Somebody Save Us

Chapter 29

"Mmm, coffee." Jamie inhaled the heavenly aroma of the dark liquid and checked the surveillance video screens for any snooping people he might find. One picture caught his attention. There was Star in the kitchen, one room away from him, with a knife.
"Dear god!" His mind screamed. He tore out of his chair and raced into the kitchen.
He snatched the knife from her hands and started yelling, "What in god's name were you doing?"
"You fucking assholes have no god damn right to keep me here anymore! You're just gonna kill me anyway and I thought I'd save you the trouble!" She screamed at him, tears streaming down her creamy cheeks.
"We don't have the right to keep you, I know. But we do have you so you can't go killing yourself blondie." He stated, picking up one of her golden locks.
"Don't touch me, nobody here cares about me. Why does it matter that I stay alive?" She dared him to answer.
He winced and answered quickly, "We need you to care for the boys still while they're put under. You'll be filling their i.v.'s with what they need and helping them to the bathroom when they wake up. You'll do this three days from now." He told her.
"Why three days? I thought you said it was three weeks."
"The other guys are dumb asses. They read the label wrong. Plus we need you to take care of them when we leave for Tulsa and you'll get the honors of holding the match when we light em up like Christmas." He stated smugly.
"I am not going to hold the god damned match, you can't make me! I won't listen to you if you're just gonna kill me off anyway!" She screeched.
"Shut the fuck up! You'll do whatever we want you to fucking do!" He knew he was being too gentle, he needed to buckle down and let Star know who's boss.
"I'll scream, they'll know where you are and I won't listen to you anymore!"
"You'll listen to us! We know how much you care about those boys and if you wanna see em live you'll do what we say!"
"I'll run and get help you asshole!" She threatened.
"You think I give a flyin fuck what you do? Only in one way! You do what we say! Now lets go!" He roughly grabbed her arm and started dragging towards the "pit" room where she would stay until she was further needed. She fought kicking and screaming the whole way along and finally managed to sink her teeth into an exposed stretch of arm and got a firm grip on the flesh.
"OWWW! You fucking bitch! What the hell!? JON! MAC! WILL!" He screamed. He started slapping her on the top of the head to try and get her to let go, but she just dug her teeth in deeper.
"Fuck, let go now damn it!" He screeched.
Just then Will, Jon, and Mac ran in and took in the scene before them and started laughing.
"Quit laughing and get over here!" Jamie screamed.
The four men jogged over tried pulling her off, but Jamie would yell and cause them to stop. They were puzzled for a moment before Jon looked Star in the eyes and put his large hand on her side. She stayed motionless as he started to squeeze, slowly adding pressure. Tears streamed down her cheeks once more but she still held on. She sunk her incisors even deeper into the whimpering man's arm. She finally let go when Jon put so much pressure on her stomach that she started wheezing and coughing.
Jamie yanking his aching arm away and slammed his booted foot into her other side, "Stupid bitch!" Was his only comment as he scuttled off to the bathroom with Will hot on his heels to help bandage his arm.
"That was a really dumb thing to do girlie." Mac advised.
"Like I give a fuck about his arm! You have no right to keep me then kill me!" Star screamed as she still coughed from the pressure on her stomach.
Mac smiled and said, ”You will care when you see the only friends that you’ve had burn in a pit of fire with you joining them. I assure that we will kill you like them. Sorry to say you would have made a good prostitute but that’s life.
Star looked at him and replied, ”I’m not a prostitute nor will I ever be one. I’m a clean-cut girl."
Mac laughed and said, ”No you’re a slut. Always was a slut and always will be to the day you die…which isn’t long. So enjoy your time with the boys now and enjoy your time on this earth because you won’t be here for long…nor will the boys. Plus you're ugly…you're as ugly as a person can get with that stupid blond dye Jamie let you have, and those hazel eyes. Yuk! You are the most stupidest dumb looking, no good talented, lazy eyed bitch I’ve ever seen. You're so ugly I don’t even think you should live to see another day…but since we need you then you have to."
Star’s eyes filled up with tears as those words were spoken after several seconds she asked, ”Then why not just kill me now and be done with it?"
Mac replied, ”For the boys…once they die…you die along with them."
Star stood still not knowing what to say, finally she said, ”That would be a pleasant experience for me. At least I would be able to be free from you and your constant abuse."
Mac slapped her across the face and took her arm dragging her to the pit room without much trouble. When he got there he opened the door and pushed her in locking the door and said, ”You’ll stay in here for three days until you are needed with the boys so have fun."
Star replied” Go screw your fucking pit bulls. Mac laughed and replied, ”That be you Star…since you're so desperate for a man…you’d go screw dogs for pleasure."
Star sat down on the floor and cried. She said to herself, ”I’m not a slut. I’m a person with a kind heart for people…and I’m forced to dress like one! Oh god... please take me away from this place and up where my mother and father are."

Celion paced around her room nervously and thought, ”Oh god please let us get out of this thing alive."
Just then Mac opened the door with a tray. Celion backed up against the wall fearfully.
Mac said, ”Here’s your supper. It ain’t much, but it’s all there is around this crappy place…or at least for the prisoners like yourself and those boys. We still have to put I.V's in them. Anyway I’ll be back to check on you in about an hour. That should give you plenty a time to eat."
With that Mac shut the door and walked out forgetting to lock it. When Celion didn’t hear that click her mind screamed for her to escape and find help. Walking slowly she opened the door and made sure no one was outside. Seeing nobody around she stepped out into the hall and saw the front door from afar. She ran out the front door without anybody knowing. Smiling to herself she quietly shut the door and ran to the gate and jumped over it.
Once over it she turned back and said, ”Good-bye little sister. I’ll be back I swear, and may god bless you with hope and faith. I love you."
Turning and running out of town to find someone that would save Star and the boys from certain death. Tears rolled down the side of Celion’s face as she prayed for them to be safe.

Three days went by slowly for Star as she stared at a wall in deep thought. Suddenly the door opened and in stepped Mac.
Mac looked at her and said, ”Come on. We're going to Taylor, Bob, and Clint’s room first so you can help them. They’re not awake yet, but they will be in a few minutes. By the way your damn sister escaped about three days ago and if she’s still around here we will shoot her in the head and kill her."
Star followed Mac to Taylor, Clint, and Bob’s room hoping they weren’t still mad at her. Little did she know they were still past the ticked off mark.

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