Somebody Save Us

Chapter 33

The group went into the conference room and sat down.
Mac said in a pleasant voice, ”Well gentlemen I have decided where to go. We're going to go to San Antonio, Texas."
Jamie replied, ”But Mac? That’s 1,567 miles and it’s in a hot area. What do ya want us to do…fry?"
Mac said,” Well Jamie... we're moving there because the bitch escaped and we all know there’s an abandoned house out there in the hills and Tulsa’s not too far away."
Will nodded and asked, ”When should we leave?"
Mac replied, ”Celion probably made it to the police already. So I’m thinking tonight and I have arm cuffs to pin the boy’s hands behind them while we travel and a little video tape to show the parents of those boys. I want to cause them pain and suffering and I’m going to do it one way and the other way as well. Torture them, then kill em, making their parents watch ever waking minute as their boys are burned in the fire we set. But they can still be alive and unharmed if…the parents of the boys cooperate fully. If not…well they better be prepared to make the funeral arrangements for them."
All of them stood up.
Mac said, ”Here are the arm cuffs for them. They attach in the back of the waist chains and pin their arms behind them making it impossible to do anything."
He handed three of them to Jamie and said, ”You Jamie will cuff Clint, Taylor, and Bob. Will, you will do the same to Dave, and Zac. And you Jon... you will do the same with Isaac, and Scott."
Everyone followed out as expected and back to the rooms. Star stood and watched as Mac came out.
Mac smiled and said, ”It will be a pleasure to watch you burn right along with them. But…it will also be a shame. You were such a good slut. But life goes on."
Star yelled, ”I AIN’T NO DAMN SLUT... YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" After that her eyes looked to the floor.
Star bowed her head and said, ”It doesn’t matter to me anymore. I’m going to die someday. Might as well be when I’m sixteen."
Mac replied, ”Well glad you're excepting it like a true hero."
Star looked at him and said, ”I’m no hero. I’m a bitch who hasn’t any right to be living and I’ve never had the right either. So please kill me and not wait another day. That’s something I’d be glad so do it and get it the hell over with."
Mac laughed and said, ”Get your ass in the van. We're leaving right now. Just as soon as the gang comes back with the boys and you're taking care of them again. I don’t care if they object. You're going to follow orders and follow them without mistakes. Got me Star?"
Star nodded and said, ”Yes sir. I just wish I hadn’t screamed…and then they might still have a chance at living."
Mac looked at her and said, ”They still do. If their parents cooperate and I mean fully…and if you do as well."
Star turned to see Taylor go out the door with his hands pinned to the back attached to chains holding them.
Pretty soon everyone was laying down on the floor of the van with their arms chained behind them as well as their chain suits that they’d been wearing for about a week. Mac reached for seven sedatives and pulled them out.
Mac said, ”Star sedate them. We have over 1,567 miles to travel and I think it will take about a week to get there. I know this abandoned house in Texas and that’s where we will go."
Star started to get up and sedate the boys but was quickly stopped by Will.
Will took the collar and hooked it around her neck and said, Go ahead and put them out."
Star approached Isaac who was the first one. Isaac looked away not even trying to look at her seeing as though she wouldn’t understand. Star took the syringe and stuck it into Isaac’s left arm as tears of pain came from his eyes. Slowly he closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.
She approached Taylor and he looked at her with hatred and yet at the same time understanding. She stuck the syringe into him as he let out a cry of pain. Slowly he lost all thought as he drifted into a sound sleep.
Zac looked up at her and said, ”You aren’t a slave. You have the right to say no."
Star shook her head no and stuck the needle into his arm causing him to yelp as he fell asleep.
She said, ”I must for the sake of you and the others." With that Zac drifted into a sound sleep.
Once she had all of them sedated she found a syringe full of the medication used as a sedative she took the top off and injected it into her arm. She then fell into a deep sleep. The boys shot’s would last for 10 hours but star's would last for 12 and when she woke up she would discover the pressure of both the kidnappers, and the boys.

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