alright."
"You had no right to take us, we all had schedule's to keep, concerts to do." Isaac stated, raising his voice.
"Shut up, we have every right to do this." And Jamie shoved the needle painfully into the young man's arm. But he wouldn't give the older man the satisfaction of him crying out, so he bit his tongue and waited for the inevitable.
Meanwhile, Mac had managed to put Scott, Clint, Zac, and Dave under. Leaving Bob the only one awake.
"Jamie, get him. And hurry." Mac snapped.
"Aye aye, captain." Jamie responded flippantly.
"Please, don't do this to us." Bob cried, twisting away from Jamie's rough hands.
"You're only making it harder, now hold still!" Jamie ordered, wishing the squirming boy would stop moving around.
"I'm gonna make it hurt if you don't knock it off!" He threatened.
Bob still wouldn't listen, determined not to go out without a fight. The fight left him as soon as Jamie sat on his chest and quickly jammed the needle in his arm. Bob grew weary and eventually felt nothing.
"Stronger then he looks." Jamie concluded.

The day passed into night as the roads were navigated by Jon and Will. San Antonio sounded a lot better to the men because of the warm weather. None of them looked forward to the van ride to Tulsa that would be performed in only a few more days after they arrived, but they knew the money would be well worth it. Come morning, all four men grew tired of the road totally and couldn't wait for the old broken down house to come into view. Only forty more miles till they arrived.
The house they planned on keeping the boys in could hardly be called a house at all. The paint on the walls had long since chipped off, littering the ground around the home. The only way in or out was the cellar door, used for tornadoes, or the front door that hung on only one hinge that creaked no matter how much it was oiled. All four men thought the house to look exactly as the haunted house did in the music video "Thriller", starring none other then Michael Jackson. Of the few windows there were, all were boarded up and in poor repair. Rats and mice littered the floors of the home in disgusting abundance while cockroaches and various other creepy crawlies invaded the kitchen and garbage heaps outside the home. Bats had made their presence known quite a while ago, their droppings covering the attic floor and in places where the floor had ceased to exist.
But it had a roof, they'd be able to hold down the fort with all the weapons brought along. There were only four bedrooms in the entire home and one bathroom which didn't work very well. Jamie and Mac would be forced to share a room while Jon and Will each took their own, leaving the eight captives having to sleep in a huddled pile on the floor. The room they'd be accommodated in had been reinforced all around to make sure escape wasn't a possibility. It was the only room without windows, the doorframes had been redone so the wood around it was now steel, as was the door. Escape wasn't going to happen and the boys knew they wouldn't try it anyway. Not after Clint was nearly shot in the head.
Upon arrival to their new "happy" home, the teens were promptly thrown into their room and quickly forgotten for the time being. Once they awoke, the cool temperatures of night would drive them into fits of painful shivering. The nights were long and cool in Texas, while days would be hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement. Three days of this callous treatment passed painfully, all of them being huddled in a mass in the far corner away from the door. A small closet with the sliding doors still intact was used as a bathroom, a large bucket used to hold their wastes. They were only fed once a day, around three in the afternoon and that was only a large glass of water and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Faith was crumbling faster and faster. Everyone losing hope in surviving the ordeal, the extreme heat and cold was enough to do that enormous deed. Soon enough, Tulsa would beckon their captors with the lush smell of ten million dollars and they'd be on the road again.

Taylor opened his eyes and started to stretch when his hand connected with some one's chin.
"Scott, don't." Clint whined, still sleeping.
Taylor grinned, his first real grin in weeks, and carefully unfolded himself from Zac, Bob, and Clint's arms and legs and headed for the bucket. He shivered violently the whole time he was up and quickly shivered his way back to the pile of sleeping bodies, momentarily feeling sorry for Star who was pressed lightly against Ike's back. The feeling passed as he soon realized she wouldn't even be in this position if she hadn't given their escape attempt a dead end. He could tell it was early morning by the temperature of the room and shook his head slowly. He knew this day would be even more depressing then the last three, cooped up in the sweltering room was going to drive him crazy. He sank to his knees next to Clint and slid his arms underneath the oldest triplets and curled up beneath them, feeling Bob's cold body pressing against his own in hopes at finding warmth. He did. If they escaped, Taylor knew he'd miss these bunch of guys like nothing else. He'd found brothers through this whole mess and he knew that if they escaped this alive, it'd all be worth it just to have them in his life now.
He shook his head again at how corny his thoughts were, but felt tears sting his eyes when he realized they were true. He now had four more brothers. He was sure the other's all felt the same way, they had to didn't they? He sighed deeply and rolled over so he was facing Bob and sank back into sleep.

Bob's eyes opened as soon as Taylor headed for the bucket, his source of heat leaving had woken him up. When Taylor returned, he waited for him to snuggle back into the pile of sleeping bodies before trying to get warmth again and was happy when Taylor didn't object with his own cold body touching his. Bob heard Tay sigh a couple times and wondered what he was thinking.
"Did he just have tears in his eyes?" Bob slowly shook his head and rested his chin, which was now nearly healed completely, on the top of Taylor's head and closed his eyes, sleep claiming him for the moment.

Dave opened his eyes and slammed his head back, connecting with somebody's body. Scott's face was only millimeters away from his own, including their lips. He heard a moan behind him and mumbled 'sorry' to the person he'd head butted. He couldn't believe how tight they were packed together, but it served its purpose, they all kept warm during the frigid evenings. He started pressing his legs against the person below him, feeling them move a little so he could get up and go to the bathroom but felt an arm wrap around his waist and pull him back to the pile. He could tell Zac was still asleep when he did this, but he was still a lot stronger then Dave was and had a good grip on him. He glanced at Zac's arms and could tell he was cold by the goose bumps that covered their surface.
"Ahh, that's why he pulled me back." Dave realized. He gently pulled the arm off and waited for the fourteen year old to slip into a deeper sleep before he tried to get up again. He saw his chance and bolted up, jumping over Star and Isaac and closed the closet doors behind him to conduct his business. Once finished, he opened the doors and stopped to stare at the people sleeping before him. There was no way he could have fit in that mass, no way. It was packed too tight! He grinned and waded back into the fray, sinking between Clint and Isaac this time and felt his cool skin heat up quickly.
"Ahhh, that's more like it."

"Ok, lets get in there with the guns and put em out, shall we?" Mac asked.
"Who's using the guns and who's got the blow guns?" Jamie asked.
"You and me. We got the dart blowers. Mac and Will got the guns." Jon filled him in.
The four men had finally found what they'd been missing the entire time they'd had the boys in their custody. Tranquilizer guns.
"Ok then, who shoots who? We can't shoot em twice, we could make em OD." Will made them all aware.
"Uhm, I'll get the oldest two. What are they? Scott and Isaac?" Mac said.
"As you say. I'll take Bob and Clint." Will stated, those were the only two he knew.
"I'll get Zac and Taylor." Jon said.
"And I'll do Bob and Star then." Jamie finished.
"After then...it's to Tulsa town!" Mac whooped and slapped his knee in excitement, "First, we call the parents and let em know."
They gave Mac that duty since the Hanson's and Moffatt's knew his voice. Their spokesperson let them know the drop point would be Tulsa's Point, a cliff edge over looking the city on the out skirts of town. Once this was finished, Mac hung up on the sobbing parents and made his way back to his comrades. It was time to dose up the kids.

The door to the boy's room opened slowly and without a squeak, the only door in the house that did so. The four men took their positions and each darted their first victim, reloading their guns as practiced.
"Hey!" Four voices shouted, then four more seconds later once they were hit too. Each captive tore the dart from their skin and stood up, still the huddled mass, and backed into their corner. Star felt her knees giving out and she sank to the floor, Isaac's large hands helping her down so she wouldn't hurt herself. The seven young men all succumbed to the drugs at the same time and fell to the floor with dazed expressions covering their faces. Soon the world as they knew it, turned black.

Scott shook uncontrollably and forced his strained eyes open. He sucked in a breath and leaned back. He was only a few feet from the edge of a cliff. To make it worse, one of the few things Scott was afraid of was heights and the men knew it. Why else do this to him? He tried to scream, but all that came out was a muffled yell and he noticed, and quite annoyed, that he had duct tape strung over his mouth. He growled and movement caught his attention.
Zac Hanson was tied down next to him, his head flopped on his chest, still conked out from the forced sleep they all had to endure. To his left, he caught sight of Taylor Hanson's blue eyes and the tears that were streaming down his cheeks. He wanted to know what was going on. That's when he caught a whiff of himself. His stomach dropped, his heart lurched in his chest, and he felt like he was going to throw up. He smelled gasoline. He looked down in despair, seeing the stuff all over him and knew that's why he was so cold. He knit his eye brows and looked at Taylor in compassion and felt tears start streaming down his cheeks too. This was it. They were going to die.

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