Somebody Save Us

Chapter 31

Taylor laid on his back looking around the room noticing Star over at the other corner of the room.
Just then Jamie came in and said, ”Ok Star... Taylor and the others seem to be awake so you can take the I.V's out of them now."
Star replied, ”I thought you were going to sedate them through their I.V's." Jamie looked at her and slapped her across the face.
Smiling he said,” For the next two weeks you will watch them and when we transport them then we will sedate them. But until then you watch them."
Jamie looked at her and added, ”You are one fucked up, ugly bitch headed slut you know that?"
Star put her head to the ground. Jamie approached her and put his hands on her hips. Star stiffened up and backed away. When she looked up she saw Jamie smiling and walked out the door locking it behind him.
Star approached Taylor and knelt next to him. Taylor’s eyebrows went down as he had an angry look on his face.
Star looked at him and said, ”Don’t bother wasting your strength at being mad at me Taylor. Just put it all behind you. You’ll be going home soon and me…well you know."
Taylor whispered, ”Why did you turn against us? I thought you were my friend…our friend. And for betraying us…I cannot trust you anymore no matter if you are going to get us home. I cannot trust a person who thinks of nothing but to follow directions. Just leave me alone."
Star looked at the ground with tears in her eyes and to his arm.
Star said, ”This might hurt a little bit." Star took the tape off as gently as she could with Taylor only looking into her eyes. She pulled the I.V out of his hand and turned to take Bob’s I.V out also and then Clint. Bob looked at her with sorrow in his eyes.
Star said to him, ”Don’t even try to start and feel sorry for me. I don’t like it when people do that and think, 'Oh poor girl she gets bossed around like some bitch on the street'. I ain’t no bitch and never will be."
Bob looked at her and then to the ceiling not saying a word to her. Star gently took the I.V out as he cringed from the pain it caused. Bob took a sigh of relief as his I.V was taken out. Clint just looked at her and turned away not liking her for getting them caught.
Star whispered, ”I’m sorry Clint. I had my orders to or else Celion would have been killed if I did not help catch you."
Clint said, ”You're treated like a dog, sexually harassed, abused and yet you do not care. You keep doing. Pretty soon you’ll learn to spread your arms and fly and the only way to do that is to kill yourself. You’ll get that desperate to escape this and…well that’s it."
Star whispered, ”After they return you…or I don’t know if they are. But after they take care of you they’ll take care of me. Only…they’ll take care of me in a different way though."
Taylor asked, ”What do you mean in a different way?"
Star looked at him and said,” I’ll be killed by a fire set on me or a gun to the head. I get choices on how I want to die."
Taylor moved his arms and felt the chain move with them. Tears slowly rolled down his cheeks as he looked down at the chains and at Star.
Star looked at him and went over to him.
Taylor looked the other way and said, ”Please Star I..I don’t want you near me. I shall never forgive you."
Mac opened the door and said, ”Time for you to go and take the I.V's off the other four."
Star stood up still looking at Taylor when suddenly Mac yelled, ”COME ON YA DAMN BITCH! WE AIN’T GOT ALL DAY!"
Star ran out the door and down the hall to where Dave and Zac’s room were. Star knew she would have comments flying over her head when she walked in the door.

Mac opened the door to Zac, and Dave’s room. When Star went in she noticed the boys gave her death glare looks.
Star thought, ”Oh great. Now I have to deal with the devil boys. I know Zac’s really pissed off at me, but I have my orders and right now I wonder if they’ll let me take the I.V's out. I hope they don’t make this hard for me. That’s the last thing I need."
Little did Star know that she would find out just how mad Zac and Dave were at her.

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