Somebody Save Us

Chapter 2

"Guys. If we don't do something NOW, I'm gonna kill one of you for kicks!" Scott stated, pointing at the ground for emphasis.
"Scott?" Clint asked.
"Shut up" Scott frowned and Dave laughed.

The whole two weeks in California had been dead boring. A small break like this was supposed to be fun wasn't it? They were leaving later that night to get back to promoting in Europe, so Scott was looking for ideas and not having much luck.

"Guys!!! I'm so bored!" Scott whined. "Can we please, please do something!?"
Bob decided to jump into the conversation, "How 'bout a movie? Something with a hot girl, blood, guns, and cars." He wiggled his eyebrows around to get a laugh and everyone quickly agreed.
Dave headed to the door of the rented house and yelled inside, "Sheila! Dad! We're gonna go see a movie! We'll be back soon!" He stood at the door waiting for an answer.
"Alright sweetie, just don't be gone too long! You boys have a flight to catch!" Came Sheila's voice.
"Like we could forget?" Mumbled Clint. "Let's walk, maybe we'll see some girls."
The other three nodded and they started walking out of the yard. Heading down the sidewalk, Clint quickly realized his mistake of suggesting a walk to the movies. It was hot.
"Clint, you dumb ass! I'm gonna smell like crap when we get there now! I'm sweatin like a pig here!" Scott growled out.
"Hey, it's not like you didn't say no or anything Scott. So don't call me a dumb ass." Clint voiced while looking at the ground feeling hurt.

Scott continued to sweat, just like his brothers, but he was getting more steamed by the second and that was not a good thing. Bob was walking next to Scott, with Clint on the right of him and Dave on the other side of Scott. Hearing a plane, he looked up to see if he could spot the small speck and didn't see a stick on the ground, right in the path of his feet and stumbled into his older brother when his feet made contact.
"Sorry!" Bob yelped quickly, hoping he hadn't pissed his older brother off. No such luck.
"Gawd damnit Bob! Watch where the hell you're walking!" Scott yelled at the top of his lungs. He instantly felt bad when Bob cringed and moved his position so he was on the other side of Clint.
"Look, Bob? Dude.. I'm sorry I snapped. It's just so damn hot out here!"
Bob only nodded.
"Uh you guys?" Dave whimpered.
"What?" Came three harmonized voices.
"Who....who're they?" He questioned, pointing to four men walking at them. They all had ski masks on, and the big tall guy in the front had a freaky looking machine gun.
Scott grabbed at his three brothers, who were unable to move out of fright, and yanked on their clothing to get them to run.
"Run! Come on, run you idiots!" Scott screamed.
The triplets some how found their legs and tore after Scott, hearing heavy boots hitting the hard cement as they ran to catch the boys. Scott slowed up a bit to let his brothers catch up to him and almost screamed when he saw how quickly the four men were gaining on them. His eyes widened in horror when a short guy tackled Dave, sending them to the earth with a painful "thud".
"No you asshole! Get the hell offa him!" Scott did a one eighty, turning around and was about to jump on the short guy when strong arms wrapped around his waist, holding his arms down.
"Lemme go! Let go! Please don't do this! Let us go!" Scott screamed, then felt a thick gloved hand slam against his mouth. Hot tears streamed down his face when the big man came back holding one twin hostage with a gun pressed against his head. The slightly shorter man had Bob by the arm with a small hand gun pressed in his side. He let out a muffled cry when he saw Dave. He was scraped up, bleeding, and had a nasty looking cut on the corner of his forehead. Shaking his head, he tried to rid his mouth of the hand with no luck.
"Kid, if I take my hand off yer mouth, ya gotta keep it shut? If you don't, you lose a brother. Get me?" The tall man said.
He nodded slowly, but as soon as the hand was removed, his mouth turned into a motor.
"Let us go. Please don't do this. Please let them go! Take me. Just..just leave em alone sir! Please!" Scott begged, all of this coming out of his mouth in a split second.
A slap across his face from the small man shut him up, then he felt a gun pressed into his neck and a voice telling him to walk. Steeling over, he kept his feet rooted to the ground. The triplets were already walking ahead with their heads slumped down to their chests out of fear.
"Move it ya fucking brat! I said move!"
The man behind him slammed his gun into Scott's head sending him tumbling to the ground. He got up stiffly without help and walked up to Bob, Clint, and Dave. They continued they're forced walk until they came to a grove of trees, thick enough to conceal anything from the road close by. The four men shoved their captives into the trees and a small clearing came into view, along with a black van. Scott whimpered and thought about running, but that was quickly dismissed when the gun pressed into his neck and a knife pressed against his side.
"Mac? Get the rope and tape!" The tall man yelled.
Scott watched the small man, Mac, hand over Dave to the man holding Clint and run to the van. Rummaging around a duffel bag, he finally pulled out tape, rope, and cloth strips and stalked back to the small group.
"Ok! Now, you four," He pointed to the brothers, "Get over there, by that tree!"
They complied and lined up by a large oak, trembling. Scott stood slightly in front of his brothers as if he could protect them through this. The triplets felt like cowards with their brother "guarding" them, but what could they do about? Nothing.
The tall man spoke softly to the other men, never taking his eyes or gun off the four teens. The other three nodded and loped over to the van and came back with syringes full of something and they grinned at the boys.
Mac spoke up, "Jon, which one first?"
The tall man, Jon, pointed to Scott.
"Get over here. Now."
He pointed his gun at him and he scurried over. Keeping his gun pointed at the triplets, he ordered one of the men to take over. Jon then looked at Scott and made a sudden movement, shoving Scott against the side of the van. His arms were now pinned, and his legs were too weak to respond. Jon slammed his hand against Scott's mouth again and the boy started crying, desperately wishing his brother's didn't have to see this. He felt a slight sting in his arm and nearly fell over out of shock.
"What'd they just do to me?" He thought to himself.
When he glanced at the triplets, he felt mildly alarmed that they were blurring together, then his legs gave out, and he was lowered to the ground. His arms and legs were quickly duct taped together, then reinforced with rope. One of the cloth strips was carefully set over his eyes and tied securely. Another, with a knot in the middle, was put into his mouth so he couldn't make much noise. He was set into the back of the van and the men turned to the trembling triplets. Dave and Clint were taken care of in much the same manner as Scott. But Bob, he was being adventurous, and once attention was taken off of him, he tried slinking away from the group.
"Hey! Git yer ass back here!" Jon demanded. Bob froze in his tracks and turned around.
"Please sir, just..just let us go. You don't have to do this. Why are you doing this!?" He stammered out.
The only answer he got, was being held down to the grass and having the needle shoved in his arm. A few minutes later, his world dimmed as he was laying next to Clint and then it turned to black.

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