Somebody Save Us

Chapter 19

Star snapped out of her trance as she looked around discovering she was still strapped down to the bed. "Taylor!" She cried hoping he would tell somebody to let her up to go take a shower. Being strapped down to a bed for a day was enough to make an excuse to take a shower.
Jamie walked into the room at the sounds of Star’s voice.
Jamie approached her and said, ”Are you gonna obey our orders and stop being so stubborn?"
Star shook her head no and with that Jamie let her up.
She looked at him with her hazel eyes and asked, ”Where’s Taylor? I want to talk to him."
Jamie replied, ”He’s outside under the hedge for trying to escape and I have a feeling you were the one that gave him the idea. Now did you give him the idea to run out?" Jamie asked.
Star replied, ”No sir I did not give him the idea to escape and even if I did, I sure as hell wouldn’t tell you." Jamie slapped her across the face and grabbed her wrist dragging her out of the room.
He lead her through the same path as Hanson and the Moffatts. Star looked around she had never seen this part of the house before and began to wonder if he was leading her to where the guys were. Jamie came to the last steel door on that hall before the conference room. Jamie ran his card down the scanner as it instantly opened the door to her room.
Jamie said, ”Ok Star this is your new room. You are being moved down here because this is where the Moffatts and Hanson are, so you will still serve them and us."
Jamie pushed her in the room and locked the door with his key card. Star went to her bed sat down and cried. All this was too much for her to take. The death of her sister. The abuse she’s suffered with for so long and worse she had to be treated like a bitch around people she hardly even knew. She cried for a while then discovered a bathroom near by. She got up and went into the bathroom looking around she discovered a bottle of dye in the shower. It was the same colored hair as she used to have. Smiling and forgetting her troubles she took off her clothes and got in the shower dying her hair. When she got out of the shower she looked in the mirror and smiled.
Star said to herself, ”I belong to my family again and this time I won’t be controlled by anybody and the next time I serve Hanson and the Moffatts I’ll make sure no one’s around and free them."
Jamie opened the door and said, ”Star there is clean clothes in the closet for you to wear." With that he shut the door and locked it.
Star got dressed in a red skirt with a pink servant shirt. The Skirt came about to her knees and the shirt showed her stomach with the neck reaching into a collar shape.
Star thought to herself, ”What do they think I am a slut or whore? I hate dressing like this just so they can touch me when they’re drunk and make smart ass comments about how sexy I am. Man those people are animals and like hell I’m going to dress like this, but since this is the only outfit I can wear then I’m stuck. Good thing Mac made a rule of no touching the servant unless they want to have their teeth knocked out by him…and Jamie, he’s never touched me, so I am greatful to him. But he has to stop hitting me when I make smart ass comments to him. He sure has a strong hit but not enough to hurt me."
Jamie came in and said, ”I see you found the hair dye I set out for you. I notice you hated to dye your hair black so I got you your blonde hair. I know it’s not natural but I did my best."
Star nodded not replying anything.
Jamie said, ”Follow me. We're just about to go get Taylor since it’s sunrise and he’s been out there all night. Man I sure hope Taylor isn’t scared too bad because the last thing we need is a trumatized kid."
With that Jamie led Star out to help untie Taylor and calm him down.

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