Somebody Save Us

Chapter 21

Celion stayed lost in thought for a good long time. When she finally snapped out of it she discovered she was no longer tied to the horrible bed but was able to move. Smiling she got out of the bed and stood up stretching her arms over her head and looked around. She discovered herself in another room. Looking around she discovered a bed in the corner, a camera on the other side of the room and a bathroom on the further side of the room with a shower painted hot red and the tiles gold, with the titles on the wall painted a nice blue.
Celion laid back on the bed and thought, ”Wow... this sure is a better room then what I was in."
She closed her eyes falling asleep a minute later. Celion had a dream about Star and an image that couldn’t be more closer to the truth of what was going to take place over the next few months.

Celion walked down a hallway when she heard someone screaming her name. She ran down the long hall and listened to who the voice belonged to. It was Star she ran quickly trying to find her sister when she turned the corner she discovered Star being kicked and beaten by Mac, Jon, and Will with Jamie laying motionless on the floor.

Celion sat straight up on her bed and screamed, ”NOOOOO! She can’t…they can do that to her! Please don’t do that to her!"
Jamie ran into the room and covered her mouth with his hand.
"Quiet! Don’t even think about yelling out like that again. What are you trying to do? Get us busted and let Star know your alive? Don’t yell like that again! Why did you yell out?" After asking that question he took his hand off her mouth.
Celion replied, ”I had a bad dream…I’m sorry." Jamie snorted and walked out the door locking it on his way out with his key card.
Taylor sat straight up in his bed when he heard a scream next to him. The twins turned to him and asked in union, ”Who was that?"
Taylor replied, ”Oh god! I recognize that scream…it’s Celion! Oh god Celions alive!"
"But for how long?" Clint asked when he recieved a hard shove from Bob who gave him a don’t even think that look.
Taylor bowed his head and said, ”I don’t know…for all I know he could have just killed her now."
Bob replied, ”Don’t even think that Taylor…she’s alive. I’m positive she is."
Clint said, ”Yeah forget everything I said and just have faith."
Taylor laid down closing his eyes and fell asleep with that unanswered question.

Star stood up at the sound of a scream. She instantly knew it was Celion.
"Celion!" Star cried and ran to her cell door banging as hard as she could. Suddenly her door opened and in stepped Jamie.
Jamie pushed her on the ground and said, ”If Mac asks you didn’t hear a thing. Got me? If not I can go and kill that sister of yours now."
Star bursted into tears and buried her face in her hands and cried her heart out. Confused Jamie shut and locked the door and thought to himself, ”That girl is weird. She just found out her sister was alive and she cried. I don’t get that." Jamie turned away and went to the conference room to join the rest of the group.
Star looked and saw a small shaft leading to the conference room. Carefully she opened it to hear what the men where saying.

Mac asked, ”So are we agreed? After we get our money we kill those fucking brats." Star gasped and backed away but put her ear back on the shaft and continued to listen in.
Jamie replied, ”Well how will we kill them?"
Jon said, ”Well there’s poison, shooting them, suffercating them, drowning them, and cutting them across the wrists or neck."
Will replied, ”Drowning them would be the best way. I mean it's quick it’s painful and it’s fun because I love a good struggle and fight."
Jon looked at him and said, ”How about poison? It’s slow. It’s painful."
Star said, ”I’ll be damned if they do anything to those boys. Tonight before I serve them I’ll snatch a key card from the office and free them when the jackass squad go to bed and goes to sleep."
She stepped away from the vent and wrote a meassage to each one of the boys and said to herself, ”There they know I’m going to help them out and I’ll be damned if I don’t."

Isaac paced around the room worried. He had a sick feeling in his stomach that something was planned for his brothers and the Moffatts. His guess couldn’t be more right.
Scott asked, ”What’s wrong? You seem to be worked up?"
Isaac replied, ”I’m worried about if they’re really going to let us go home after the ten million is paid. What if they kill us instead? I just have this feeling they’re going to kill us once they get the money."
Scott looked at him and said, ”Don’t even think that. We’ll get to go home to our families. I know they won’t give up hope…and neither will we. We’ll stay strong and be like a chain that won’t break or lose the link of hope…and I’ll be the link that holds my brothers and I together to fight this! And you will be a link of the chain that holds you and your family together…and will be the two links that holds hope together."
Isaac replied, ”Wow. I never thought of you being so hopeful at a time like this. I think you’re right together we’ll hold our faith and spirit up and let the hope sore through this situation." With that Isaac and Scott took a bow to never let hope die no matter how bad things got.

Just then Star came in and said, ”Hey guys? Suppers ready. I’m sorry if it’s not much but it’s all I was ordered to give."
Star placed the tray down on the floor and walked away before she shut the door Star whispered, ”There’s notes under your bowls read em."

Isaac stood up and got the tray from the door and brought it over to Scott and set it down. Scott picked up the bowl and discovered a note under it he picked it up and read it. It said...

Hey guys I’m taking one of those key cards from those jackasses and busting you out of here. I over heard the guys talking about killing you. So I decided I would help you escape. I can’t go with you though. I must stay here and protect my sister…that is if she’s still alive. Anyway I’ll be there around one in the morning to make sure everyone’s asleep. I’ll see you soon.
Love you…Shooting Star.

Isaac asked, ”So what does it say?"
Scott handed Isaac the note and he began to read it.
When he finished Isaac said, ”Wow. We’ll get to escape, but I’ll be damned if Stars staying here with those lunitic people. If I have to force her to come I will. But we can’t have her staying here. It’s too dangerous."
Scott replied, ”I agree with you." Scott looked to the door and discovered duck tape and rope near the corner of the door.
Scott asked, ”What’s the duck tape and rope for?"
Isaac looked at the rope and tape as well and replied, ”I guess we’ll soon find out."

Zac sat against the wall of his bed and thought, ”I want to go home. This place bites. I’m so damn bored that I could go nuts…wait a minute I am going nuts. Okay Zac calm down. You need your sanity for when you go home. In six fucking months! Oh god I’m losing it."
Just then the door opened and in stepped Star.
Star asked, ”Hey guys. Are you ok?"
Zac nodded and replied, ”Yeah we're fine. Just as bored as hell that’s all."
Star tossed him a colored cube and said, ”Here to take away your boredom so you don’t go nuts." Zac caught the cube and set it down.
Star said, ”Here’s something to eat and there’s a note under Zac’s bowl to read." With that she set the tray down and left the room leaving two very confused boys.

Taylor, Bob, and Clint laid in their beds asleep dreaming of their families. Suddenly the door opened and in stepped Star. Star looked at them and smiled. She approached Taylor and shook his arm gently. Taylor’s eyes opened as he looked into Star’s eyes.
"Hi Star. What’s up? Did something happen…and why are you smiling?" Taylor asked.
Star whispered, ”Read the note under you’re bowl. I explained everything that will happen tonight."
Taylor lifted up his bowl when Star left and discovered a note under it right were Star had said. Taylor picked it up and began reading it. When he finished reading the note he frowned.
Taylor thought to himself, ”We can’t leave Star here or Celion. If I have to then I’ll force Star to come with us."
Taylor turned to Bob and clint and replied, ”Hey guys it’s time to eat!"
Bob and Clint woke up and each was given some applesauce and bread.

Star looked at her clock in the room she was staying in. The clock read 12:58 AM.
Star thought to herself, ”It’s almost time."
Carefully she slid the key card through her lock of her door and it instantly opened with a beep. Star walked to all the rooms and discovered all of them waiting for her. Star opened the door and they all fell out silently until they came to the front door of the house.
Taylor said, ”Star your coming with us weather you like it or not. I don’t give a crap weather you say no. Your coming with us and if I have to I’ll be forceful."
Star replied, ”Taylor I have to protect Celion. I can’t go with you." Star looked at Isaac and saw something in his pocket but couldn’t make out what it was.
Isaac said, ”Star if you don’t come with us we will force you to and I don’t care if you plead or cry. You are coming with us. Plus for all you know your sister might not be able to walk. I promise we’ll send back up once we get to a phone and past those nets and gates around this hell hole."
Star looked at Isaac and made an attempt to run but was quickly caught by Taylor and thrown gently on the ground. Star opened her mouth to scream but that was quickly dismissed when Taylor put his hand over her mouth securely to stop her from making a mistake because the only help that would come would not be so helpful.
Taylor whispered, ”Ike do you have the tape on you?" Isaac nodded and handed Taylor the duck tape and rope he had found by the door.
Taylor tore a piece of duck tape off the roll and put it securely on her mouth and took his hand away. Star started to struggle against Taylor. Taylor turned her on her back and tied her hands behind her. He then tied her feet together so she wouldn’t kick anybody.
Scott said, ”I can carry her to the gate." Scott reached down and walked with the rest of the guys out the front door.
Taylor shut the door and ran with the rest of the group to the gate. Taylor was the first over when Taylor was over the side Scott handed him Star and he was the second over. Pretty soon everyone had gotten over the gate and was running to find someone who would help them.
Taylor said, ”Star until you come to your senses then you’ll stay tied up and that’s final. Now will you come to your senses?" He pulled the tape off her mouth.
She said in a pissed off tone of voice, ”No I won’t. The second you untie me I’m running back to protect Celion and if you don’t untie me I’m going to scream until you do! Now what are you going to do? Because I will scream."

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