Somebody Save Us

Chapter 20

Star began the long trek to get out of the house to see how Taylor had fared the cold Pennsylvania night. She couldn't figure out for the life of her why Jamie had suddenly turned all sweet and allowed her to dye her hair back. She couldn't believe how healthy she looked now compared to just having dark hair against her creamy skin. She felt alive, vibrant like she actually might survive this horrid life she was suffering. Maybe the depression she lived on might actually lift if she was lucky. She could even-
"Oh my god! What did you guys do to him?" Star cried, rushing to Taylor's side agitated.
"He tried to run away and this seemed like as good a punishment as any." Jamie bristled.
Star tore off the covering to his eyes and looked into the crystal blue depths of a violently shivering Taylor Hanson and feared for his sane mind first and clammy freezing skin second. She pulled the tape off his lips gently, or as gently as she possibly could and paled. His lips were so blue! She shot a glance at Jamie that ordered him to carry the shivering captive inside and she stood back. She jogged up the stairs and held the front door open as Taylor was brought in and carelessly tossed onto the blue couch. She frowned and began to make short work of the tape on his legs before somebody grabbed her new blond hair and ripped her away. She landed on the floor in a pile and glared up at Mac in loathing fear.
"What the fuck did you do to your hair?" He ranted.
"I dyed it back over. Don't you like it?" She asked flippantly. Her answer was a sharp slap across the other cheek that sent her back onto the floor.
"Mac...Mac! I gave her the dye… quit it! I don't see the point of caring anymore. You said we're killing her as soon as we're done with this." Jamie spit out and turned whiter then a sheet at admitting their plans too soon.
"I don't give a damn anymore! I have no family left as it is so who cares?" Star screamed.
"Jon, Will! Get up here pronto!" The two men arrived a moment later, "Look what Jamie here thoughtfully decided to give our precious Star. A new hair color." He sneered.
The other two men just shook their heads and left the room, only to be called back a second later and told to carry the Hanson boy to his room. Star was to go in only long enough to take the tape off, but it wouldn't be supervised. Will took Taylor's legs as Jon took the upper half of the young man and trekked back down the flights of stairs and back down the long hallway where he was dropped inattentively to the hard floor when Jon reached for his key card. Star sucked in a hissy breath but didn't say a word.
She heard two quiet voices issue from inside.
"Who's out there?"
"Star maybe? I'm hungry dang it!" A soft chortling, "Yeah, she's got talent in the feeding department." And then the door was swung open the rest of the way to reveal not only Star, but Jon, Will, and a limp Taylor.
"Stay back or I'll make you match your twin!" Will pointed at Clint who nodded.
The men tossed Taylor awkwardly onto his bed in the middle of the twins and left it like that. Star quickly made her way over to his inert body after the door shut and started to shake his shoulder.
"Taylor? Wake up please. Come on. Open those baby blues." She said, slapping his cheek lightly.
She looked up at the twins, noticing Bob was cut up and turned her gaze to Clint and requested a cold wash cloth.
"Taylor you gotta wake up now. Please? Thanks Clint." She acknowledged when the washcloth appeared. She dabbed his forehead with the piece of fabric and prayed he'd open his eyes. No such luck. She twisted the cloth between her fingers and watched the spare liquid within the fibers drip onto his face; causing his eyes to jerk open automatically.
"Gawd! Taylor don't freak us out like that!" Star exclaimed. She glanced at the twins and saw big grins now that Tay was alright.
"Where's Ike and Zac?" He asked fearfully.
"Their down the hall now... hush so I can get this tape off you. How do you want me to do this?" She implored.
"Just rip it the fuck off!" He yelled. He started squirming immediately.
"Hang on a sec." Her tongue slid to the corner of her mouth as she concentrated on ripping the tape of his feet efficiently but faltered when she saw his bare arms.
"Taylor? What about arm hair? It's gonna hurt like a bitch to get it off."
"Does it look like I care right now!?" He demanded.
Star shrugged her shoulders and started ripping the tape off as fast as she could and caught a glimpse of salty tears pouring down Taylor's taunt face as she pulled the last of the awful stuff off.
"Star, git yer ass outta there now!" Star shot out the door like an arrow, leaving Taylor alone with his two new roommates.
The tears had long since dried up, but he could tell his eyes were still reddened from the shock of the tape being ripped off.
"I...uh, I'm Clint, this is Bob." Clint managed to get out.
"Taylor." He gave a nod and a firm hand shake to each young man in front of him.
"Can we ask why you were tied up?" Bob wanted to know.
"Sure." Taylor sat back.
A tense silenced followed until Bob cracked a weak grin and asked, "Why were you tied up?"
Taylor smiled, "I uh, found a set of keys and got Zac and Ike out to run for help. They have nets, cameras and gates all over the place. I got tripped up by a net and they left me tied up under a hedge growth by the porch." Taylor finished bitterly.
"Harsh. They shoved Bob here into a little room for a day for breaking his door outta the frame and trying to run off." Clint stated. He was proud of his brother for trying.
Taylor's eyes were as big as basketballs, "How'd ya break it off? Just kick it or something?"
Bob nodded easily, "Yeah, they cut me up in front of the camera too. Dad and Sheila get to see that." He closed his eyes and pressed his fingertips into his eye lids and grimaced. His eyes shot open and he grinned.
"Ya wanna see the bathroom?"

"This place sucks." Zac decided.
He saw the slightly older boy nod and pretended to dramatically die and fall off the bed onto the floor. They both giggled mindlessly as Dave pulled himself onto his bed.
"These mattresses suck monkeys!" Zac yelped.
Dave erupted into another fit of giggles and quickly agreed.
"Wonder what kinda mischief we can get into in this crappy place."
"The options suddenly seem limitless Dave!" Zac said.
"I know it's just mind boggeling! What'll we do with all these fun filled activities!?"
"Idea! We could take some of those soap balls and play paintball with em." Zac grinned devilishly, a look which suited him better then others.
"Hell yeah, now you're talking!" They both sat still for a moment, daring the other to make the first move. Zac, who was closest to the bathroom bolted for the door a second before Dave did and managed to get a double handful of the inch wide soap balls and dived behind Dave's bed. Dave scrambled to the side of Zac's bed that was nearest the bathroom door and fired soap right into Zac's forehead. He heard the boy yelp and started to grin when suddenly he was hit in the promise land by a viscous shot from underneath the bed and gasped in pain.
"Ok Pansy! This is all out war, you're goin down!" He hollered.
"No can do! Hanson rules this place, what's the matter with you!?" Zac asked feigning surprise.
"I'm older! I can take all ya'll down!" Dave shouted and fired another soap ball at Zac, but this time missing by a mile. He sat in dismay for a second to long and with his mouth open too when the missile sailed right into his soft pallet. Dave's eyes bulged and he heard Zac's hyiena laugh from across the room as he gagged and spit the ball out, running for the bathroom. Zac's laughter could still be heard as he flushed his mouth out with the sweet water from the even sweeter bathroom.

"So, how long ya been playing?" Isaac asked of Scott.
"About ten years or so. So have the triplets. You?" Scott countered.
"Five years about. What do the triplets play?"
"Only five years!? Dang, Ike you gotta lotta talent man! Are you jerkin me? Only five years?" Scott asked again.
Laughing, Isaac replied, "Yep, only five years. Now what about the triplets?"
"Uhm, Dave has keyboards and tampborine, Clint's got percussion and bass, and Bob's got drums." Scott finished.
"You're so lucky you gotta bass player. We tried to drag Jessie into being ours, but she didn't like all the, 'icky girls.'" Ike snickered.
"Who's Jessie?" Scott wanted to know.
"She's our little sister."
"There's more of you!?"
"Yeah, we have a lot more actually. We have Jessie who's almost twelve, Avery who's ten, Mackie's seven, and our youngest sister's gonna be three soon."
Scott's jaw was nearly on the floor, "I feel so bad for your mom!" He blurted.
"No! Don't feel sorry for her! Pity Tay and me. We had to change all the diapers from Zac down to Zoe!" Ike grimaced.
"Three year old. What about you? Any other Moffatts?"
"Huh uh. Well…sorta. When we were four mom and dad divorced. Mom stayed in Tennessee and we stayed in B.C. Canada with dad. Dad met Sheila and remarried her." Scott told Isaac easily.
"And you're cool with that?" Ike asked in disbelief.
"Yeah, why not?" Scott asked confused.
"If my parents split up I'd like, poison any date either of em had!" Ike stated firmly.
"Oh yeah, that. Well we were kinda young and she's never been the type to try and win us over with treats. She treated us like her kids but never ever tried to hit us or anything like that."
"Ahh, no wicked step mother to send you off to boarding school in Scandanavia?"
"Not yet, but I think we're getting close!" Scott said laughing.
"I wonder how they're gonna find ten million dollars?" Ike changed the atmosphere of the conversation.
"I hope to high hell they can. Wouldn't people wanna help us? I mean we're known all over the place and we have six months." Scott spat out worriedly.
"Yeah, I know. But I can't help but feel like everything's gonna turn to shit in the end ya know? They killed Celion already for just being stubborn. What about us?" Ike asked deep in thought.

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