Somebody Save Us

Chapter 24

Zac crept behind Clint through the foyer and made their way to the living room. The lights suddenly flashed on and both boys froze in their tracks like children being caught in the cookie jar. When nothing happened they looked over to see none other then Star, which surprised them but nothing surprised them more then to see a small hand gun pointed right at Clint's head.
"Star, what do ya think you're doing?" Zac demanded. This was way freaky.
"Get over there, by the stairs." She demanded, ignoring the question Zac directed to her.
"What's the matter? What are you doing? Come on we can get outta here if we leave now." Clint coaxed.
"Get the fuck over there, now!" Star growled. Something crackled on her side and she pulled up a walkie, talkie and began to respond to it.
"Yeah, how'd you know?" More crackling and she nodded sadly. She signed off and looked at the boys with pity in her greenish eyes.
"You know I'm sorry I had to do this you guys. I'm really sorry." She said, but never lowered the gun. The room filled with ridiculing laughter from the jackass squad as they trotted in the room.
"Do you think we're so dumb that we didn't see you two in the trees?" Jon snorted.
"We knew you wouldn't leave without your brothers, pansy assed "men" that you are." Will mocked.
Mac just stood tight lipped and unsmiling. Then he suddenly grinned and just shook his head.
"Well, Jamie ma boy, you were right about em." Jamie just nodded.
Zac and Clint had been edging towards the door quietly, noticed only by a trembling Star when Clint made a run for the handle.
"Shoot Star!" Mac screamed.
His scream startled Star so much that she squeezed the trigger and a shot rang out. Zac screamed when he watched Clint drop to the floor like a rock.
"Oh my gawd!" Star yelled and dropped the gun, waving her hands in the air and covering her mouth a second later.
"Oh Jesus!" Zac howled and lunged for the fallen boy. He rolled Clint over and checked for a bullet hole or any blood when he looked into his face and his mouth became a hinged door hanging wide open. His eyes were wide open and Clint was close to laughing.
"Holy shit Zac! Did she shoot at me!?" He asked holding in his giggles.
"How can you be laughing right now? She almost shot you!" Zac exclaimed.
"He's not dead?" Star stammered out.
"Get these fucks in their rooms." Mac ordered angrily at Jon.

Jon started leading the boys away, but backhanded the girl on his way out of the room. Zac just glared at the girl who'd almost shot his fellow captive and shoved past her; tears and all. Clint was still trying not to laugh so he didn't notice any of the proceedings. Jon led the way down the stairwells and halls until they reached Zac's room.
Clint turned to him still smiling and said, "Later man. Freedom was fun while it lasted."
"Later." Zac said glumly and turned in to his room.
"Come on Clint, in ya go." Jon said.

Clint was still grinning like nobody's business as Taylor and Bob stared at him. Clint's smile disappeared all of the sudden.
"Sorry we, uh, we got caught." Clint stated the obvious.
"But how?" Taylor demanded.
"We snuck back in to get you guys out and Star held us up with a gun, a gun!" Clint started smiling again.
"Why the hell are you smiling if she held you up?" Bob asked.
"Then, then she tried to shoot me! She almost killed me. Zac thought I was a goner!" Clint doubled over laughing again. None of the boys knew that his laughter was a side effect from all the stress.
"Dude Clint, shut up. You could be dead on the floor bleeding right now." Bob whapped him in the back of the head.
"I'm sorry, it was just too funny to hear her say, 'He's not dead?' I mean priceless." Clint finished with a final giggling hiccup.
"That's it!" Bob launched himself on top of his twin and started slapping him in the side of the head as if trying to knock some sense into the retard. Taylor just sat on his bed watching the young men before it became irresistible and he launched himself right into the thick of it.
"OOF! Shit Tay get your fat ass off me!" Bob yelped chortling. He rolled onto his back, placing his feet on Taylor's stomach and sent the boy flying through the air to land on Clint. Clint gave the same greeting to Taylor as Bob once again flew into the middle of the wrestling war. Little did they know that this would be one of the last things they did for quite a long time.

"Dude Ike, I can't believe she screamed." Scott said shaking his head angrily.
"I can't believe you hit her that hard! I mean she's gonna be pissed when she remembers what happened." Isaac said, stating the obvious.
"Well...she was biting your brother ya know, what was I supposed to do? Talking to her wasn't helping any." Scott said defensively.
"Yeah, I saw that much. I don't know how I froze up like that."
"Do you think Clint and Zac found help yet?" Scott asked.
"I dunno, I hope so man, I hope so. I can't take much more of this."
Suddenly, laughter and a loud 'THUMP" could be heard from down the hallway and Scott's face paled.
"That was Clint. That was Clint's laugh!" He yelled.
"It couldn't be, him and Zac are out looking for help. It was probably Tay and Bob." Said Isaac.
"No, Clint has this dorky snort he does that Bob doesn't. It was him!" Scott said determinedly.
"How'd they get caught then?" Isaac wondered.
"Clueless." Scott murmured.
"You look like a leprechaun." Isaac suddenly spat out, turning crimson for saying his thought out loud.
Scott laughed, "What? Why does everyone say that? I don't see it! The critics have been yapping at me about that since I cut my hair!" Scott said exasperated.
"Or a ware wolf. You got this evil look goin too if you smile evil like." He smiled when Scott demonstrated perfectly.
"Yeah, the triplets think I got ink poisoning or something. I've had my hair dyed pink, purple, bleached white, and blue. I finally dyed it back to this dusty brown look." He said pointed at his brown locks.
"That's cool. Our fans would shit a brick if we ever dyed our hair. They almost did when we cut it though. We got so many calls on our hotline with girls sobbing saying stuff like, "Ike, we still love you…sob… sob, sob. Even though you cut your hair!" It was so bad for awhile."
"Hey, why did you cut it?" Scott pondered.
"Well, my hair turned into one giant frizz ball most of the time and Tay just got tired of being called a girl so he snipped it all off." Ike said grinning.
Scott only laughed before the door to their room opened up.

"I still think you broke my back!" Taylor complained from his bed. Clint had performed the 'flying Tay' as they named it, and Tay landed on his back funny.
"Yeah right, you're just a pansy who can't take a hit like a man!" Challenged Clint. Bob quickly agreed.
"Hey! I'm only one man! There's two of you, how can I fight that fairly!?" He wanted to know.
"Pansy." Bob muttered grinning to which Clint quickly agreed.
"Yeah, well just don't fall asleep before I do, I can muster up some nasty bodily functions." Taylor threatened.
"Oh my god... don't you dare!" Bob squealed.
"You wanna see a demon-" Taylor was cut off when the room was filled with light from their open door.

"How'd they catch you again? Was it them or Star?" Dave asked of Zac.
"For the hundred millionth time! It was Star and the bitch tried to shoot Clint in the friggin head!' Zac said, frustration easy to read in his voice.
"Sorry man, didn't mean to jump on your head like that. But it just doesn't sound like Star." Dave apologized.
"How would you know? You've barely talked to her at all since we got kidnapped." Zac snapped.
"Ya know, you're getting too pissy for your own good and if you don't quit it we're gonna play the biggest, most painful game of soap paintball ever and you'll lose!" Dave threatened.
"Me? Lose? What planet are you from?" Zac asked.
"Earth! What about you ya loser?!"
"Mars, capitol city of Albertane. That's where." Zac said smiling a mile wide.
"Yup. I named the capitol city on Mars Albertane. I'm clever aren't I?" He asked.
"I wouldn't say clever…I'd say insane...yeah... insane’s good."
The door suddenly flew wide open to their room, revealing chains and handcuffs and the four men holding them.

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