Somebody Save Us

Chapter 30

Celion didn't know where she was going. She only knew one thing. She had to help the defenseless brothers back at the house and save her little sister's life. She'd been trying to hitchhike her way from the outskirts of town where the prison like house was located to the town itself. She was beyond frustrated as yet another car drove past her, swooshing her hair into her eyes.
"God damn it!" She knew she looked horrible from being confined for so long, but why couldn't they just stop and ask her why she was crying? Then, a bit of hope shone through as an idea struck her despaired heart. She looked down at her clothes that were in perfect shape and grinned. She dug her hands into the center of her shirt and ripped away a section as hard as she could and left a large gap that looked horrible. She found a piece of glass on the side of the road and wrapped the torn section of her shirt around the dulled edge and used the sharper side to cut a large rip down one side of her left knee and through the glass away once she finished. Once done, she smiled with satisfaction.
"Now lets see some one not stop." She said aloud.
She continued her long walk with an added limp for affect when she heard tire's crunching on gravel about twenty feet behind her. She turned around and started crying with relief. "A cop!"
"Sir you, gotta help me please! Sir, mysisterwaskidnappedandsowashansonandthemoffattsandIknowwheretheyare!" Celion spat out in a mile second, causing the officer to shake his head quickly and order her to stop.
"Whoa.. whoa, slow down! Now get in the car. You look terrible, what happened?"
"It's a long story sir. My parents were murdered six years ago and my little sister was kidnapped by the killers. They almost got me too, but luckily they didn't. And Hanson! Oh my god, I know where Hanson and the Moffatts are!" She suddenly yelled.
"How would you know that missy?" He asked curiously.
"They stopped at our hotel in Tulsa with the boys in the back of a van and Star, my sister, was there to. I came to ask them something. I can't remember what, but..."
"Who's 'them'?"
"The kidnappers! No lemme finish! Anyway, I looked in the door and they were all tied up and gagged sitting on a bed. I tried to run off but they got me to and chained me with Star. There's a mansion or a house back there with a million halls, nets, gates, and cameras. Last I heard they had the boys locked in rooms together. The doors were solid metal and nobody could get out. I think they had the guys from each band with guys from the other band by age or something." She stopped for a breath and the officer spoke.
"Can you tell all this and expect me to believe you?" He asked with a country accent.
"Put me under a damn polygraph! I'm not lying!" She shouted.
"Those things aren't proof positive, they aren't fully accurate."
"What do you wanna know then!? Ask me a question and I'll answer it."
"What're the kidnappers names?" He asked smugly. Thousands of teenage girls had claimed to know the whereabouts of the boys, but it'd turned to a dead end each time.
"Will, Jon, Mac, and Jamie!" She said quickly.
The man slammed the breaks on and looked at her wide eyed, "Repeat that!"
"Will, Jon, Mac, and Jamie!" She spat out happily. He believed her!
He immediately turned the siren on and sped the car to ninety and high tailed it back to the police station. Little did he know Celion was too late to help…

After Star helped the boys do what they needed to do, changed their bed clothing, and helped with the IV's, she soon learned what would happen next.
"Now, we're gonna move the boys somewhere else cause that bitch's sister got away. We shouldn't have waited for so long to do it and you all know it." Will pointed a thick finger at the surrounded group of fellow captors.
"Yeah, we know. But look how far out we are, but could she do?" Jamie asked.
"Do you even think before you open your damn mouth? She coulda hitchhiked out to town by now and be bringing somebody here and nab us!" He complained.
"So, where we gonna move em to?" Jamie asked quietly. They always made him feel so stupid, he couldn't stand it sometimes.
"I dunno yet, somewhere close by, but not to close. Maybe one state over." Will stated, receiving nods all around.
"Lets try and get this done in the next two days. Give the sedative time to really knock em flat. It'll be easier to transport them. Right?" Jamie asked.
"Yeah, for once kid you're thinking like you should have for all these years." Mac stated, feigning being proud.
"Ya know, fuck you. Shut the hell up and stop treating me like a damn four year old." Jamie growled between clenched teeth. He stormed from the room, leaving planning to the other three men so he could think.
"What crawled up his ass?" asked Jon.

"You didn't get a good look at the house then?" Officer Bacon asked.
"No sir, I hopped the fence and took off. I didn't wanna get caught. Mac forgot to lock my door and I had to jet before he knew I ran off." She said, quite back to being frustrated at the constant requestioning.
"Were any other escape attempts made?" asked some man she didn't know.
"Yeah, Bob tried to make a break for it once. He kicked the entire door out of its frame and made it to the front door before he got tackled, or so I heard, and thrown into the pit."
"What's the pit?" Officer Bacon wanted to know.
"It's a tiny room, like really small, with no lights, a two foot wide bed and they keep you there for a few days if you were really bad."
"How long did he stay in there?"
"I don't know, Jamie didn't say." She stated quietly.
"Who else made attempts to get out?" Responding to a questioning look, he then said, "Charles Hamner, Ham." He said smiling.
"Well…Ham...uh, Taylor's door was unlocked one night and he got his brother's out and they were running for help and they got caught before they made it to the gates. They brought Isaac and Zac in. From what Jamie said I'm assuming they left Taylor gagged and tied up under a hedge under the house for the night." She said unhappily, a frown plastered on her face.
"Any others?" Ham pressed.
"One more, besides me anyway. I don't know who, but somebody got out of their room and all seven of the guys got out with Star. They made it over the fence but the jack asses caught up with them with pit bulls and got them back in except for Zac and Clint....I think. Yeah, it was Zac and Clint. Those two were gonna go for help, but I guess they came back in and Star nearly shot Clint in the head when Mac yelled at her. But then they caught them. That's about it."
"They seem kinda clumsy, careless even with their hostages don't they? How many times was that? Four times getting away. Not bright cookies are they?" He stated that more as an opinion rather then a question.
"No sir, I don't think they've really had this many people under their care before." Celion put in. She received nods from all those in attendance.
"So, how are you gonna get in there and get my sister out?" She questioned.
"Well, we'll think of something and I'm sorry to say we can't tell you. Hush hush, can't tell ya anything till the heist goes down." Officer Bacon stated seriously.

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