Somebody Save Us

Chapter 35

Mac turned on the intercom and said, ”Well I think she did the right thing. Anyway it turns out we're not going to hide you because in San Antonio Texas no one is friendly, and no one gives a damn about you freaks so…we should have no reason to hide you guys."
Star laid down and closed her eyes with the tears still dripping down. Taylor looked at her and scowled at her even though he knew she wouldn’t look. Sighing he laid down on his pillow and closed his eyes falling asleep.
Zac looked at Dave and whispered, ”Maybe we should cut Star a break?"
Dave nodded his head no and replied, ”The damn bitch hasn’t made it easier on us. Why should we with her?"
Taylor coughed as his throat became more irritated as he woke up. Taylor looked to Star and figured she had fallen asleep so he laid down trying to ignore the pain.
Taylor could no longer take the pain and said, ”Star I need a drink of water."
Star looked at him and turned away not saying anything.
Mac turned on the speaker and said, ”Star? Get him a drink of water."
Star replied, ”Well since your going to kill them anyway might as well do it by dehydration and starving. I think that’s a good punishment."
Taylor coughed for another ten minutes as he looked at Star with his pleading eyes. Star rolled her eyes and turned away.
Isaac said, ”Star? Please can’t you see he needs it?" Star stood up and approached Taylor leaning down. She took the cold liquid and poured it into his mouth.
Star said, ”Open your mouth Jordan." Taylor looked at her with a harsh look but opened his mouth so she could take a look.
Star’s eyes quickly filled with concern as she walked to the intercom and said, ”Mac we need some ice."
Mac got on the intercom and replied, ”We're pulling into a gas station now." Star nodded and sat back down on her seat staring into the space of her mind.
Taylor coughed some more and looked at her noticing she wasn’t in her right mind anymore. Star sighed as tears fell down her face.
Dave asked, ”Why is she crying again? Man she’s done this since we left. Can’t she just stop for ten minutes?
Taylor asked, ”Star can I have another drink? This is so unbearable I can’t take it." Star just stared off not listening to anyone or what they’ve said.
Suddenly the door to the van opened and in stepped Jamie.
Jamie set down the two bags of ice and said, ”Star snap out of it!" Star jumped and saw him hand her two bags of ice. She nodded and opened a bag dumping it in a cooler she had in the back to store the water and food. She took an ice cube out and walked over to Taylor.
She kneeled down beside him and said, ”Open up." Taylor opened up as she dropped the huge ice cube in his mouth.
Star said, ”Let me know when your finished…although that shouldn’t melt for a while. But enough to keep you quiet for the next 10-15 minutes."
Taylor glared at her but laid back down greatful she would at least give him the ice. Taylor laid down and fell asleep with the ice in his mouth.
Fifthteen minutes later Star got up and walked over to Taylor as she looked down into his mouth and saw the ice was gone. Star took out another piece of ice as she dropped it in his mouth carefully so’s not to wake him. Star sat down on her seat and looked at the collar that was attached around her neck feeling angry she tugged at it with all her strength and instead of loosening it she just pulled it tighter.
Mac came on the intercom and said, ”Star? Stop that! You're going to strangle yourself!" Star just ignored him as she pulled tighter and tighter on the chain hoping she would.
Mac sighed and said to his fellow captors, ”We have to sedate her before she hurts herself."
They pulled in a vacant area and grabbed a syringe that would knock her out for about fifthteen hours.
Mac said to Jamie, ”She is no longer a servant but she is a prisoner just like the others and shall be treated like one. I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this but…it finally did. In the trunk of the van there is some more body chains in case something happened to the boys but…Star needs to be restrained just like them."
Jamie bowed his head and went to the back of the trunk and brought the body chain out.
Mac said, ”Come on.. let’s sedate her and put the chains on." With that they got out of the van, opened the back door to the van and…

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