Somebody Save Us

Chapter 27

Mac sat in the conference room looking around for the chains for the kid’s hands for when they travel to Tulsa along with their body chains.
Mac spotted them over by the cabinet and said, ”Ah they’re they are. I’m going to have Star go check on them to see if they are alright. Man that girl looks like a slut with that outfit on…maybe I should get her a skirt that goes to her feet and a longer shirt. I don’t like how Will, and Jon always look at her…especially Jon. Man that guy is something else when it comes to Star. It’s like he wants to beat her and kill her. I don’t understand why she’s just the forced help around here and I think Star’s been too nice to Jon. Next time he calls her a slut then she has my permisstion to hit him. I’m the only one who’s allowed to call her names. She’s my damn servant to."
Just then Star came in and looked at Mac.
Mac turned and said, ”Go bring the guys their supper and make sure it isn’t applesauce. They seem to notice the white sleeping powder in there, so give them some jello and hide the sleeping powder this time."
Star asked, ”Why do you want them to sleep and how long will it put them out?"
Mac replied, ”Because they need to relax and because we don’t need them for a good long time. Not for three weeks…and the sleeping powder will wear off in three weeks when we need them. When they wake up, then they’ll take a shower and get ready for the last and final tape that we have to send. You will be in the next video and explain their progress and how they’re doing."
Star nodded and got the cherry flavored jello out of the refrigerator and pored some in bowls setting them on trays and putting the powder on and mixing it in with the jello.

Star walked out of the room and came upon Isaac and Scott’s room. She slid the key card in and opened up the door. She looked and discovered both of them on their beds sleeping. She set the tray down beside both of them and gazed into their faces. Isaac opened his eyes to reveal Star looking at him. Feeling frustration and mad at Star he simply faced the other direction and closed his eyes again.

Star sighed and walked out not bothering to lock the door behind her seeing as though they won’t wake up for about three more weeks.

Once Star was gone he sat up looking onto the floor and discovered the tray sitting there. He picked his bowl up and discovered a note under his. It read...
Hi Isaac and Scott,

I know you’re still probably pissed off at me for ruining your plans of escape. I’m sorry something inside me just kind of snapped and I hope you find it in your hearts and forgive me. I promise not to let anything happen to you guys. I know those chains are probably uncomfortable for you and probably tight around your waists when you walk seeing as though the waist chain moves with your feet and tighten. I’m sorry about that. I hope you're okay with the jello and not that applesauce you guys have had to eat. I hope you're cool with it and when we get to Tulsa…well don’t tell Mac this cause my plans will be ruined, but when we get there I will have Mac stop the van, so I can pretend to you know and then run and find your parents. This might seem hard to explain but your parents know me. They’ve known me and Celion. The reason you have never been told was because my parents didn’t want you guys to find out…let’s just say that my mom had a thing with me talking to boys. I guess I won’t have to worry about that for long. Once your delivered back to Tulsa I’m going to move into my house seeing as though it never sold…and I can’t blame people for not wanting to buy the place. I have to go but my prayers are with you.

Love you guys till the end.

Shooting Star

Isaac looked at the note and said, ”Oh my. Star doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into if she tries to escape, but I have my faith that she will succeed in telling out parents about us. I pray she doesn’t go over board in this plan of hers."
Isaac looked to see Scott still sleeping and yelled, ”Hey elf! Wake up now!"
Scott woke with a start and replied, ”Damn it Isaac! Don’t scare me like that…that wasn’t nice."
Isaac looked at him and said, ”Sorry about that but here’s supper."
Scott took his and replied, ”Thank you."
Isaac nodded and started eating his. When Isaac, and Scott finished they both noticed they couldn’t keep their eyes open and laid down on their beds and fell asleep.

Star walked into Taylor, Bob, and Clint’s room and noticed they to were asleep as well. She walked over in between Taylor and Bob, with his twin Clint on the other side of him. Star set down the tray and looked into Taylor’s face… who just had opened his eyes.
Taylor’s eyebrows fell down in a low scour as he turned away and said, ”Just leave us alone. Star you haven’t any right to be in this room after what you have done to us and our faith…so leave."
Star’s eyes filled with tears as she nodded and went out the door locking it. Once Star was gone he looked to the floor and saw a tray near his bed. Taylor with much effort picked up the tray. When he looked under his bowl there sat a note. He picked the note up and read it. When he finished he had tears in his eyes. The twins woke up and looked at Taylor who only handed them their food and ate his without a word. Once they were all finished they discovered it was hard to keep their eyes open so they laid down and fell into a deep sleep.

Zac, and Dave laid on their beds unable to sleep. Suddenly the door opened and in stepped Star. Both boys turned their heads the other way once they discovered it was her. Without a word she laid their tray down on the floor and went out the door shut and locked it.
Once she was gone Zac and Dave bolted up forgetting about the chains and quickly fell. Dave just laughed but Zac was more pissed then he was happy. Zac stood up slowly and walked to the tray picking it up and bringing it to his bed and sat down. Zac picked the note up and read it. When he was done reading it he simply put it beside his bed and handed Dave his. When they were done Zac noticed things getting blurry. He closed his eyes and fell asleep at the same time Dave did to.

Mac looked at the cameras in their rooms and said, ”Now that they’re asleep for three weeks we can start getting the plans all set up. Speaking of that... I bet those tapes are already at the Hanson’s house. I hope they like the little thing we had the boys do for them because it might be the last thing that they ever sing."

Back in Tulsa:

Walker sat with his wife on the couch followed by Frank, Sheila, and Darlana. Suddenly the doorbell rang. Walker opened it and discovered two video tapes sitting on the curve of the step. He picked them up and brought them inside knowing full well they were from the kiddnappers.
Walker put one in the VCR and asked, ”Okay everybody ready?"

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