Somebody Save Us

Chapter 22

Taylor gave Star a firm shake by the shoulders and hissed, "You scream and we all die! If we can get our asses in gear and get the hell outta dodge we can get cops back here before they even know we're gone!" He clenched his jaw praying that she wouldn't scream.
No such luck, she gulped a deep breath and was about to let it out when Zac slammed his hand over her open mouth and glared at her. She glared right back and bit down on the sensitive webbing between his fingers.
"God damn it Star! Quit being so selfish!" Scott yelled, slapping her across the cheek to get her to let go of the whimpering Zac.
Out of pure shock, her mouth hung open and the pained Zac pulled his bleeding hand away before she had a chance to bite down again.
"You did not just hit me." Star grumbled.
"Oh yeah? I didn't did I? What the hell do you call that welt on your cheek? Make up?" He brushed her off and grabbed the duct tape from Ike. Tearing a piece off he maneuvered his way back to Star and carefully hid the tape behind his back.
"I'm not a two year old smart one, I know you have tape." She said sarcastically and before any of the boys could stop her, the outrage of being kidnapped by friends kicked in and she screamed shrilly through the night air. All this last for about two seconds before Zac once again slammed his hand over her mouth, making a wide cup so she couldn't get a hold on any skin.
"Damn it, everyone off the side walk! Get in the bushes till we can fix this!" Clint hissed from behind them.
"No, ya know what I think? Somebody who's unconscious can't struggle or make any noise right?" And before anyone could stop him, Scott slapped Star into unconsciousness.
"Oh man, why'd you hit her?" Bob yelped. "Jesus Scott! After all she's done for us!"
"And what she was trying to do just now! Get us caught again! That's the last thing we need. They got the tape with us alive on em already. So that means they don't need us anymore, we're just in the way. So if we get taken back in there what'd ya think they'll do to us?" Scott said intensely, fear causing his voice to warp with tears streaming down his cheeks. He wouldn't let anyone know if for a long time, but he was scared out of his mind. He didn't want to die now. He didn't want to die for a long time.

Before any one could answer his terrible questions, flood lights were turned on that covered every inch of space on the property and even passed it with bright white light. Everyone except Clint and Zac could be seen since they were hidden in the bushes. Rustling from the gate area tore their eyes away from the painfully bright lights and they heard deep throaty growls coming from nearby and shouting right behind that.
"There they are! You boys move and I let the pits loose!" Mac screamed.
They had no choice but to stay where they were, but Taylor had an idea.
Turning to Zac he said quietly, "You two don't make a sound k? Play along." He watched the younger boys nod.
"Where're the others? Who's missing?" Jon gasped out of breath.
"Zac and Clint got away, they ran off that way." Taylor said solemnly, pointing to the way out of town.
"They can't last all night out here, right Taylor? You learned that under the hedge." Will sneered. Taylor blushed.

Meanwhile Zac and Clint had began making their way slowly through the bushes, praying to everything holy that the pit bulls wouldn't hear their movements. The trees they were making their way through had big thick leaves, but were spaced a fair distance apart from the next and made a good screen to hide them. But dogs could hear twenty times better then humans…couldn't they?

"We'll find em soon, first lets get these imps back inside before any one drives by." Mac ordered nervously.
Taylor eagerly made his way to the gate, moving too fast for the pit bull's liking. Taylor felt sharp teeth graze his backside and he yelped, tearing away from the dog into the middle of the street.
"Jesus Christ!" He yelled. He ran his hands over his rear to see if the dog had bitten him badly, but realized it was just a hard pinch instead of a wound.
"Get back here. They got their teeth filed down dumb ass. They can't hurtcha if they bite. They can kill ya at the wind pipe though, so nothing funny." Jamie stated, walking towards Taylor with a butcher knife in hand. He snickered when Taylor threw his hands into the position of surrender.
"I'm not gonna cut you unless you try to get away, lets go."
The five young men moved in an orderly fashion towards the open gate with their abductors on their heels. Taylor glanced over to see Zac and Clint's white faces staring back at his, then dart back into the trees without being seen. Star's body was left in the ditch until Mac came back for her a few minutes later.

Zac stared hard into Clint's brown eyes, close to his own shade, and asked, "What do we do now?"
"We should get the cops and bring em back here." Clint offered.
"What's the point? They know we're out here and they probably got tons of guns and bombs and all that good crap. We should like, go back in and let em out again. We gotta quit pussy footin around and do this." Zac preached.
"Are you fucking crazy? I swear to god, we just got outta there! Why do we wanna go back in!?" He stated in disbelief.
"Because Tay's in there. Your brothers are in there too. Did you see what Tay did for us? What woulda happened if they found us hiding in here?" Zac implored tearfully.
"They would of killed us. But Zaaaaac! We just got out!" His Canadian accent surfaced again.
Zac looked amused. "Say out again."
"Why?" Clint asked warily.
"Say out. Please." He pleaded.
Laughing, he said, "Dude! You say out so weird. You sound like you're from New York or something."
"Dude Zac I can't help it, just shut up. I'm Canadian." Clint said irritably.
"Well? Are we gonna go rescue the rest of the two hottest bands in the world?"
"Sure as hell are!" Clint yelled.

"Diana, don't get worked get worked up over this. We'll find the extra money. We have six months!" Darlana soothed Hanson's mother.
"We can't find ten million dollars. How can we?" She sobbed.
"We could always turn to the fans. They'd be more then willing to help. Just think, if we got one dollar from each person who bought your son's first record and we'll be only two million dollars away from what we need." Sheila tried to comfort her further and suggest cheesy ideas at the same time.
"We could always turn to Island Records, they've offered to help us out." Diana brightened.
"And we can call Capital too, this is all gonna work out, just watch." Darlana added.
"There's always-"
"Diana! Darlana! Sheila, get out here!" Came urgent voices from their husbands and ex husband.
When they women had reached the living room, another tape was in Walker's hands and one in Franks. The tapes had both been delivered to the Hanson's home when the kidnappers complained of not being able to reach the Moffatt parents themselves.
"Put them in Walk." Diana whispered fearfully.
"Which one first?"
"Put yours in first, it's your home." Frank said awkwardly.
The image that filled the screen made everyone's heart ache. There stood Isaac, Taylor, and Zac reading from papers in their hands. And a soft voice say, "Ok, begin."

"Hi mom and dad we just wanted to say were okay. They have The Moffatts also and want the money for our safe return." They heard Taylor's voice start out.
"If you don't hand the money into them in six months than they will kill us and there won't be any second chances." They all fell silent when Zac burst into tears and Taylor held him close to comfort him.
Isaac finished with, "We will remain safe if you follow our captor's orders exactly and without hesitation. We love you and hope to see you soon."
"We love all of you." They said in perfect unison.
Before the camera was shut off, a man came into focus and took a hold of the rug beneath their feet and pulled it out from underneath them, sending the boys into a sprawling pile on the floor.

"Those bastards." Diana cried, running towards the tape machine only to be stopped by her husbands loving arms.
"Frank, go ahead." Sheila whispered.

"Dad, Sheila, and Mom. We're all alright and in good shape. We've not been harmed unless we deserved it," Dave looked at the floor as Scott read this, "at the end of six months if the ransom money hasn't been delivered we'll be killed." Scott's face had noticeably ashamed.
Clint started reading his part, "You must listen to everything our captors say or else we'll be punished accordingly and without mercy. You'll receive directions soon enough and WILL follow them."
"No second chances are gonna be issued whatsoever. If you don't cooperate the Hanson brother's will be killed along with us. And vice versa with the Hanson family." They heard Dave recite.

"Oh god." Came Darlana's small voice.

Suddenly a piece of paper attached to a hand came towards Clint and he started reading, "The reason Bob isn't here right now was because he was being tied up for a demonstration of our captives seriousness. "What the hell?" He yelped out.
"No!" All the voices came out, none as strongly as the Moffatt family's. They heard the boys cry out Bob's name and they looked up to see him being wheeled in tied to an office chair and the boys running at him.
"Don't fucking move." Came a harsh voice, the voice belonging to a man with a shot gun. They watched the untied boys huddle together.
The man smiled at the camera and began, "Ok Moffatt family, you're wondering why we have Bob tied up and not the rest right? Here's why: Little Bob here decided to be a tad more outgoing then the others and break his entire door off it's frame and try to run out on us. Well, I'm not sorry to say that it didn't work out like he wanted. So now he's gonna hafta pay for his mistake and it'll also show you we aren't fucking off. We're serious."
They watched him hand his gun to another man and pull out a formidable knife. He'd started towards Bob, but then turned to a man and started talking.
"Wait. Mac, come 'ere." And they continued to talk until the one they knew as 'Mac' left the room and the lights brightened up considerably.
His blindfold was removed and he opened his eyes and cringed as he cried out of pain. The men in the room started laughing and they heard their son's voices break through.
"Knock it the fuck off! You sick bastards!" Scott screamed.
"Ok kiddies, we can't have ya messin with what we got planned, so if ya wanna have Bob here to sing with in six months, you better gimme your hands." And the boys were tied up and set in a dark corner.
The big man with the knife walked up to Bob and said, "You make a sound, I slit your throat get me?" Bob nodded.
Before anyone had time to do anything, Bob's chin sported a large cut out of which blood came pouring out quickly. Tears joined the blood as they flowed together down Bob's pale cheeks.
"Ahh, wussa matter? Did I hurtcha Bob?" The man sneered.
They watched the man take Bob's head in his hands and add a nice little cut to his lip, all of them close to vomiting at the sight and Bob not making a sound.
The man stood studying the quivering boy for a moment before saying, "Well, say something Bobby. Your parents should see this soon enough."
The assembled group watched Bob turn to the camera and speak, "Dad, Sheila. we're all ok. Please try not to worry about this. We'll find a way to cope. We love you both so much. We love you. Don't forget it" And his head sank to his chest.

Everyone in the room immediately started crying when the picture turned to static.

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