Somebody Save Us

Chapter 26

Scott tried again to slip his wrist from the chains that bound him to his lack of freedom and again he failed. He hoped nothing was being done to his friends upstairs with the video being taped. He'd never gotten a chance to ask Ike what had happened and if it had been as severe as Bob's punishment.
"Fuck. I'm so bored!" Scott yelled. These chains were bugging the crap out of him as it is and not having his roommate here wasn't helping his disposition either. He spent the next half an hour getting off and on his bed for practice so he wouldn't smash his face into concrete. After that time was up, the door opened to reveal a teary eyed Isaac Hanson shuffling as quickly as he could towards the bed.
"Come on Moffatt, time for your kid vid." Mac grumbled.

Scott slowly managed to drag himself off his bed without falling on his face and start the long trek it would take to get him upstairs to where the camera was located. A short while later, though it didn't seem so short to Scott. They were in the living room and the rest of the kidnapping crew showed up with Clint, Bob, and Dave coming in last. Scott was overjoyed to see that they all came out unscathed and also it proved Scott right; Clint had been captured again, the escape attempt had been foiled.
"Ok, we gotta another script for y'all." Jamie handed the script to the four young men who'd assembled in front of the camera. He ordered them to read and counted backwards to one and told them to start.

"Mom, dad, and Sheila. Our captors and our servant would like to speak to you regarding the ransom money and about how we've been behaving." Bob started, licking the cut on his lip once he finished.
"The chains we're wearing are because...no wait, the chains we're wearing will be explained to you once we're done speaking." Dave corrected himself quickly. He needed his glasses like he needed air to breath right now.
"We'll be singing a song incase it's the last time you hear our voices singing, we've not behaved the best." Blushed Scott.
"When the ransom money is all together, we'll be driving to Tulsa so our kidnappers can accept it, but they aren't promising to keep us alive, that's up to us. If we don't mind ourselves, both the Hanson brothers and ourselves will be killed." Clint slowly read.
He showed his paper to his brothers and together they looked into the camera and said, "Pray for us, we love you all so much."
Scott had been thinking of a song to sing for the camera and quickly told his brothers his selection.
"Dad, everyone. I know this seems kinda inappropriate, but we're gonna sing "Frustration" for you guys." And to his brothers, "Sing together, no one sings lead okay?"
Murmured "yeahs" answered him. He thought about how they only took one take to record this bonus song that was packed in at the end of Chapter one. He'd had fun with it, now it might be the last time he ever gets to sing with his brothers.
Scott snapped out a beat and together they started.
"There's no windows in this place/
for me to show my weary face/
rage I hold within my soul/
at times I can not control."
And sang the rest of the way through, Scott caught the triplets eyes and they indicated that he was to sing the last line of the song and he nodded in acceptance.
"There's no windows in this place/
for me to show my weary face."
He finished slowly. He glanced up and saw tears sliding down his sibling's cheeks and realized he had his own coming from his tear ducts as well.
"We love you, don't forget us." Scott sobbed. And the camera was taken over by all but Jamie, as he led the brothers downstairs at gun point, chains rattling the whole way.

"Three weeks from now another tape will be sent to you to tell you where and when you'll leave the money and where we leave your sons…dead or alive. See ya then."

The camera turned to Star, who looked like a whore you'd pick up on the street corner in her slave get up and started talking.
"Mr. And Mrs. Hanson, Moffatt family my name is Shooting Star…well Star, and I've been used to care for your sons while they've been here. The guys haven't been on their best behavior," she said with a ghost of a smile, " and that's why they're chained. They nearly succeeded in escaping a short while ago, but under my error they were caught. Mr. and Mrs. Moffatt, I nearly shot your son Clint in the head also. I'm truly sorry."
A twinge of humor, "Clint and Zac were on their way back in the manor to try and break out the rest and I was ordered to shoot. Clint wouldn't stop laughing about it." She added wryly.
"Moving on. If the money isn't delivered at the drop point… you're sons, who'll be tied and doused with gasoline, will be set to fire and that's the end of it. If you cooperate, nothing bad will come of your sons. I wish you all the best because you raised good children whose faith in you hasn't faltered. Bye." She waved stupidly and walked off screen.

"Hey Ike."
"Hey Scotty, what's wrong?"
"What was wrong with you when you came in?" Scott snapped.
"They made you sing too huh?" Isaac said sadly, no anger in his voice at Scott's outburst.
"Yeah, it was awful, I mean just think: That could be the last time I ever sang with my brothers. Ever."
And then, "Sweet Jesus! These chains gotta go!" Scott's outburst directed at the chains that pulled arm hair and just pulled on everything period.
"I know, it takes forever to get to the bathroom. Heed this warning! If you feel like you gotta go just a little, leave then cause by the time you get there your bladder's gonna bust!" Ike joked.
"Hehehe, yeah. Man, a shower'd shake this feeling. How do you get a hold of the assholes?" Scott questioned Isaac.
"I dunno man, wait till Star brings supper I guess."
"That'd'll do pig, that'd'll do." Scott said grinning.
"Ugh! I hate Babe! The kids always wanna watch that on movie night!" Isaac complained.
"How can you have movie night? Even when you move around all over the place?" Scott knew about promo touring and touring all to well.
"Yeah, we got TV's on the buses and like, tons of tapes for us to pick. I think I've seen that stupid pig a hundred times in the past two months alone actually. It's so old."
"We've never had any younger kids in the family. Dad and mom split, Sheila came in, she decided she was too old for kids and we were hard enough to take care of too." Scott smiled evilly.
"How do ya figure?" Isaac asked, amused.
"Ever seen a c.d. in a microwave?"
"You don't know what you're missing! People say it's over rated but it's not. It sparks like you would not believe!" Scott laughed. He recalled how the c.d. him and his brother's had used had been jumping all around the inside of the oven and sparking like mad.
"What happened to the c.d.?"
"We dunno. We were about to pull the sucker outta the oven when Sheila came in and smelled somethin' funny. Bob tried to tell her he burnt some spagettios but she's not that dumb…even for a blond!" Scott cracked.
Isaac could only laugh, his family was too similar to Scott's.

Two very tired looking twins trudged into their basement prison cell and flopped onto their beds on either side of Taylor without saying so much as a word.
"Uhm, you guys...does one of you wanna switch beds with me so you can sleep next to each other?" Taylor asked hesitantly.
Bob brightened a bit and nodded quickly while Clint just muttered that 'he didn't care' and mushed his face into his pillow. Bob looked at Taylor and indicated that they should switch cause Clint was being a tad bit grumpy.
"Thanks Tay, that was cool of ya." Bob stated once Clint had drifted off.
"No problem, if it was Ike or Zac I'd like the same thing to be done for me."
"Did you guys need to sing a song up there too?" Bob wanted to know.
"Uh huh, we sung 'Save Me' off the new album. I don't think we've ever harmonized that well before." Taylor added seriously.
"Really? If we get outta this mess, remind me to buy it okay?" Taylor nodded.
"What did you guys sing?" Taylor asked.
"We sang 'Frustration'. It seemed fitting at the time. But it's such a depressing song." Bob said.
"The title wouldn't argue." Taylor quipped.
Bob cracked a weak grin.

"Hiya Zac."
"Mmmphhh." Was Dave's reply as Zac took a face dive into his warm mattress.
"What's up?" Dave wanted to know.
"Tiredness. Depression. I'm sick and tired of this fucking game! They had no god damn right to take us! What'd we do!? Couldn't they just rob a bank instead!?" Zac spat out in a huff.
"Don't know don't care. All's I care about is getting outta this thing alive." Dave stated quietly.
"I hear ya." Zac piped back.

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