Somebody Save Us

Chapter 34

Zac's vision blurred as he opened his eyes, it felt as though he'd been asleep for years. He lifted his head, becoming overwhelmed with a strong bout of dizziness and grabbed onto the nearest body. He heard a groan and twisted his head back to see Bob's brown eyes staring hard into his and Zac looked down at his hand and jerked it back.
"Uh, sorry man." Zac blushed.
"S'ok. Just don't think I swing that way." Bob warned jokingly. You can only guess where Zac's hand landed.
Zac laughed nervously and nodded. He glanced around as his sight cleared up, glaring deeply at Star's sleeping form and shook his head. He'd never felt as angry at a person as he did at Star right now. He heard a moan and shifted his gaze so it was resting on Scott's face and he gave a meek smile when the older boy's eyes opened.
Scott asked, "What's goin on?"
"Not a whole lot, we're still driving though. Oomph! Obviously!" Zac giggled while saying this, the van having hit a pot hole in the road that sent all eight of them in the air. Zac heard a thump from the nearby trunk and wondered about it.
"Ohhh, my butt!" Ike groaned, "Zac. Quit laughing." Isaac snarled.
"Sorry." He said jokingly.
"Would you shits shut the fuck up? Thank you." Jamie growled. He wasn't in the best disposition, having to baby sit his captives since Star was zonked out.
"And why should we listen to you? You're just gonna kill us anyhow." Bob snapped.
"Why should you listen to me? This is why!" Jamie stood up quickly and walked over to the fragile looking Taylor and pressed the heel of his boot deeply into his chest. Taylor started coughing and tried to roll away from the shoe still not knowing anything was going on.
"Get the fuck offa him!" Ike shouted, trying to jump at the man, but just landed on top of Clint, Bob, and Dave. His feet were still chained.
Jamie pressed extra hard one last time, turned on his heel, and walked back to his seat. All the while stepping over bodies on his way.
The shade of red that Taylor's face had alarmingly assumed disappeared a minute later when he was able to breath. He started coughing and his eyes popped open as the coughing increased. Deep hacking coughs filled the back of the van. Everyone's eyes, excluding Jamie's, filled with tears as the coughing worsened.
"Breath Tay, hold the cough in!" Clint said urgently, "Hold it back!"
The six other young men became hysterical when Taylor started coughing up blood along with his saliva.
"Jamie! What the hell did you do to him?" Isaac screamed.
The older man looked panic stricken, so he jumped up and kneeled next to Taylor. He looked into his pain filled crystal blue eyes and felt extreme remorse for what he had done to the boy. He hardened his resolve and watched Taylor, waiting for him to breath in. The moment came and Jamie clamped his hand over Taylor's mouth and pinched his nose closed with the other. Taylor's eyes nearly bugged out of his head and his faced reddened to an impossible shade of purple. Perhaps thirty seconds later, his chest stopped heaving and his face started to drain of color. Jamie removed his hands, watching the boy exhale deeply and swallow.
"Water please." He rasped out. He winced at the pain in his throat, knowing now that the blood he'd coughed up was from his irritated throat.
Ice cold liquid poured into his throat. Taylor gulped it down greedily and watched Jamie bring an ice cube and drop it in his open mouth.
"Suck on this, tell me when it's gone." He said gruffly. Taylor nodded.
"Why isn't Star awake?" Clint wanted to know.
"She grabbed the wrong syringe. She's out for a couple more hours till the drug's work through her system." Jamie let him know, " Lay down and belt up till Star comes around." Jamie ordered.
"Yes Mama." Zac said, ever the smart allec.

Back in Edoras, Pennsylvania:

"Ok men, in position. Team seven, in place?" Officer Bacon whispered into his walkie talkie.
"Affirmative Bacon, over." Squad leader for team seven.
"Keep position the same, we don't want them getting out through the back." He warned. He checked with teams one through nine and got the go ahead.
"GO! GO! GO! GO! GO!" He screamed into his head set.
He heard doors slamming open in all directions of the house as his men swarmed past the front entrance gates and into the house. "No gunfire so far." Bacon noticed feeling relieved.
"The house is empty sir! Evidence of the boys presence here is an affirmative." Squad leader seven shouted into his walkie talkie and his head piece.
"Fuck! FUCKIN' A! God damn it!" Bacon roared, kicking his feet into the nearest wall, knocking holes easily into the wooden paneling.
"Bacon, Bacon! Don't give in, we'll find the bastards!" A young man yelled, standing next to the insane officer. It would take four men to get the struggling man into the back of a squad car to cool off.
When the squad leader looked around, tears welled up in his eyes when he found plans on various techniques of torture were sketched out on paper. He didn't want to know if any of these had been done to the young band members. He didn't.

Ring… Ring,… Ring… Ring.
"Hello!?" Walker screamed into the mouth piece of the phone.
"Is this Walker Hanson?" A voice asked.
"Yes, yes it is. Who is this? Who's speaking?" Walker demanded.
"You'd know me as Mac. Celion was too late." Mac said simply, and a dial tone filled Walker's ear.
His chin quivered and he collapsed to the floor, sobbing his heart ache out.
"No trace, it was too short." The same two women reported sadly.
"Why is he doing this? Why're you doing this God?" He screamed, "Why are you doing this to our boys?!?"

"Misery, is what I feel. When you're not around, so I can't heal, misery. What I feel, is what I feeeeeeel." Scott sung softly in an attempt to get rid of his boredom.
"That's cool Scott, who sings it?" Isaac asked.
Scott gave a wistful smile and told him, "We do. I had a girlfriend awhile back named Angie. She totally ripped my heart out, and turned me into a walking pile of depression. I had to get my feelings out and writing 'Misery' seemed like a good way to do it."
"Whoa, deeper then it seems." Taylor commented hoarsely.
"You okay Tay?" Zac asked of him.
"Yeah I guess. Jamie ran outta ice awhile ago though. What happened?"
"The dumb fuck dug his boot into your ribs, you started hacking like a dying horse and you woke up. Are you sure about the blood?" Isaac asked in concern.
"Yeah man, my throat's killing me and I'm not dead yet. So I think I just like, tore my throat lining." Taylor concluded.
Star suddenly sat up, startling everyone in the back. She reached for a water bottle and drank greedily for a minute. Setting the empty bottle down, she looked into Taylor's cold baby blues.
"How you guys holding up?"
"Like you'd give a fuck." Taylor grumbled.
"I do! What's wrong with you?" She indicated to the whole mass of males.
"What do you think? You dose us with something that conked us out for days on end and you scream when we tried to escape! Ya know what? I don't think you care about anyone but yourself, why else do all that?" Zac yelled at her, while Jamie looked on in amusement.
"Because Celion was back there!" She cried out desperately.
"And for all you knew she was dead! They coulda said she was alive and she really coulda been in a hole out back! You dumb bitch, we're gonna die because of you! You're the one who's gonna kill us, not them! You killed us!" Dave screamed.
"No! I didn't mean to! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" She started sobbing.
"It's too late for sorry's Star. You know that. You killed us. It's all your fault, all of it. You killed us." Taylor's ghostly, flat voice sang out.

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