Somebody Save Us

Chapter 28

Walker sat down on the couch heavily and wiggled around to get some room, after all, there were five people sitting on a couch made for four. Theother seats were filled with special investigators, FBI, and various other organizations. The screen turned from blue to gray then to black as the Moffatt boys came into view; curiously enough, they were wearing chains. The quiet of the room upset the audience of the video and they were startled when Bob suddenly spoke, then Dave (Frank smiled when he saw his son squint and try to read the small print on the paper), Scott, and Clint last. The three parental units for the Moffatt boys gasped and buried their faces into their hands when Scott announced that they were going to sing "Frustration." It hadn't taken them long to record the song in the studio, only a take but Scott's lisp was a lot more noticeable then it was in the other songs on Chapter One. The song concluded with all four boys crying and then a small young woman came onto the screen.

"Mr. and Mrs. Hanson, Moffatt family my name is Shooting Star. Star, and I've been used to care for your sons while they've been here. The guys haven't been on their best behavior and that's why they're chained. They nearly succeeded in escaping a short while ago, but under my error they were caught. Mr. and Mrs. Moffatt, I nearly shot your son Clint in the head also, I'm truly sorry. Clint and Zac were on their way back in the manor to try and break out the rest and I was ordered to shoot. Clint wouldn't stop laughing about it." She added wryly.
"Moving on. If the money isn't delivered at the drop point, you're sons, who'll be tied and doused with gasoline, will be set to fire and that's the end of it. If you cooperate, nothing bad will come of your sons. I wish you all the best because you raised good children whose faith in you hasn't faltered. Bye." The girl, Star, gave a meek wave and walked out of camera range.

Darlana wiped the tears off her rosy cheeks and smiled through all the sadness.
"The boys have never sounded better then they just did." She stated with a proud sadness.
Walker nodded in agreement, he'd never heard the voices of the Frank's children before and his first listen wasn't a disappointment.
"Very talented. I'm sorry to say this, but I didn't expect them to be so good. You're lucky you've got four boys, they're voices blend so well together." Walker stated.
"Please? The other video." Diana begged.
"Oh, right." And he popped it in.

The same message as before was shown, instead this time it was a picture of the Hanson boys and they sang "Save Me."

In the middle of the song Diana couldn't take it anymore and she burst into sobs, running from the room. Walker had never heard his sons sound so earnest and pure before, so he couldn't tear himself away from the couch until the video ended. He didn't know how long that video would haunt him for, he just knew that it would. It was an ordeal almost to listen to the boys voices belt out the tune. Even though he knew the song was meant in a different context, hearing them singing out 'save me' over and over in the chorus was enough to kill him.
"Di? Don't worry, we'll get them back with us. God knows they've done nothing to deserve this. He'll help save them." He cooed in her ear and turned her around from his current position and gave her a deep passionate kiss; a great stress reliever rest assured.
"Errrm, sorry to interrupt, but we've got something here." The lead investigator waved a sheet of paper in front of Walker's eyes.
"Come on, this way." He waved the couple back to the living room and proceeded to show them what they'd been faxed.
"This here says it's from four men who call themselves Mac, Jon, Will, and Jamie. We're unsure if that's their real names or what have you. But they say the location where they want the money dropped. And they mentioned what the girl in the tape did; the boys will be covered in fuel and a lit match will be close by." He paused to let this sink in. They'd had the money for a short while and the kidnappers knew it, so they'd cut the date back severely.
"No, no they can't do that! That's not fair! They'll kill them!" Sheila cried and started to pace helplessly around the room. Frank watched on sorrowfully, allowing his beautiful wife to vent stress so easily.
Charles, the lead investigator, sighed heavily. He'd seen cases like this before and they rarely turned out very happily. And it was frustrating him to know that they couldn't get any dirt on these men. How were they able to hide their tracks so efficiently was beyond his comprehension, but he did know he was far beyond annoyed, his was furious that he wasn't able to help these kind people. He was amazed at how well the remaining Hanson children got along and how well they listened to their parents as well. Somehow the three parents for the Moffatt boys got along great with each other and had only fought once the entire time. He couldn't recall what it was about though, he doubted it mattered. What mattered now was trying to make this go as smoothly as he possibly could manage it.
"Ok people, we need to listen to what's down on the paper alright everyone?"
"Yes." Came five voices.
The investigator read the paper out loud and it read…

Dear Moffatt and Hanson family it is by now that you have found our demands and are trying to think weather or not to give in to us. Well I’ll make the choices simple for you…if you do not have the money in three weeks then we will set your kids on fire and video tape them for you to watch. This might be the last time you see your kids again and that girl Star…well I think you knew her from about 6 years ago. Although you probably knew Celion better, seeing as though they lived beside you. I’m killing her once she served her purpose and no I will not keep her alive after she has finished her job of caring for your boys. The drop off point will be at acres lot. An abandoned lot near the east point of Tulsa. You should know where it is. Anyway your boys will send you another tape in three weeks once they wake up from the sleeping drug I gave them because they are no use to me right now…but will be in about three more weeks… Well since their waking up in three weeks then you have 5 weeks to make the drop off point. Wait for us there and if your not there by 6:20 pm we kill them. See ya when I kill em…


Everyone in the room was silent except the sound of the phone ringing.
Walker picked the phone up and said, ”Hello? The other voice on the line replied, ”I will carry out my threats accordingly as I see fit. You will have the money ready in 5 weeks or your sons will die."
With that Jamie smiled and hung up the phone thinking he had put them on edge for the time being. Walker hung the phone up slowly and looked to the people who had their detecting device up to the phone.
The two women bowed and said, ”To fast to trace."
Walker nodded and sat back down on the couch with his wife and new friends.

Star walked into her bathroom discovering a knife on the sink that had been used to cut meat from the kitchen.
She picked it up and said, ”If Macs just going to kill me I’ll beat him to it." With that Star held the knife up to her left wrist and was about to cut when…

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