Somebody Save Us

Chapter 32

"Hiya guys." Star murmured quietly to the young men lying prostrate on their beds. She received cold stares from both, but sub zero temperatures flew from Zac's eyes, boring into hers. She shuddered as she drew near the beds, undecided to who she would attend to first but was quickly drawn to Dave when Zac started glaring at her with something close to hatred.
"How can he even look at me like that?" She thought to herself, feeling despair rise in what was left of her soul.
"Dave, I gotta take that I.V. out ok?" She waited for some sign of acknowledgment to come from him, but all she got was a blank stare, like the eyes of a shark moving in on a kill.
"Please answer me Dave." She pleaded.
"Don't fucking touch me." Came a voice that sounded nothing like Dave.
"What do I do?" She asked Mac.
Mac smirked at her and motioned for her to figure it out on her own.
She looked back into his eyes, pleading with him to make her job easier and maybe she'd have a shred of respect left if she was lucky once this ordeal was over. She positioned herself close to his left hand where the I.V. was located a little above the left knuckle in one of his blue veins. She reached her hand down to grasp a lifted edge of tape that was stuck to his hand. Star cried out in surprise and shock when the hand was jerked away.
"Dave, you're only making this harder on yourself. Come on, you don't want one of them doing it, or one of em sitting on you to take it out." She advised seriously.
"Fuuuuuuuck oooooooff." He stretched out the syllables, as if expanding them would make her understand his wishes to be left alone.
"Dave, the IV's gonna get infected if I don't take it out. They haven't cleaned it yet or at all the past few days. And once this comes out they'll feed you." She thought the last part up, hoping that his painfully empty stomach would help convince him.
"You dirty bitch, you almost shot Clint!" Zac's voice came.
"I didn't mean to Zac!" She cried, spinning around quickly, causing her long hair to create a curtain around her slim waist.
Zac looked her in the eye, measuring her up before he pounced on her. Or he tried to pounce on her but only succeeded in ripping his I.V., causing him to grit his teeth against each other in order not to let his discomfort show and landed on top of Star. He managed to straddle her and grab a handful of hair for each fist and slammed her head into the ground twice before a much larger force sent Zac to the floor, knocking his own head on the concrete floor. This time he couldn't hold back his screech as the hard floor left a tell tale lump on the back of his head.
"You DO not TOUCH the girl! You think of her as one of US do you get me?" Mac screamed into his face, so furious he caused a large globule of spit to land on Zac's tear stained cheeks.
"No sir." He muttered weakly before he rested his head on the floor and passed out cold.
"Star, clean his hand up and then work on getting Dave's tube out." Mac ordered.
Star held back tears of pain and confusion as she tried to sit up without passing out herself. What had she done to cause so much hate to flow out of such a loving boy? Mac left the room after putting Zac back onto his bed.
"Star, you don't get it do you?" Dave's voice called out while she was cleaning Zac's enlarged wound.
"Get what?" She asked simply.
Dave sighed and shook his head slowly, "You don't get it. You really don't get it. As far as we're concerned, you just killed us. We coulda been home free if you hadn't of screamed like that. What the hell were you thinking?" He wailed.
"I couldn't leave Celion there." She mumbled.
"We coulda come back for her, you know that and stop shaking your head because you know it's true." He snarled, "You've put all of us in danger and now we're all gonna die. You included."
"They don't plan to kill you, only me." She stated sadly.
"No, no they'll kill us. Or why go through all of this?" He raised his arms to indicate the house, "They could have just taken us to some small, run of the mill warehouse and tied us to chairs and leave us like that till they get their money and then release us. They're doing this to prove, and I use the word prove heavily, that we're gonna get out of this unscathed either way."
"How do ya figure?" Star wanted to know.
"Our parents'll think they're taking care of us, keeping us unlocked in big rooms. Not chained down like animals. They're going to kill us and it's your fault. When they pull the trigger, when they hit the switch to set off the bomb, when they throw the match to light us on fire, it's not only them doing it; it's you too." He ended with a harsh note.
"No Dave, it's not like that!" Her voice fluttered around on different pitches from her emotions.
"Yes it is. The second you screamed out there, you killed us all. You ruined our families lives, you ruined it all Star. IT'S YOUR FAULT!" He yelled at her.
"Dave, it's not like that! Now, if you want to avoid a beating, I suggest you shut up and let me take out the damn I.V." She ended, just as harsh as Dave was. She was hoping for cooperation or a flinch from her mean voice, but she only received a mocking grin.
"Just remember this Star. It was you, not them alone, who killed us. It's your fault they're gonna kill Celion, you, and us." He finished grimly, moving his hand away from his side.
"Shut the hell up!" She sobbed openly, tears of anger and frustration along with guilt, rolled down her smooth cheeks as she carefully pulled the plastic tube from Dave's vein. She stormed to the door and pounded to be let out.

"Yeah, what?"
"I gotta go as bad as I gotta eat." Scott said.
"Thanks, I needed to know that." Ike shoved his face even deeper in his pillow.
"You're welcome princess." Scott cooed sweetly.
"Ohhh, how cute! We get to have pet names for each other." Isaac said, playing along, "I shall call you…Mini me." He stated accurately like that of Dr. Evil's and even added the dreaded, 'muahahahaha' at the end of his sentence.
Scott started laughing in loud snickers at Ike, "Dude, I'm so glad I got stuck with you! I'd die if I was with Taylor."
"Gawd, you're so lucky! The twins are probably dead by now from Taylor's endless yammering on play boy bunnies." Ike laughed even harder.
"What!?" Scott shrieked.
"Yup, Tay's an expert on all that! Isn't that sad?"
"No! It's gross! What does he do..."
Scott's comment was cut short as the door opened to reveal Mac and a depressed looking Star standing in front of him.
"Don't touch her. Don't try and avoid her. Let her take the IV's out or you'll answer to this." Mac pulled out a gun.
Ike and Scott nodded simultaneously. Star approached cautiously even though they'd been given a terse warning.
Both cooperated fully and soon enough they were left to their thoughts as they roamed around the room.

"Where're we gonna move em to? That Celion should be back any day if she made it in the city." Jamie commented.
"Yeah, we gotta get outta here and lets make it snappy. Where to Jon?" Mac asked.
"Lemme think for awhile, I'll tell ya later. Meet back here, all of you, in two hours to discuss moving plans." Jon said in a business like manner.
Everyone but Jon stood up and left the room, leaving him in deep thoughts about how he was gonna talk his partners into going to Tulsa more then four months ahead of schedule.

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