Somebody Save Us

Chapter 25

"Stand up!" Jon demanded to see that the boys quickly obeyed his order.
"What are you going to do with those chains?" Dave asked in a whisper.
Zac looked at Dave and whispered, ”I think I know…it’s because of my brothers and I escaping and letting you escape…that’s why."
Jon approached Zac and said, ”Okay stand still or I’ll make sure this chain won’t let ya breath."
Zac nodded standing in his place knowing not to make the guy pissed off more than he was. Jon put the chain around his waist loosely and pad locked it from the front. He then moved Zac’s hands to his side and handcuffed the chains to his wrists tightly but not enough for any pain. He pad locked the handcuffs in place and took the bottom half where the other cuffs were for his feet. He wrapped the chain around his feet loosely and clicked the cuffs to his ankles padlocking them so he couldn’t slip out of them easily. Jon looked up at Zac and saw tears stream down his pained face.
Mac stood at the door and said, ”Ok now secure Dave here like you did with Zac and make sure his restraints are a little tighter then Zac’s because we know how he loves to struggle. This’ll give him something to do."
Jon nodded and started putting the restraints on but Mac’s voice stopped him.
"No! Wait…Ok I have to see if you did it correctly. Zac move your arms up I want to see if you have any movement in the chains."
Zac moved his arms up and discovered when he moved his arms that the chain also moved with him.
Mac continued, ”Okay now step as far as you can and let me see if you can still move."
Zac stepped forward noticing the chain around his waist moved with his feet. So if he were to ever run the chain would lock sending him on the ground.
Jon started with the restraints by attaching the chain around his waist but a little more tighter than Zac’s but not by much. Jon placed his hands to his side like he did with Zac and proceeded to handcuff his hands. When he was done Jon wrapped his feet with the chain and handcuffed his ankles and padlocked it as well. When he was done he looked up into Dave’s eyes but did not see much emotion to them except hatred and sorrow for the others.
Jon stood up and walked back to the door and looked at Mac. Make said, ”Okay Dave move your arms up. I want to see if the chains are working properly."
Dave sighed and moved his arms up as the chain moved with him. He then took a huge step and the chain around his waist moved with the legs.
Mac smiled and replied, I guess you’ll think twice before escaping again…or might I add try because those chains are staying on you for the rest of the time you’re here…except when you take a shower or when we feel that it is necessary for you to have them taken off. Well see you later boys. Enjoy your time together and make sure you try not to strain yourselves with the chains because they won’t come off."
With that Jon and Mac went out the door locking it and left for the kitchen so Star could cook something for them.

Taylor laid face down on his pillow crying. All this stress was taking it’s toll on him. Between not seeing his brothers, and being chained the stress and agony was too much for him to handle. Bob leaned next to Taylor rubbing his shoulder lightly trying to comfort him in some way, which wasn’t working.
Taylor yanked his shoulder away and said, ”Please leave me alone."
Bob bowed his head and walked over to Clint who was just as emotional as Taylor only he cried out loud and was struggling against the chains to get them off but wasn’t having that much luck. Bob laid down on his bed with the tears silently falling as he fell asleep.

Scott struggled hard against the chains to get them to break or snap but wasn’t having much luck. Isaac watched him in silence as the tears of frustration and faith dripped down his cheeks and onto the floor. Finally after two hours of struggling Scott gave up and laid down on his bed closing his eyes and falling asleep.
Isaac thought, ”I want to go home. This is too much for my brothers or me to handle. I hope I get to see them soon." With that Isaac closed his eyes going into a daydream.

Zac laid on his bed looking up at the sealing with tears dripping down his rosy cheeks. Zac wished he was home more than anything he had ever wished before.
Dave noticed Zac’s tears and said, ”Don’t worry. We’ll be home soon enough…I promise."
Zac turned to him and replied, ”We’ll never return home…after they get their money they’ll kill us. I know because I heard them talking about it and said we were never going to see our families again."
Dave looked at him and said, ”Zac…please don’t say that. We’ll live I promise you that."
With that said Dave laid down on his bed and played with the chain that was around his waist and went into deep thought.
Just then Mac walked in and said, ”Get ready. We're making another tape with you guys and send them to your parents. Star will be on there also to clearify some things and you will have notes like the last time and you guys had better say them perfectly. Oh and in case you’re wondering were going to have you sing a song because this might be the last time they hear from you before…hehehe... well you’ll find out soon enough. In about five months we’ll head down to Tulsa to collect our money…well you’ll be reading the directions to them so no screwing up." With that Mac locked the door and left.
Mac went to everyone’s room and told them about sending another tape to their parents and ordered that they remained chained while they gave the directions so their parents will know how serious they were. After that they would sing one of their songs to their parents and let them know how much they love them and then be returned to their rooms.

Mac went to each of the rooms and got the seven teens and brought them out to the living room were they were going to film Hanson first and the Moffatts second.
Hanson was ordered to stand by the door of the enterance and then they started filming.
Taylor said, ”Hi Mom and dad. Our captors and a servant would like to speak to you regarding the ransom money and about us."
Zac continued, ”You're probably wondering why we're chained up like this. Well our captors will explain that to you after we're done with a song that we have to sing in case we might never see you again…or might not live."
Isaac picked up reading from the paper, ”We will be coming to Tulsa, so our captors can collect the money. But they aren’t promising to keep us alive. If we disobey them…we will die and so will The Moffatts. Pray for us."
The Hanson brothers said in union, ”We love you don’t forget that."
Mac whispered, ”Okay what song?"
Taylor broke out in the course to SAVE ME and his brothers followed. Hanson sang the song perfectly and said at the end of the song 'remember us'.
The camera went to Mac who was in a ski mask and the only thing he said was, ”In about three more weeks we will send another tape to instruct you as to where you leave the money and I leave your sons…or their bodies. Till then…see ya."
Mac stopped the record and then they were now ready for the moffatts and then Star to tell them about Celion and what will happen with Hanson and The moffatts.

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