Somebody Save Us

Chapter 23

Taylor along with Bob were pushed into their rooms as they sank down on their beds and sighed at the same time.
"I can’t believe Star broke us out and busted us." Bob stated with tears dripping down his face.
Taylor replied, ”Yeah I know but she needed to come with us so the captors wouldn’t hurt her…but there’s still hope. We still got Zac and Clint to count on…if they get caught we know they’ve tried their best." Taylor laid down on the bed and fell asleep.

The next day Taylor woke up at the sound of the door being unlocked and a weary Star walked into the room with a tray in her hand and set it down by the door and simply walked out.
Taylor looked at the applesauce and saw a white powder in there.
Not knowing what it was he picked it up and said, ”Oh god the're trying to poison us now. Don’t eat the bread it might be also."
Taylor set the tray by the door and left it there for Star to pick it back up since they were trying to poison them out of the sake of it. Taylor knew that they were going to get killed if they kept trying to escape.
Bob asked, ”Do you really think they’ll poison us?"
Taylor nodded and replied, ”Without a doubt I think they would kill us and without a second thought of it either. I think this food would make us sick and then the next day... WHAM! Are bodies are being burnt to ashes and licked up by they’re pit pulls. Seeing as though they love to bite flesh."
Bob laughed and replied, ”Yeah you hauled butt away from those bit bulls. Sorta speak."
Taylor said, ”I pray Zac and Clint made it to get help." Bob nodded and laid down on his bed and closed his eyes.

An hour later Star stumbled into the room and discovered they haven’t eaten any of their food. Shrugging she picked up the tray and went out the door into the kitchen.


Zac said, ”Clint I have an idea and this time I’ll make it work for the both of us… and our brothers. We wait for tonight and then sneak into the house rescue our siblingsand take Star with us as planned and run for help…for Celion."
Clint asked, ”Well how do we keep Star quiet and not make any noise?"
Zac replied, ”We use the rope for her hands and feet then the tape for her mouth. It all works out easily with her and then if we have to, we’ll get Scott to knock her out again. It all works out."
Clint nodded and waited for the night to set. Soon it was time. Zac looked at his watch it read: 1:30 in the morning.
Zac said, ”Okay let's go get our brothers and this time we aren’t going to get caught."
With that they made their way onto the front porch and opened the front door and closed it not making a sound as they went to go rescue their brothers and Star. This time Zac would not fail with Star like the last time.

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